Police Acceptance, Requirements and How to Register

InfoKekinian.com - Current friends, do you know that the police have just opened registration for police admissions for students who graduate from high school, vocational school or equivalent. Come on, see the explanation below!

POLRI, short for Indonesian National Police, is the highest law enforcement agency in the country, directly responsible to the President of Indonesia.

The head of the Indonesian National Police, also known as Kapolri, is the head of the country's national police force. The formation of the National Police was carried out on June 1, 1946.

This year, the Indonesian National Police (POLRI) is again opening up opportunities for Indonesian sons and daughters to become members of the Indonesian National Police through a selection process for National Police recruitment.

The Indonesian National Police (POLRI) conducts many receptions for the National Police consisting of the Police Academy, Bintara, Special Assistant Investigators, Police Brigadier, SIPSS, and Private Police. In the meantime, let's move on to Police reception.

Police Acceptance, Requirements and How to Register

POLRI Acceptance Requirements and How to Register

In the following, we will provide several formations that will be opened for the approval of the Indonesian National Police

1. Police Academy Registration – Police Acceptance

Akpol or Police Academy is a service association school organized by Kalemdikpol with the aim of developing Polri members. Acceptance of applicants for Police Academy Cadets is intended for graduates of at least high school/equivalent.

For those of you who are interested in becoming a candidate for Indonesian Military Academy cadets, please register yourself. Information such as registration requirements, how to register, implementation date, and other information can be found in the Online Police Academy Registration article.

2. Registration of Special Assistant Investigators at the National Police

The National Police Brigadier is the NCO in charge of the Assistant Special Investigator, and he serves as both the executor of the general police and the executor of the criminal investigation division (Assistant Investigator).

For those of you who are interested in becoming a member of the National Police for Special Assistant Investigators, please register yourself. Acceptance of Special Police Assistant Investigator applicants is intended for Bachelor graduates (S1).

The Special Officer Assistant Investigator Registration provides complete information on the requirements, procedures, and time to complete registration.

3. Registration of Non-Commissioned Officers of the National Police

The Head of Police opens new recruits for SMA/MA/SMK, D3, and S1 graduates. Anyone interested in joining the NCO, whether you are male or female, must register at registration.

NCO General, NCO Informatics Engineering, NCO Chemical, NCO Music, NCO Aviation (Pilot), NCO Islamic Da'wah, NCO Nurse, NCO Catering, NCO Textile Technology and NCO Shipping

Complete information about Police Brigadier Registration such as registration requirements, registration process, implementation schedule, and other related information has been detailed individually in the Police Brigadier Registration. Please visit the article.

4. Registration of Music Officers and IT (Information Technology) Officers

BPN in Polri, including BIN in music and technology. Students who have completed SMA/SMK, D-III, D-IV, or S-1 education levels are eligible to be considered for admission to IT NCO.

As for the Music Officer Admission, it is intended for graduates of SMA/Equivalent/Vocational School of Music Arts who have graduated in previous years or who will graduate this year.

For those of you who are interested, please register yourself by reading in full in the following article: Registration of NCO and IT NCO

5. SIPSS POLRI registration

SIPSS or the School of Inspector Sumber Undergraduate is again opening new recruits for Diploma 4, S1, Professional S1 graduates, and there are various sectors available for Masters graduates. For those of you who are interested, please register yourself by fulfilling the various conditions that have been determined.

The SIPSS Online Registration article is a brief summary of the various components of the SIPSS registration process. To learn more about registration prerequisites, the application process, timing, selection fees, and other topics, please see the linked articles above.

6. Enlistment Enlistment – Police Acceptance

Polri, which is divided into members of Mobile Brigade and Polair, has reopened the reception of potential Polri troops called Polri officers. Those of you who are interested in joining the National Police can fill out the registration form below. The acceptance of Polri members is intended for graduates of at least SMA/MA/SMK.

Please see our page entitled Registration of Police Soldiers for a summary of information such as registration requirements, how to register, time of application, selection fees, and other information relevant to Polri registrars.

7. 2022 National Police Registration Schedule

AKPOL Registration Open: 31 March – 11 April 2022

National Police Officer Registration Open: 31 March – 11 April 2022

Enlistment Registration Opens: March 19 – April 1, 2021


That's some of the information that we explained about the acceptance of the National Police, now you can immediately choose which formation you are interested in. Hopefully it's useful!