Link Drama Doom at Your Service on Telegram - On this occasion, I will share information on the link to the drama Doom At Your Service on Telegram, so watch this article until it's finished to find out more about it.

This Korean drama can best be described as viral. Internet users are currently looking for free ways to watch this drama.

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Synopsis of Doom at Your Service

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Before you go to your main goal, let's take a look at the summary and details of this drama to pique your interest; also, this DAYS drama is highly recommended.

Synopsis of Doom at Your Service

Doom At Your Service tells about a woman named Tak Dong Kyung who works as a novel editor. He has worked hard to live after his parents died.

Then his life got worse when he was sentenced to brain cancer. Because the cancer is so deadly, it is estimated that he can only live another 100 days.

Upset with the fate that befell him, now he hopes that this world will just disappear. Myul Mang, a man who acts as an intermediary between gods and humans, actually heard his wish.

He has the ability to obliterate anything he touches. What will happen between the two of them over the next 100 days? Immediately, you watch this drama that is on the rise.

Release Date Doom at Your Service

As you know, this drama is played by Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk. Certainly there is no doubt about his ability to play a role not to mention the visuals of the two of them make this drama more alive.

Apart from that, Drakor Doom at Your Service has a high rating and is highly recommended for lovers of the romantic genre.

This drama is also produced in collaboration between TvN and Dragon studios which will make you believe that the story is definitely not a canned romance.

DAYS will air on TVN every Monday and Tuesday at 9 pm South Korean time. Meanwhile in Indonesia you can watch it on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 pm.

You can watch it officially through the Viu website or application. But unfortunately you do have to subscribe first so you can watch it.

This Drakor was released on May 10 2021 and will finish with a total of 16 episodes on June 29 2021.

The drama story is written by Ih Me Ah Ri who you know with her famous dramas like Beauty Inside.

There are already many reasons why you must watch Doom at Your Service and there are many other interesting facts.

Link Doom at Your Service Telegram

You need to know that the musical soundtrack of this drama is not nuts. The problem will be filled by TxT, Baekhyun EXO, Seo In Guk, Gummy, Ailee, and Davichi.

Apart from that, the music itself was entrusted to be produced by Music&New, which has made soundtracks for popular dramas such as Beauty Inside, DoTS, and others.

To enjoy this Drakor you can watch it on Viu, but if you don't want to subscribe and just choose free you can use the Telegram link following.

How to watch it, you just need to enter the channel group from the link, then join the channel, and you can watch it by downloading it first.

Make sure your storage space is sufficient and it is recommended to watch it only on a laptop or computer, which clearly has a larger storage capacity than a cellphone

Alternative Streaming Link to Watch Drakor DAYS

If you can't watch it via Telegram, then you can watch it through other alternative sites, which are widely available on Google searches, such as doramaindo, drakorasia, drakorindo, and other similar sites.

It's a shame to miss their romantic story, especially with their strong chemistry.

However, we recommend that you watch it through an official site like Viu so that you don't get hindered by any obstacles.

Also make sure you use wifi so that it runs smoothly when watching it and it is not recommended to watch it in a dark place so as not to damage your eyes.


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