How to determine a good hair dye that doesn't damage your hair

Great hair dye and does not damage the hair must be considered for those who often change hair color with hair dyes of various colors. Some are thick with black according to their original color because of white hair, but there are also reasons to follow the latest hair color trends.

As you get older, it is inevitable that your hair will also turn white or it is called gray hair. Even though you are not old and are still in your 20s or 30s, sometimes changing the color of your hair to white often appears. Not to mention the itchy feeling that appears on the scalp when the white hair grows. But there are several reasons for turning hair white. Maybe the white or gray hair that you have could be the cause is one of the following:

Causes of Growing Gray Hair

Getting Older You Get Older

50 years old is a normal age where gray hair will appear. Because like our skin, hair also changes texture with age. If you get older, the skin texture will wrinkle, then the texture that occurs in the hair will turn white. This was revealed by a Professor of Dermatology from Stanford University, Prof. Dr. Anthony Oro. But many people overcome this with a hair dye that they do regularly.

Pstress factor

Even though it is not visible directly, stress can affect hair to become white or dull. Although a very striking condition in people who are stressed is more hair loss

Gene Factor

Gray hair in a person can actually occur at any age. If you have parents who turned gray at a relatively young age, then don't be surprised if you will inherit the same thing, will have white hair at a young age too.

Lifestyle Behavior

Smoking is an example of a lifestyle behavior that becomes a habit. Please note that smoking can erode vitamin B12. Even though vitamin B12 is very necessary in the body in terms of regulating pigment, nourishing hair, and at the same time giving strength to hair. So it is recommended to consume lots of foods that contain high anti-oxidants such as carrots and green beans which play a role in protecting the body from poisons and diseases including protecting hair from turning white prematurely.

In the case of hair dye with a color according to the original color, namely black or another color, pay attention that the composition contained in it should be safe for your hair and scalp. Moreover, hair polish should not be too often. Because it will create new problems for your hair. So that the hair color that you will use matches the skin color, so the results will be perfect.

Things To Do Before Choosing Hair Polish

Here are some ways you can do it in terms of how to get to know your skin undertone, namely the actual skin color that will not change even though other parts of the skin will turn darker because of sunlight, or even brighter because of cosmetic creams. It is better for you to do this before determining the hair color that you will choose for your hair dye color:

  1. Know the color of the veins on your wrist in the sun

If your veins are purple or bluish, you have a cool skin tone. However, if the veins are green, it means that your skin tone is warm. If it's purplish blue and green, then your skin tone could be a neutral color.

  1. By wearing gold or silver

Use jewelry rings or earrings made of gold or silver. If you tend to wear gold more, then your skin undertone is warm. However, if you are more suited to using silver, it means your undertone is cool. If both match then you can be sure your skin undertone is neutral.

  1. Use green and blue nail polish colors

Apply green polish to one nail and blue polish to the other. Then make the position of your wrist sign like holding. Pay attention to what color suits your nails better. If it's green then your skin undertone is warm. But if it's blue then your skin undertone is cool. And neutral if the two green and blue colors look right on your nails.

After you know your skin undertone color, then you can choose the right hair polish color so that the results will be perfect later. Because one of the reasons women change their hair color is because they want to change the atmosphere caused by being bored with the previous style.

Good Hair Polish Colors and Tips for Choosing Them

The following are the types of colors in dyeing your hair according to the color of your skin undertone:

  1. Cool Undertones

For this type of skin color, make sure the color in hair dye is not too warm and also not too cool. Because the color is too warm will make your face look dull. While colors that are too cool will make the face look reddish. So choose mediocre.

  1. Warm Undertones

Hair dye with Cool Brunette color, iced chocolate strawberry and ash brown will look perfect with warm undertone skin tones. Ask your hairstylist to add a Cool brown tone that can help brighten your skin tone. But if you don't want to have one solid hair color then ask your stylist to use foil to give your hair some dimension and texture.

