Getting to Know Business Opportunities, These Are Promising Business Examples – When talking about business, of course we need to get to know the business opportunity first so we can determine which type of business we can try and of course it is promising.

Currently looking for business opportunities as well as building and enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit is much sought after by various groups. especially for young people.

Definition of Business Opportunity
Especially with the development of science and technology that can make a major contribution to further development.

So when you get into online business, you will find a variety of different media platforms. This is of course thanks to the latest advances in internet technology.

Opening your own business will certainly be very promising, especially at this time when it is quite difficult to find work.

So you need to understand and know business opportunities The right thing to do if you want to enter the business world.

For recognize business opportunities For more details and details, see this article to the end.

Definition of Business Opportunity

A business opportunity consists of an idea, prospect, plan or opportunity to develop or start a new business.

Opportunities have synonyms, so that a more precise understanding of business opportunities is to identify opportunities to fulfill business objectives by utilizing the resources and conditions that exist in society.

Every individual has different business goals and also business owners are not solely pursued by the business of money or wealth.

Because there are some people who only seek inner satisfaction, popularity, social status, positive reputation, etc.

The resources intended to achieve various goals. In addition to financial capital, businesses need additional resources to exist.

Examples include skills or abilities, information, relationships, and experience.

In addition to creating income, business opportunities provide business owners with the means to address social issues.

If you want to manage a business, you must be willing to accept and face the risks associated with business opportunities.

Characteristics of Business Opportunities

As explained above, a business opportunity is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their business as much as possible.

Unfortunately, not all of these opportunities are business opportunities. In addition, many entrepreneurs choose the wrong business opportunity. As a result, they fail in execution and application.

If talking reasons, of course the reasons will vary. However, usually the main reason is a business opportunity that does not match their vision or abilities.

Therefore, not all opportunities qualify as business opportunities. To distinguish which is an opportunity or not, here are the characteristics:

  1. The business opportunity idea must be original and not imitated
  2. Business opportunities must anticipate various changes and competition, and be in line with future market needs
  3. In order for a business to last a long time, the business opportunity must be in accordance with the wishes of the entrepreneur
  4. Business opportunities must be based on confidence and the ability to execute.

Business opportunities should have a profit objective, but regardless of how promising they may be, there will be associated dangers.

The size of the opportunity is proportional to the amount of risk you are willing to take. Therefore, entrepreneurs must have broad insight and understanding.

The aim is to ensure that entrepreneurs do not act irresponsibly when deciding on opportunities.

The Importance of Finding Business Opportunities

The Importance of Finding Business Opportunities
Here are some things that are important in finding business opportunities:

  1. Teach independence especially financial from an early age
  2. Allows you to realize your best potential
  3. Improve networking and social skills
  4. There are many opportunities to help the community and the nation, especially in terms of encouraging national economic growth
  5. Profit opportunities in the form of enormous profits.

How to Find Potential Business Opportunities

Not everyone can effectively take advantage of all business opportunities. This is because everyone has unique and different abilities.

If the business opportunity is not in line with the capabilities, talents and vision of the future of the organization, it is very likely that this potential will not be realized.

So, how can one find a business opportunity? Here are some ways:

1. Start From Yourself

Any source can be a source of inspiration for a business opportunity, but it is preferable if this opportunity comes from your own skills, as it will be easier to apply it.

These opportunities can be found in basic things, such as your skills, abilities, hobbies, educational background, and other interests.

You can also look for it by first making a list or lists. Make a list of the things you like and your personal strengths.

2. See Current Phenomena and Problems

After identifying a number of items that can be used as business opportunities, the next step is to identify the current phenomena and challenges.

A good business is basically a business that can provide solutions to emerging challenges.

3. Choose the Appropriate Business Field

After comparing your expertise with the phenomena or difficulties that arise, then the next step is to choose the business field that best fits these two factors.

For example, you have a passion for cooking and a degree in nutrition. On the one hand, the current pandemic has increased the number of individuals who prioritize healthy eating.

This situation could offer two business opportunities, firstly, selling healthy food menus, and secondly, creating materials on how to cook and prepare healthy food.

4. Find More Value From The Opportunity

For example, you decide to create a healthy food catering business. Therefore, you must determine the competitive advantage of your business compared to similar businesses.

For example, you only use organic products and brown rice.

5. Research And Do Research

It is no less important is to do research and research. For example, who is the target audience and what are the ideal customer criteria.

Then, make a sample of the food and give it to them as a sample. Then consider the responses and responses and also ask for input and suggestions for future improvements.

6. Partnership (Cooperation)

If you experience problems when running a business opportunity, then immediately find a solution.

If the problem is beyond your capabilities and cannot be solved alone, then you must collaborate to find the right business partner.

Make sure that your partner has the same vision and personality as you. For example, you have a problem with the availability of fresh vegetables and your potential partner has the organic vegetable garden that you need.

You can apply to work with him, either as a vendor or business partner. And make sure that you have a very clear agreement to prevent future misunderstandings.

Also determine the function of each component and how the system works together.

Reasons Businessmen Should Seek Business Opportunities

Reasons Businessmen Should Seek Business Opportunities
Entrepreneurs must be aware of the situation to identify business opportunities and take advantage of them as a business or business.

Businesses that are managed according to business opportunities can generate profits for their owners.

There are business actors who take advantage of these business opportunities, so that the desires and needs of the local community are met.

Ultimately, business opportunities are usually created in response to local demands. This profit can be shared between the business and the market, aka a win-win solution.

This is an explicit impact that we can see. Even though business opportunities can also have an implicit impact that can only be felt by business people. Anything?

Business people are trained to be independent and take advantage of any opportunities that arise. Opportunities in business teach them to no longer depend on others, especially in matters of money.

