iPhone 13 price

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iPhone 13 was launched in September 2021 by Apple. Ahead of its release, price projections for each variant of the iPhone 13 have been published.

iPhone 13 price

According to industry analyst TrendForce, the price of the iPhone 13 will remain the same as the iPhone 12 as long as Apple can control production costs, given that this latest model won't feature major hardware updates.

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 Mini is priced at 699 dollars, which is around 10 million rupiah in Indonesian currency.

The price is $749, which is around 10.7 million rupiah, for a storage capacity of 128 gigabytes. There is also an iPhone 13 mini 256 GB which is priced at $849 or around IDR 12.2 million.

Then, the iPhone 13 with a capacity of 64 GB is priced at US $ 799 or Rp. 11.5 million. The price is 849 US dollars or around 12.2 million rupiah to get 128 GB of storage.

Furthermore, the iPhone 13 with a storage capacity of 256 GB is priced at $949, which is around 13.6 million rupiah.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro with 128 GB of memory is priced at 999 US dollars or the equivalent of 14.3 million rupiah.

The iPhone 13 Pro 256GB costs $ 1,099, which is equivalent to around 15.8 million rupiah. For a capacity of 512 GB priced at 1,299 US dollars or the equivalent of 18.7 million rupiah.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max variant is priced at US$1,099 or 15.8 million rupiah, with a capacity of 128 GB. And, 1,199 US dollars or 17.2 million rupiah for a capacity of 256 GB and 1,399 US dollars or 20.1 million rupiah for a capacity of 512 GB.

Unfortunately, the truth of the price leaks for the iPhone 13 series is still unknown. However, the closer to the release, the more rumors are circulating about the successor series to the iPhone 12 series.

If the iPhone 13 has been launched, the price of the previous generation iPhone will be cheaper.

Therefore, the price of the iPhone 12 might drop to 599 rupiah, while the iPhone 11 will be lowered to the same level as the iPhone XR.

Again, all of this is just speculation, if Apple gets hit by a global chip crunch, that might change.

In addition, if the supply of spare parts for the iPhone 13 is limited, it is not impossible for Apple to charge increased prices to customers.


That's a little information about the price of the iPhone 13, those of you who are interested in buying it can go through Apple's official store, namely iBox.

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