Nanovest – “Your IP Address is not Allowed” Constraint, Safe or Not? – The following is information about Nanovest – the problem “your ip address is not allowed”, is it safe or not? Check out this article to the end to find out more complete and clear information.

Netizens have recently become familiar with the Nanovest app. The Sinarmas app generates a lot of buzz on the internet. This app is considered as the fastest money making app in the market.

Nanovest - "Your IP Address is not Allowed" Constraint, Safe or Not

You can earn money just by registering and completing the KYC process, as well as recommending your friends to download the app and sending your referral code.

However, when they try to make payment, some users encounter problems with “your ip address is not allowed” notification on the bottom bar of the screen.

Nanovest application

Before we talk about your ip address is not allowed what does Nanovest mean when it appears on the screen. Maybe some people still don't know what the Nano Vest application is.

The Nanovest application is a stock and crypto asset investment application that is currently popular. In this application, you can also get money just by verifying.

No half-hearted, you can get money after your first registration. However, to get the bonus, you have to do KYC.

After successfully doing KYC, you will immediately get a bonus balance of IDR 45,000 which you can immediately withdraw to your account or e-wallet without conditions.

Download Nanovest APK

So, do you want to start trading stocks or crypto and earn money for free? The following is the download link for the Nanovest APK application that you can try.

Detailed Description:

  1. Name: Nanovest
  2. Version: 1.1.14
  3. Developer: Nanovest
  4. OS: Minimum Varies by device
  5. Type: APK Files

Download Links:

Nanovest APK Download Link

Then what is the Nano Vest Referral Code?

Nano Vest APK Referral Code

For those of you who want to get a bonus balance of IDR 45,000 at the beginning to be withdrawn to an account / e-wallet or used as initial stock or crypto investment capital.

You can directly enter the Nanovest Rezelon860 referral code during the registration process or KYC in the Nanovest APK application to get an additional bonus.

The verification or KYC process on the Nanovest application itself does not take a long time. If you are lucky, you will immediately be verified and get the bonus balance.

To get additional bonuses, you can also invite your friends to install and do KYC on the Nanovest application. You will get IDR 15,000 if your friend succeeds in KYC.

About Your IP Address Is Not Allowed

After accumulating a lot of balance from inviting friends or trading stocks and crypto in the app. Maybe you want to withdraw funds in this application to your bank account.

However, lately maybe you will only get a notification "your ip address is not allowed" when you want to withdraw funds to your bank account.

Actually, the notification Your IP Address Is Not Allowed means that the IP address you are using is not allowed. But don't worry or panic, because this doesn't mean that Nanovest balances can't be withdrawn.

According to Nano Vest, due to the surge in users, the Nanovest application is undergoing repairs and upgrades. So, later, when the withdrawal process is complete, you will be able to withdraw your balance.

Is the Nano Vest APK Application Safe?

As a result, many users experience difficulties when making withdrawals. Many have questioned whether the Nano Vest APK application is safe?

This application is a stock and crypto trading application made by Sinarmas. This application has also been approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Information, so it is guaranteed to be safe.

Therefore, to be able to make a withdrawal, you only need to wait for the repair time to finish. Don't trust converting services or your Nano Vest CV balance to avoid fraud.


That's a little information about the Nanovest application which often experiences the problem "your ip address is not allowed", and whether this is safe or not.

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