Money Making Application Direct to Fund Without Inviting Friends – Currently there are several alternative money-making applications directly to funds without inviting friends, each of which offers a different way to get a free fund balance.

You can take advantage of a fund balance generator application to add to your e-wallet balance. It is clear that this application is easier to use because you do not need to invite your friends.

List of Money Making Applications

List of Money Making Applications

Here are 4 money-making apps without inviting friends:

1. Neo+

Neo+ This is a money-making application that can be used even when it's offline. You can complete many tasks provided by this application. Then after completing the mission you will get money that will be sent through the fund balance.

2. Cash Pop

For those of you who like to play games, you can try using cashpop application. This application claims to provide money and is proven to pay through a fund balance.

You can play this application on a smartphone or laptop. To get the most points, complete all the tasks given.

3. BuzzBreak

Apart from the Baca Plus application, the BuzzBreak app is also an application that offers various news or articles.

The system is the same, to be precise by reading articles or watching videos, you will get a fund balance or PayPal.

If you spread the news in the application, you will get bonus points that can be exchanged for a fund balance.

However, this application is more suitable for those of you who want and are fluent in English. Because this news is delivered in English.

4. SnackVideo

SnackVideo is also growing as popular as TikTok, because of the advantage of being able to get a free fund balance and how to get it quite easy too.

You can watch various types of interesting, cool and unique videos that you can watch with this SnackVideo application.

And this SnackVideo app doesn't want to be discouraged from pleasing the audience. Therefore, video snack applications provide many tempting offers. Funds offered by SnackVideo can be used to increase your fund balance


If the offer is so good, who wouldn't want to give it a try in the end? Of course, this is a great opportunity for us to add to our balance in the fund application. The Neo Plus app can also be used for transfers, etc.

For information, all of these applications can be accessed on the Play Store, App Store, or application links to generate fund balances.

You can take advantage of the above applications for free without even inviting friends.

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