Logo for National Awakening Day 2022, this is the meaning and meaning

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Indonesia commemorates National Awakening Day on May 20 every year (Harkitnas). The government chose the theme Let's Rise Together in the framework of the 114th National Harkitnas Anniversary.

Post-Covid-19, the theme for commemorating the 114th Harkitnas in 2022 is a symbol of enthusiasm to get through times of crisis quickly.

Logo for National Awakening Day 2022, this is the meaning and meaning

The red, white and blue colors dominate the 2022 National Awakening Day logo. The logo also has a meaning.

The logo for the 114th National Awakening Day 2022, which was launched on the official website of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo), symbolizes a burning spirit, peace and new beginnings. The Harkitnas 2022 logo has a meaning for each color and symbol.

The meaning of the 2022 National Awakening Day Logo

Silhouette of a Red and White Mountain like a Rocket: As an early symbol of the spirit of Indonesia's revival, which is depicted like a rocket soaring high

The number 114 in the red and white mountains: Since 114 years ago, Indonesia has protected and nurtured its people with peace

The tagline Indonesia Good in bold font under the number 114: Symbolizes the determination of the Indonesian people to rise

Red: Meaning strong, brave and passionate

White Color: Symbolizes peace and new beginnings

Blue Color: Symbolizes protection and comfort.


Reporting from the official website of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud), the commemoration of Harkitnas cannot be separated from the role of national figures and also the Boedi Oetomo organization in arousing the spirit of the nation's struggle towards independence.

The beginning of the national movement in Indonesia was marked by the establishment of a Dutch medical school, School tot Opleiding van Inlandsche Artsen (STOVIA).

The establishment of STOVIA was based on the outbreak of a disease that spread across the island of Java at the end of the 19th century.

The Dutch government felt that bringing in doctors from Europe to solve this problem was very expensive, so STOVIA was established to produce doctors from indigenous circles.

Not only producing doctors who are skilled in the health sector, STOVIA has also produced intellectual activist figures. These critical activists paved the way for Indonesian independence.

The presence of STOVIA became a nursery for indigenous youths in fostering a spirit of nationalism.

There, they exchanged thoughts and ideas to advance the Indonesian nation and rise from adversity due to colonialism by the Dutch East Indies government.

There are national awakening figures from STOVIA. They are also intellectual activists and founders of the Boedi Oetomo organization, including:

  1. Dr. Sutomo
  2. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo
  3. Gunawan
  4. Suraji
  5. RT Ario Tirtokusumo.

The Boedi Oetomo organization was the first organization during the national movement. The group was founded in Jakarta on May 20, 1908 which is social, economic, cultural, and non-political.

The establishment of the Boedi Oetomo organization gave birth to other National Awakening organizations that fought diplomatically in the political field, such as the Sarekat Islam, the Indonesian Association, Indische Partijd, Muhammadiyah, and others.


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