Understanding of Modern Music, These Types and Examples of Musical Instruments

InfoKekinian.com – After getting to know traditional music, this time we will invite you to get to know the meaning of modern music, complete with types and examples of modern musical instruments.

With music, life becomes more beautiful so that music can also be used as a therapeutic medium for the brain and to relieve stress.

Definition of Modern Music
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Understanding of Modern Music

In general, modern music is a type of music that gets a touch of instruments and technology that does not come from the music of existing communities.

Actually this form of music existed after the classical music era, and has always experienced developments until now. Traditional music is different from modern music.

Modern music includes compositional tools such as notation, scales, musical instruments, etc. In addition, modern music has an open nature.

Therefore, modern music can continue to develop so that modern music is global and inclusive, so that everyone can understand, appreciate and enjoy it.

Modern Music Function

The origins of modern music are rooted in the role and purpose of modern music. In addition to its main function as entertainment or self-expression, modern music serves a variety of different purposes in various sectors.

Here are some of the roles, purposes and functions of modern music:

As Entertainment Media

The most important function of modern music is as a medium of entertainment. Modern music and melodies provide entertainment for listeners.

There are many good and fun songs that keep the listener entertained.

As Media Promotion

Modern music can also be used for advertising or promotional purposes. Use of music or songs for promotional purposes.

Musicians can use song lyrics or music with a theme that matches what is being promoted.

As Performance Media

As Performance Media
Modern music can also be used as a medium of performance. Many musical performances in modern times will attract large audiences.

Audiences are drawn to live music performances, especially popular music.

As Economic Media

Besides being a kind of entertainment, music can function as an economic tool. This phrase refers to monetizing music through the sale of paid concerts and records.

As Educational Media

In addition to the uses mentioned above, modern music can also function as a learning tool or medium.

With modern music media, it's easier to deliver educational content.

Characteristics of Modern Music

There are qualities that distinguish modern music from other musical genres, here are the characteristics of modern music:

  1. Utilize lyrics in mother tongue
  2. A touch of modern technology has an impact on music
  3. This type of music is often commercialized (sold to the public for a profit).
  4. Modern music tends to be faster and faster
  5. The music is supported by modern musical instruments
  6. Modern musical styles are usually not limited by a single guideline
  7. Modern music is often influenced by foreign or western cultures
  8. Usually use a seven-tone scale (diatonic tone)
  9. It is known who is the creator and songwriter (not anonymous)
  10. Sometimes, modern music is inspired by societal trends that are on the rise
  11. It is perishable and only popular for a limited time
  12. Modern musical themes tend to be expansive or diverse.

Types of Modern Music

Here are the types of modern music:

Pop music

Pop music is the most popular genre of modern music and is sung by the majority of the population. The term "pop" stands for "popular".

Therefore, pop music is synonymous with popular music. Madonna, Adele, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Justin Bieber are examples of pop music artists.

Rock music

Rock music
Rock music known to the public since the mid-1950s. This music is influenced by R&B music, country music, and a number of other genres.

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, are examples of rock vocalists.

Jazz music

Jazz music This music itself emerged at the end of the nineteenth century, where this music was created by African Americans and developed from blues and ragtime.

Jazz singers such as Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Charlie Parker, among others, are examples of jazz singers

Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop music has distinctive qualities, such as the use of rapping methods or fast vocals.

This music developed into a culture that includes rap music, DJ music, breakdancing, and graffiti. Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kanye West, are examples of hip hop music singers.

R&B music

R&B music is a combination of jazz, gospel and blues, which was first performed by African-American artists. Usher, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, etc., are examples of vocalists in R&B music.

Country Music

Country music is a type of music that originates from the southern United States and the Appalachian mountains.

This music emerged and developed due to the influence of American gospel and folk music.

Blues Music

Blues music originated in the late 19th century. This music is a product of development music genres African folk and traditional music in the United States.

Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, BB Kings, are examples of blues singers.

Reggae Music

Reggae music is a modern music genre originating from Jamaica. This music appeared in the late 1960's and developed in the 1970's.

Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, and Toots Hibbert, are examples of reggae singers.

Examples of Modern Musical Instruments

Examples of Modern Musical Instruments
Here are examples of modern musical instruments:

1. Electric Guitar

This electric guitar is quite commonly used in various musical genres, where this guitar has a significant difference from an ordinary guitar.

To see the difference, you can see it through the hole in the guitar.

Because the electric guitar doesn't need holes, so to produce sound you need to hit the pickups on the strings.

2. Electric Drums

Drum is a rhythmic musical instrument that functions to set the tempo of the song. This musical instrument makes a sound when it is hit with a stick and the drum itself is known as a drum set.

This drum set consists of tom-toms, cymbals, bass drum, and snare drum. Nowadays, there are also electric drums that sound when they are plugged into an electrical outlet or through a headset.

3. Saxophone

This modern musical instrument is made of metal and is classified as a wind instrument, so that it is through this vibrating air that sound is produced.

The saxophone gained popularity as a result of its use in jazz music. Because of its beautiful tone, the saxophone is still used in a variety of musical styles.

4. Keyboards

If you think keyboards and pianos are identical, you are wrong. Keyboard and piano are different musical instruments.

This modern musical instrument produces beautiful tones using electricity.

In addition, the keyboard contains various instruments that can serve as accompaniment when playing music.

5. Violin

At first glance, the body of a violin may resemble a guitar, but this instrument requires friction to produce a beautiful sound.

While they are much smaller than a guitar and need to be played over the shoulder, some types of violins can also be plugged into the mains for a clearer sound.

6. Cellos

At first glance, the cello looks like a violin. Even though they both require swiping to produce a melodic sound, the cello has a larger size.

Because of its size, the cello will be played while sitting by placing it on both feet.

7. Harmonica

Harmonica Tool
Because of its small size, the harmonica is easy to carry anywhere, even the way to play it is much easier than other musical instruments.

You can make these beautiful notes by blowing through the harmonica holes.

8. Accordion

The accordion is a modern musical instrument originating from Germany which is played by blowing air into a movable cavity.

To make it sound, you have to press the appropriate key.

9. Ukulele

On the island of Hawaii, this ukulele is very popular. Unlike the guitar, this ukulele has a different chord or key and only uses four strings that must be picked to play it.

10. Harp

Although the harp is a modern musical instrument, it has been played since ancient Egypt.

This stringed instrument can produce melodious notes when the strings are plucked. Many claim that the harp is an angelic instrument because it is very melodious.

11. Pianos

The invention of the piano in the 18th century made it a prominent instrument in classical music.

The shape is rather large and requires sufficient storage space. To play the piano, the black and white keys must be pressed.

12. Trumpets

In addition, the trumpet contains wind instruments commonly used in modern music. The sound produced by this instrument has a celebratory quality.

Depending on the scale used, there are many types of trumpets.

13. Clarinet

The clarinet has a straight, elongated body that is played by blowing while pressing the hole.

This modern musical instrument has a different tone compared to other wind instruments.

15. Acoustic Guitar

The guitar is a very popular musical instrument and is found in almost all parts of the world. The way to play it is to pick the strings one by one or at the same time.


Here we have summarized some frequently asked questions:

What Is Called Modern Music?

In short, modern music is a type of music that uses one to several musical instruments as accompaniment.

Modern Music Started In What Year?

Reporting from several studies, this modern music has existed since 1940-1960.


That's a bit of information on getting to know modern music, complete with functions, characteristics, types, and examples of musical instruments.

We can conclude that modern music is generally a type of music that is obtained from a touch of instruments and technology.