The Latest Photo Frame Application – An easy way to add edited photo frames is to use an app. There are lots of cool applications that can make our photo frames up to date. Photo frames are one part that we can embed in our photos.

There are so many types of edits that people usually do with their photos. One of the most hits is adding frames or frames to photos. Frame or frame will further beautify the photo. Suitable for selfie photos, pre-wedding, graduation, and the like.

We can easily add various frames by using applications on Android. Of course, each application offers its own type and form of application.

multiple photo frame editing apps

The Latest Photo Frame Application

Here are some for editing frames or photo frames.

1. POLY Photo Frames App

There are several filters and editing tools available in POLY, which is a camera app.

This program is famous for its vintage and instax features.

So it's as if your photo is a photo taken from a vintage camera, even though it only uses a filter from POLY.

And one of the features is that you can add a frame to every photo you take.

POLY also allows you to modify the size, shape, and features more freely than other programs.

To share your edited image on social networks, you can save it to your application or upload it directly.

2.Royal Photo Frames

Royal Photo Frame is a photo frame app with a royal royal theme, as its name implies.

Most of the frames in this app are golden with amazing sculptural ornaments. Uniquely, the shape of the frame changes, there are circles, squares, and others.

There are more than 20 frames for your pictures. You can make settings such as zoom in, zoom out, scale, rotate and others so that the results are more enjoyable.

Photos that have been framed by Androbuntu friends can also be customized with text. A frame in which an image is displayed.

3. InFrame Photo Frame App

InFrame does what its name implies: it inserts your photo into a photo frame. Depending on your personality type, there are many types of frames to choose from.

Starting from light, dark, to colorful frames. The frames in this InFrame are drawn in high resolution, so they won't blur when saved.

Apart from frames, you can also make collages with this application. Over a million people have downloaded InFrame, earning it a 4.7 star rating on the Google Play Store. As a result, the quality is comparable to other similar applications.

4. Photo Grids

Next up is one of the most popular apps on our list, what else but Photo Grid. This particular application is probably familiar to most of my Androbuntu colleagues.

More than 10 million people have downloaded Photo Grid, which is only 12MB in size. Photo Grid can be used to transform images using a variety of styles, including:

  1. Make collages
  2. Filter
  3. Emojis and stickers
  4. InstaSquare

5. Photo Frame Photo Frame Application

Not only can you use one of them, but you can even combine multiple editing menus into one.

For example, you can make a collage, then frame it with a set of photo frames. Photo Frame is the second best photo frame maker software.

The overall design and feel of the app is clean, contemporary and neat. As a result, it is more convenient for us to take advantage of it.

The frames in the Photo Frames application contain quite a variety of themes, ranging from love, birthdays, family, holidays and many more.

If you want to spice up the look of your images, you can apply various special effects, such as snow, fire, Christmas and flowers, to them.

The app is updated quite regularly by including a new frame for each update. As of this writing, Photo frames has reached version 1.12.

6. LightX

LightX is really more than just an Android photo frame software.

Because of the many innovative features offered by this one application.

Some of LightX's features include:

  1. Color splash photo effect
  2. background eraser
  3. Photo merging
  4. Tools like tone flow, levels, color balance and more

LightX is more like the Android version of Photoshop. And one of the features we can use is to make frames with various interesting shapes and colors.

The framing options in this app range from grungy to colorful to vintage to romantic.

7. Snapseed Photo Frame App

Apart from being the core developer of the Android operating system, Google also develops Android applications for free.

To see applications made by Google, you can see on Google LLC's play store page. One of the applications made by Google for editing photos is Snapseed.

Snapseed has quite complete editing features, from coloring, filters, to editing to the smallest part of a photo. And of course, one of your favorite features, namely the frame feature, can also be found on Snapseed.

The advantage of Snapseed compared to other applications is that it can open RAW files which are photos from DSLR cameras. So you can minimize the use of a PC or laptop.


Well those are some application for editing photo frames you guys are getting better, now friends can choose which application is effective to use. Hope it is useful!