Pokemon Game Application: Definition, Features, Download Links, Roles in the Pokemon Game UNITE and Its Uses!

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Pokemon Unite APK is the latest Pokemon game released worldwide. Recently, a large number of gamers are eager to download games.

Who has never heard of Pokemon? This Japanese animated series featuring this adorable character may have been a part of your youth.

Pokemon UNITE

This legendary animation is not surprising, because Pokemon have become very popular and famous. There are still some games based on Pokemon.

Pokemon games are always awaited with bated breath. The game Pokemon GO was a huge success when it was last released, and went viral around the world. Unfortunately, the popularity of the game Pokemon GO is dwindling.

Pokemon, on the other hand, has debuted a new game called Pokemon Unite. Because it's different from previous Pokemon games, this game is very distinctive.

Pokemon UNITE

Pokemon Unite is a game that has been released for a long time by The Pokemon Company. Gameplay or games in this game is quite interesting.

The Pokemon Unite game is a MOBA-like game. This game has a 5 versus 5 mode where players have to attack the opponent's base with Pokemon characters.

You can play as various Pokemon characters, use various Pokemon skills, and even develop them in this game.

Game Features Pokemon UNITE

This game has lots of fun features and gameplay. Want to know more about its features? The following are the features offered in this game:

1. Fight with Style

Trainers can dress your Pokemon in a variety of holographic outfits, with new ones being added regularly.

2. Unite Moves

With Unite Moves, you can unleash the true power of your Pokemon! Use these new Pokemon moves, available exclusively in Unite Battles, to turn the advantage in even the most dangerous scenarios.

3. Rank Up

Do you want to show off your skills? Take part in ranked matches to earn points and climb the global leaderboards!

4. Communication Is Key!

You can communicate in-game using the latest features to make it easier to work with your team and win matches.

5. Cross-Platform Play

Cross-platform support allows Trainers from around the world to band together and compete on compatible Nintendo SwitchTM systems or mobile devices.

Fight with Style

Download Pokemon Unite APK

This game is available for download directly from the Google Play Store. Below is some information about the app, as well as a link to download it.

Detailed Description:

  1. Pokemon UNITE App Name
  2. Version
  3. File Size 638M
  4. Minimum OS 4.4 and up
  5. Developers of The Pokemon Company


Pokemon Unite APK + OBB

If you can't download this game via Google Play Store, you can try installing or flashing the app using the Pokemon Unite APK + OBB download link below.

Download APKs: https://bit.ly/3u37Xbp

Download OBB: https://bit.ly/2XO4X74

The APK file mentioned above is approx 24 MB in size. The OBB file, on the other hand, is 155 MB in size. Install about 400 MB of space for more files to be installed.

The next step, after you have successfully downloaded the APK and OBB files, is to install the application. So how do you install them together? Here's how to do it.

How to Install APK + OBB

If you are still not sure how to install the APK file using OBB while installing Pokemon Unite, see the full guide or instructions below.

  1. Download both APK + OBB files via the link that InfoKekini has shared
  2. Enable installation settings from unknown sources via the Settings menu on your phone
  3. Then install the APK file that was downloaded earlier
  4. Don't open the application yet, move the OBB file to Android > OBB > com.tencent.baiyein
  5. After the installation is complete, run the game.

That is easy; how to install the previous APK + OBB Pokemun Unite? You can play this game immediately if you follow the installation instructions carefully.

List of Roles in the Pokemon UNITE Game

The following is a list of roles in the Pokemon Unite game:

1. Attackers

Attacker is a role with the advantage of dealing large amounts of damage, but also has low defense and HP.

This is a common role in Toplane and Bottomlane. Pokemon character card with role Attacker on red background.

Cross-Platform Play

2. Speedster

Speedter is a role with the advantage of great mobility, allowing him to catch up to enemies and score scores quickly.

Pokemon in this role, on the other hand, have low defense and low HP. This is a role fit to play in Midlane. Pokemon character card with Speedster role on blue background.

3. All-Rounders

All-Rounder is a role that has the same attack, defense, HP, and moves as other characters. All-rounders are great for holding solitary lanes and midgame ganking

Similar to the role of Fighter in other MOBA games. This role works well in Midlane and Bottomlane. Pokemon character card with All-Rounder role on purple background.

4. Defenders

Defender is a role that has a high defense rating and can defend the team from enemy attacks. To win the match

Defender must always follow Attacker. This is the role that can be played in Toplane. Pokemon character card with role Defender on green background.

5. Supporters

Supporter is a role that can help the team by performing Crowd Control such as Knock-ups and Stuns, as well as providing healing to the team.

This is a role that works well in Bottomlane. The Pokemon character card with the Supporter role has an orange background.

Each role may be played in a different way than it should be. However, if you are playing solo, this strategy is not recommended because it will confuse the team and lead to failure.

It's time to earn Master status, pal, once you understand the roles listed above.

Pros of Game Pokemon UNITE

Here are some of the advantages of the Pokemon Unite game:

1. You can see new things

The purpose of seeing new things is for players to be able to see new things or interesting places around to find Pokemon and look for a "Gym" training ground to train our Pokemon so they power up quickly.

2. Can get new friends and community

This Pokemon Go game application requires us to walk outside to look for pokemon, we automatically have to leave the house and go around to get pokemon.

When we are looking for pokemon we will most likely meet other players we don't know

You can get acquainted with other players and then create a community with these players.

3. Healthy body

This game requires players to walk to interesting places that are crowded with people such as malls, tourist attractions, beaches because there are more Pokemon.

When we visit these places, we automatically have to walk around to look for pokemon in the area, which used to be at home just for a short walk

It could be healthy if we take a leisurely walk every day while playing Pokemon Go, but don't forget to be careful. Be careful because there is a lot of evil out there.


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