Leave the Wa Group Without Being Known

Infokekinian.com - Current Info will explain how to leave the Wa group without being noticed, for those of you who have a spam group. Come on, see the explanation below!

Lately it seems that many users are curious about the meaning of being left behind in WA. Here's how to leave WA quickly and secretly, right now.

The WA instant messaging application, also known as Whatsapp, is one of the applications that must be owned by today's smartphone users.

The Whatsapp application is definitely used for communication needs such as chatting, telephone and video calls.

In addition, the WA application offers various other features, such as the ability to send various types of document files, such as photos, videos and music.

It's easy to get started with WA; it is available for free download on Google Play and Apple App Store.

To get started, all you need is a working application number to create a WA account.

Leave the Wa Group Without Knowing (2)

Whatsapp Group Chat Features

One feature that is quite widely used today is the Whatsapp group.

In one chat group usually consists of several or many people who have the same needs as business partners, class groups, hangout groups, etc.

The three dot icon has the option to create a new group, which can be accessed by clicking the create group button.

Then just choose which contacts you want to add to the group.

But of course not everyone will feel comfortable being in the same group. It is possible that some members have plans to leave or leave the group.

So, this is what the user asked in WA, namely the meaning of Kiri in WA. So, what exactly does this mean? Listen to the end.

Meaning of Left in WA – Leave the Wa Group Without Knowing

Actually maybe you already know the meaning of Left in WA because it is an English word.

The Indonesian meaning for "kiri" means "to go" or "to go".

In the WA application itself, we may have often encountered when someone in the chat group opted out of the group.

For example, the notification that appears is … leave this chat, or in English … left the chat.

So it's clear that the meaning of Abandoned in WA is leaving or leaving the group.

How to Leave the WA Group Without Being Known

Now if you choose to leave the group, a notification will appear that you left the group and other members will know about it.

To truly remain anonymous when leaving the WA group, there are several ways you can do it.

Even though it's a little easy, here's how to secretly leave the WA group:

Prevent data loss by backing up your chat history. You can do this by clicking on the three dots icon and then selecting Back up to back up WA data.
Enter storage and look for the Whatsapp folder > Database > msgstore.db.crypt12 > then copy and move the latest backup file to a new folder in storage.
The next step is to replace the number in your WA account with another number. Settings > Account > Change Number > Continue is still the key.
Change your WA account number and follow the process until it's finished.
If the number has been changed to a new number, then delete your WA account from the application. You can also immediately delete all your WhatsApp application data.
To delete all WA application data, you can go to Settings > Application Manager > Whatsapp > Enter the Storage option > Delete All Data. After that, all application data associated with the account, including data of members who left the group, will be permanently deleted.
Finally, you can use your old cellphone number to enter the WA application again and leave the WA group silently.
Isn't that so easy? This method is a solution for those of you who may feel bad about leaving the group and want to leave quietly.

Actually it doesn't mean that your account left the group, it's just that what's left in the WA group is your new number that was used earlier, while the old number can still be used, including loading saved backup data.


So maybe that's just a little review about the meaning of being left in WA and how to leave the WA group secretly.

If there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask in the comments section.

That might be the end of the conversation for now. The information you provide will help; I thank you and wish you luck.