This will enable business people to recognize and realize their full potential, especially in business

Organizations can enhance their network. In the world of entrepreneurship, networking is the most important activity because it creates new business opportunities.

Their product or service can be marketed to their target market. In addition, businesses can connect and become intimate with partners or mentors who can help them improve their business.

Thus, a useful business opportunity is more than just the pursuit of profit or profit.

The capacity and effort of business people will increase if they are trained to look for business opportunities on their own.

Failure to Take Advantage of Business Opportunities

Failure to Take Advantage of Business Opportunities
The following are some of the reasons for failure in taking advantage of business opportunities:

1. Not Analyzing Properly

Business opportunity analysis is useful for identifying SWOT, so you have to do an accurate analysis and understand the four existing SWOT variables.

If not, the business that is built will not continue or has the potential to fail in the future.

2. Poor Management

Financial management, labor management and production management are examples of the types of management required for a business to function properly.

Bad management of course will also have a negative impact on business.

As a basic illustration, ineffective cash flow management in a business will have a negative impact on the company's financial health and even increase the risk of corruption.

3. Businessmen who Give Up Easily

The initial and most common mistake in analyzing business opportunities is to only stick to trends.

In fact, trends can change at any time and don't even last long.

If the trend has shifted, a large number of business people will expand to pursue new business opportunities and give up their business.

Examples of Promising Business Opportunities

Here are examples of promising business opportunities that you can try at home:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a profitable business that requires no initial investment. This business operates by promoting products from several merchants.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement, commissions will be earned when other people buy products marketed using the designated referral code.

2. Dropshippers

Besides, being a dropshipper is a profitable business that does not require any initial investment.

In order to profit from the dropshipping method, it is necessary to sell products that were previously marked up from third parties.

With this business you don't need to stock products because other sellers will send them directly to consumers.

3. Resellers

Similar to dropshipping, reselling is a lucrative business that involves selling various products from third parties.

But unlike dropshipping, being a reseller requires capital because you have to buy goods first from other parties at a much cheaper price.

4. Online Store Business

Online Shop Business
This promising business is in great demand by the wider community, especially now that there are many marketplaces and social media platforms that can be used as simple marketing techniques.

Compared to running an offline shop, with an online shop you don't need to spend big capital to rent a place.

You can sell your various goods online without having to connect directly with opportunities during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Besides that there is profitable online business ideas something else you can try.

5. Culinary

Culinary products or food and beverages are food businesses that are feasible and have high potential because they fulfill basic human needs.

You can provide various kinds of snacks, side dishes, and drinks.

This business can be managed as home culinary business and usually do not require large capital.

These prospective businesses can also be advertised online on various platforms that are widely available today, making it easier for customers to buy without having to go to the seller's location which can have an impact on the amount of money.

The key to success in your business is the quality and originality of your product packaging and packaging.

6. Franchise

Franchise can be called a franchise business which is a partnership business that cooperates with companies whose products are well-known, which makes attracting customers easier and faster.

This business potential is quite promising and continues to grow, especially the food business.

7. Opening Online Courses

Online courses can be a lucrative business opportunity without investment resource requirements.

If you have certain skills, such as language skills or knowledge of other disciplines.

It can also be the main capital for creating online courses that provide general lessons or other skills.

8. Clothing Sewing Business

Garment Sewing Business
Do you have sewing skills? Sewing services are a viable home business, because the fashion business in Indonesia is currently growing.

You can build and grow a profitable business by offering a selection of stylish goods that people need.

9. Clothing rental business

In Indonesia, there are several celebratory events such as Kartini's Day or August 17th, to other celebrations that usually require the use of a predetermined dress code.

With this event, you can open a side business by renting certain clothes by imposing conditions.

10. Car Rental Business

The next lucrative business is the car rental business. This business can be found in many cities, but of course this business requires a large amount of capital.

With great public interest in travel and many offices and businesses that require car rental to work.

This car rental business is a potential business because it provides the best service, such as vehicle eligibility and cleanliness.

11. Event Organizer

Celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and other events usually require decoration and a series of activities to make it more beautiful and orderly.

This business is gaining traction because many people care about the aesthetic value, cleanliness, and smooth running of an event's business.

12.Make Up Artist

Make-up Artist
It's not just decorations and a busy schedule of activities that event organizers need.

They also want to look beautiful and desirable on their own occasion, just like the bride and her family.

In fact, many invited guests of the event want the services of a Makeup Artist to beautify their appearance. Therefore, make-up artist services are also a lucrative business.

13. Catering

Apart from Event Organizers and Makeup Artists, catering companies also provide food and drinks served at events such as weddings, for example.

But this catering business can develop not only for celebration events, but also for individuals, such as healthy food catering and diet food.

14. Laundry Business

In certain areas, laundry services can be a lucrative business. For example, an area that has many dormitories for students and employees.

Generally, dormitory residents prefer laundry because it is more practical and cost-effective.

Depending on the size of the laundry business to be built, this profitable business requires quite a large amount of money.

However, this business will thrive if it provides the best customer service.

15. Shoe Washing Business

Currently, it's not only laundry that can develop, you know. Because shoe laundry has begun to develop in this day and age.

With a shoe cleaning service, it is much easier for customers to have cleaner shoes than if they washed them themselves.

And of course it's different from laundry services, because to start this business you don't really need a lot of capital.


Here we have summarized some questions that are commonly asked in recognizing business opportunities:

Business opportunity is an opportunity that can be used to gain profit for an entrepreneur.


That's a little information on getting to know business opportunities, complete with features and ways to find and take advantage of business opportunities.

And we have also provided several examples of promising business opportunities that you can try to take advantage of.

And remember, to start with you need to look at your own abilities and capacities. Starting from the cost to our interest and talent in this matter.

Don't let the business we build have to stop because it is blocked between several things.