  1. Neutral Undertones

Those of you who have a skin tone with neutral undertones are very lucky. Because you can use almost any color for your hair polish. Although it is still a concern not to choose colors that are too warm or too golden. Because this will make your face look dull. You can ask your hairdresser to use Biscuit, Honey or Walnut color.

Whatever hair color you want to use, make sure you also consult with your hairdresser. Shining hair. But this can certainly have an effect on your hair and scalp. Because the composition of the dyes used uses chemicals. Sometimes using ingredients that harm your skin or doses that exceed the recommended one.

It is best if you use a natural or herbal hair dye like Hina. This material is made from the leaves of the Henna tree. By grinding the henna leaves finely by mixing enough water, then apply it to your hair and let it sit for a while. After that rinse. Then you will get a reddish hair color. This is of course with a little adjustment to the color of your skin undertone. You can reduce the redness that will result by reducing the amount of henna you will use.

If you want to use color in chemical hair dye, be wise in choosing the composition, brand and manufacturer, both for black and other colors. Pay attention to whether the brand already has legal permission from an official institution and is still safe to use for a certain period of time. Moreover, this type of hair dye can last a long time because it removes the original hair color. What makes the hair dye easily seep into the hair and last a long time up to 4-5 times washing.

Side Effects of Choosing the Wrong Hair Polish

The following facts occur in cases of mistakes in determining a chemical-based hair dye brand that is not safe for your skin:

  • Allergies usually appear on scalps that are sensitive to certain chemicals. Before you use it, it's a good idea to try it first by applying a little hair dye to your earlobe. Leave it for 24 hours. If redness and itching appear, the chemicals contained in it are not safe to use.
  • Disorders of the immune system or the risk of cancer that will attack the immune and lymphatic systems.
  • The irritation that arises from  Harmful chemicals contained in hair dye can occur on the scalp and eyes. Namely you will feel hot in the eyes, itchy skin and sores arise.
  • Breast cancer is a reaction that arises from the carcinogenic content in hair dye.
  • Hormonal disorders are also one of the effects of APE chemicals in hair dyes that are used regularly by users.
  • Fetal disturbances will be experienced by pregnant women who use hair dyes that are absorbed by the skin. These chemicals will enter the bloodstream and be absorbed by the fetus. PPD-type chemicals are the most common in most hair dyes. PPD can not only trigger cancer but also cause irritation and allergies which will be very annoying.

For those of you who don't want to use hair dye and want your hair to stay natural, but also want to prevent gray hair on your head. The following can be done in addition to White Hair Not Appearing Early. Also takes care of hair and scalp.

Good Foods Are Consumed For Polished Hair Care

Here are some types of food that can be consumed:

  1. Salmon

Salmon is known to contain a very high source of Omega 3 acids which are very beneficial for scalp health and hair growth. It is recommended to consume salmon twice a week.

  1. Green vegetable

Green vegetables are high in vitamins B6 and B12 which are very necessary for healthy hair. One of the vegetables that can produce pigments that can maintain hair color is Spinach. Likewise Bay leaves and Beans, these two green vegetables contain high protein minerals that are beneficial for your hair.

  1. Egg

The content of eggs is believed to contain vitamin B12 which is very useful for hair health. Either eaten or rubbed on the hair by mixing olive oil or honey.

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate contains copper which functions to produce melanin in the hair. Melanin itself functions to produce color for hair so white hair that appears at an early age can be avoided. Chocolate is probably one of the tastiest hair dyes out there.

  1. Almond nut

It is known that the content of almonds can prevent hair color from turning white or dull. Because it contains vitamin E in it.

  1. Banana

Bananas contain high Iodine and iron. Also contains Vitamin B1 (tyamin), B2 (ryboflavin) and B3 (niacin). Which is useful to help provide more strength to the hair follicles.

Hopefully you can treat your hair as a precious crown wisely. Both the natural way and the selection of hair polish. Because always preventing it is better than dealing with something bad that overdoes it.