Sample Permission Letter for Not Entering School for Teachers – The following is information about examples of excuse letters for being absent from school for teachers, so read this article to the end to find out more complete and clear information.

The attendance policy is basically the same in every school. The teaching and learning process must be followed by students so that they can attend school and fulfill their academic obligations.

Example of a permit

As a result, you must get the school's permission to drop out of class if you are unable to go to school.

While it is possible to skip school without letting anyone know, you should try to send an excuse letter to let them know of your absence.

You will also be considered a responsible student if you provide explanations and warnings when you are unable to enter.

We can attend to a number of causes of student absence from school. Call it if you are sick, out of town, attending a family event, or for other reasons.

You must include a sick note from a doctor or midwife, especially for medical reasons. Usually, there will be consequences for sudden absences from school.

However, a fine will usually be imposed if you submit an application for a school permit. Even if you still face punishment, it will be lighter than not asking for school leave at all.

How to Get Permits

Writing permission is a fairly easy process as long as we know the elements to set up and take care of.

As long as we know the components to set up and pay attention to in creating permissions, writing them is a fairly simple process.

Reasons for sending letters

The intended recipient of this letter is the place where information about the sender can be found. Is it for the principal, company CEO, homeroom teacher, or someone else?

It should be noted that if the word To is already used then there is no need to use the word Dear, and conversely if you have used the word Dear then the word To is not appropriate.


The author of this letter wants to make sure that everyone knows who issued the permit. Because you might ask someone else to write you a letter if you are sick, for example, the letter sometimes isn't actually written by you.

Reason for Permission

The reason this permission element is so important. The letter that you make will be accepted or rejected based on the elements of this reason. Write down very plausible reasons.

While a permit is usually written and made by a person, it can be considered an official letter.

As a result, permissions must be written clearly and consistently. The components for creating permissions are listed below:

  1. Date and place of writing of the letter
  2. Destination address
  3. Greetings
  4. Letter opening sentence
  5. Fill in the letter
  6. Greetings closing letter
  7. Mail sender name

Now that you can understand the parts and main points contained in the letter, just look at the following examples of permission letters:

Examples and Types of Permits

Here are some examples of permits such as school, college and work permits:

1. Sample Permit for Not Entering School

Letters of permission not to go to school are often made by students who are unable to attend school.

There were various reasons, starting from a family member who died, was absent because he was sick, or there was a wedding that could not be left behind.

This reason does not matter as long as the permit is made clear and understandable. For more details, we will provide an example of a permit. Let's just take a look below:

1. Sample excuse letter for being absent from school due to illness Surabaya, 14 January 2017


Mr/Mrs Class 2 homeroom teacher

MI Bahrul Ulum Gubeng Jaya

السلا م عليكم ورحمة الله وبركا ته

Yours faithfully,
We hereby parents/guardians of:

Name: Saiful Anam

Students: Class 2 MI Bahrul Ulum Gubeng Jaya

Address: Jl. Barata Jaya no 54, Baratajaya, Gubeng, Surabaya

With this letter, we all parents of students inform that our son/i cannot carry out study activities as usual on Monday 14 January 2016 due to vomiting which requires our child to be hospitalized. Therefore, would you mind Mr. / Ms. Class 2 homeroom teacher give permission.

Thus we write this letter truthfully. For the permission that the teacher gave us, we thank you very much.

God bless you

Best regards,

Parents/Guardians of Ahmad zaenuri

2. Sample letter of permission to go to school due to family matters

Jakarta, December 16 2015

Subject: Excuse letter for not attending school

Dear To SMAN 78 Jakarta in Jakarta

Yours faithfully,

We, the undersigned, are the parents/guardians of:

Name of Student : Fitriani

Class: XD

With the arrival of this letter, we inform you that our child cannot attend lessons as usual because there is a family event, namely attending his nephew's marriage contract.

That is the purpose of the letter we wrote. For the attention that the teachers gave, we thank you very much.

Best regards

[Hj. Rani Ningtyas]

3. Sample letter of permission to leave school

Sometimes a student needs to leave school to solve his problem. Especially for students who are very busy taking care of important events that cannot be left at school such as taking care of events and meetings at school.

But you must leave school legally or at the right time and you must be obliged to use a permit that you can use as a reference.

Sample letter of absence from work

Sample excuse letter for not going to college

Very different from school children, usually students make their own permits and are not made by their parents.

Usually the campus also prepares a study permit letter format for its students. If the campus doesn't provide one yet, you can use an example of a permission letter for not being able to enter college.

1. Example of a college permit


Subject: Application for permission not to be able to attend lectures


Mr/Ms Lecturer at the Department of Medicine and Health, Airlangga University, Surabaya

in place

Yours faithfully,

We, the undersigned, are from the Department of Medicine and Health, Airlangga University, Surabaya

Name : Hadi Wibowo

NIM : 16/468982/TK/43248

Study Program: Health

Phone number : 081334582345

Intending to ask for permission not to take part in all lecture activities from April 15 to March 15 2016

That's because we are doing practical work at Darmo Hospital from April 15 to March 15, 2016.

In this regard, if during the practical process there is an assignment, we are willing to take part in the assignment after the practice is finished.

Thus we wrote this letter as well as possible, we thank you.

  cijurug, 15 April 2016

Best regards,

 Field Responsible

Darmo Hospital

Bandi Subekti

Sample letter of absence from work

It's not just school, work routines in the office sometimes have obstacles. Especially if you have a family, there must be problems or business that require you not to come to work. But don't forget to make a letter of permission not to come to work, so you don't get penalized.

1. Sample excuse letter for not coming to work


YTH: Head of UPT Kedungkandang Hospital

In -


The undersigned below :

Name : Ni.Luh Karin S,A.Md.Keb

Nip : 1572677 8780078 098

Position : Midwife Coordinator of Puskesmas

Address : RT 07 / RW 06 Morgosono Village, Kec. Kedungkandang

I hereby wish to submit this letter starting from 12 to 15 June 2014, to attend an event for children who wish to receive a Surabaya scholarship.

Thus we convey this permit as well as possible to make the permit as it is.

Kedungkandang, 12 June 2014

Officers requesting permission;

Ni Luh Karin S,A.Md.keb

NIP : 1572677 8780078 098

Who Gives permission;

Head of UPT Health Center Kedungkandang

Ahmad Arifin, Amd. Kep

NIP. 156762565 76887 6 007

Sample letter of absence from work (2)

2. Sample excuse letter for not coming to work

Bandung, 21 April 2015

Subject: Permit Not Entering Work

Lamp: 1 sheet


Dear Principal of Muhammadiyah Bandung High School

in Bandung

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings

Yours faithfully,

The undersigned below :

Name: Harianto

Address : Taman Koppo Rt 09/V Kec. Margaasih Kab. London 40218

Our intention is to apply for this permit with the intention of not being able to come to work for 3 days due to participating in the 2016 perpetual partner programs. This is as evidence that we made this letter.

That's what we say. more or less we apologize profusely and for the attention given we thank you.

Best regards,



That's a little information about how and examples to make a letter of permission not to go to school, work, or college. And you need to remember, to make a permit, you need to pay attention to each structure.

But you don't have to worry anymore now, because you can see the structure or components of the permit that we have written above. Or you can simply follow the examples we have provided.

Thus the article regarding Sample Permission Letter for Not Entering School for Teachers and don't forget to keep visiting the Infokekinian website.

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