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Game No Man's Sky has received many updates. Due to the Online Multiplayer feature, having a cool airplane is a must for players who want to show it off to their friends.

Latest Aircraft Type No Man's Sky

Fighter, Hauler, Explorer, Shuttle, Exotic, and Living Ship are the six types of aircraft available in the Frontier Update.

The six types of aircraft are classified according to their performance and inventory slots, with Class C, B, A and S being the best.

The appearance of the aircraft cannot be changed by the player. This of course forces players to look for decent or cool aircraft.

This article looks at all of the several types of aircraft players can use, as well as their benefits and how to get them.

6 New Types of Aircraft No Man's Sky

Here are the six types of spaceships available in No Man's Sky:

1. Shuttle : All-Rounder

The aircraft that was first used by players of the Shuttle type. This plane is cheap, Balanced, and doesn't have good bonuses compared to other types of planes.

This plane is suitable for novice players because it is very easy to use and the upgrades are very cheap.

However, this plane becomes less valuable when the player has entered the End Game stage. This is because the Shuttle has a limited inventory slot and of course players will take other planes that are more suitable for their respective playing styles.

The uniqueness of the Shuttles:

  1. Shuttle does not have a large inventory. The Shuttle only has 18-23 slots for the Small type and 19-28 slots for the Medium type.
  2. The Shuttle has the S-Class type for all of its forms.
  3. The shuttle is still quite useful because all the planes in this game can be upgraded to S Class. Players can finish this game by using the Shuttle but it is not recommended.

2. Fighter : Bonus Damage and Shield

This aircraft is an aircraft with fighting specialists. Fighter ships are suitable for players who like to fight against other planes and are stylish because the parts on this type of ship are really cool.

The movement of this aircraft is also very agile so it is very cool to use. The best way to get a class S fighter is to visit a system with a rich economy dominated by the Vy'keen race.

Then go to the trading outpost in the system and do a scan using the Analysis Visor to find the right plane.

The uniqueness of Fighters:

  1. Each Vy'keen race system has 7 kinds of Fighter planes where systems with other races only have 3 kinds.
  2. Fighters do not have a Hyperdrive Bonus. This means that if players are looking for a plane to travel between galaxies, the Fighter is not a suitable plane to use.
  3. Fighter aircraft that are upgraded to max slots can accommodate 48 inventory slots. And with its agile movement, this plane is perfect for adventure and fighting against Space Pirates.
  4. Fighter aircraft have a cool design but poor eyesight because some types have a long front body that lowers the player's level of vision when driving. And also the wide wings can make the Fighter easier to target

3. Hauler : Biggest Inventory Slot

One of the types of aircraft that players must own in No Man's Sky is the Hauler. This plane has a very large inventory slot and is the largest type of ship that players can drive.

Even so, the inventory slots of other aircraft can also be upgraded later as the game progresses so that by the end of the game, the Hauler is starting to be left behind. Players choose this plane because of its large shape.

Shuttle All-Rounder

Peculiarities of Aircraft Haulers:

  1. Each Gek race system has 7 types of Hauler aircraft where systems with other races only have 3 types.
  2. The Hauler is suitable for new players who move between bases because it can carry a lot of stuff.
  3. With a high inventory slot, mining in space becomes easier by using Hauler.
  4. The Hauler has a fairly high bonus shield because it has a large fuselage.

4. Explorer: High Distance Exploration

Explorer is a plane that is suitable for players who like to visit various galaxies in search of planets and rare items. This aircraft has a far warp range and is very easy to take off.

An interesting feature of this aircraft is its completely unobstructed cockpit. players can see freely when using this type of aircraft so that players can see the beautiful scenery in No Man's Sky.

The uniqueness of the Explorer Aircraft:

  1. Each Korvax race system has 7 types of Explorer aircraft where systems with other races only have 3 types.
  2. To search for Explorer S-class. players must visit the System with the Korvax race and the economy in the system must be prosperous (Level 3 Economy)
  3. The Explorer ship has the bonus Hyperdrive, allowing it to travel between very distant galaxies.
  4. The power used to launch this type of aircraft is only 12.5 percent, where other aircraft must consume 20-25 percent of their power to fly.

5. Exotic: The Collector's Airplane

Exotic aircraft are the rarest aircraft and the only aircraft that do not have a class other than S-Class.

Each Exotic aircraft has a different bonus depending on the system where the player finds it.

Exotic aircraft are very expensive. And this plane is not suitable for new players who still can't collect money easily.

This aircraft is a collection aircraft but has capabilities that are not inferior to other aircraft.

The uniqueness of Exotic Aircraft:

  1. Exotic planes are extremely rare. This plane has only a 2 percent chance of being found in a rich system and cannot be found in a poor galactic system.
  2. Exotic aircraft are unique aircraft with enormous upgrade potential so that players use this type of aircraft more often than other types of aircraft.

6. Living Ship: Aircraft that Has Life

Living Ship is the newest type of aircraft that is present in the Living Ship Update. This plane is a plane that looks like a living alien. You can use this plane when you complete a mission and have a Void Egg.

The missions are quite long so this plane is not suitable for novice players. But when you get it, the Living Ship is a cool plane to show off.

No Man's Sky


Uniqueness of Living Ships:

  1. The Living Ship is very hard to get. This aircraft has an upgrade module that is different from other aircraft
  2. The Living Ship is capable of traveling between different types of galaxies without having to have a hyperdrive upgrade.
  3. Living ship has a unique shape so many players use it.

How to get the plane you want

No Man's Sky has a very active community and often shares information ranging from unique planets, farming spots, and cool planes.

Information from the players is compiled in a site called No Man's Sky Coordinate Exchange (NMSCE). Players can use this site to search for unique aircraft according to player criteria.


That's a little information about the newest type of spaceship in the game No Man's Sky, complete with how to get it.

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