Example of a Good and Right Vocational PKL (Field Work Practice) Report

InfoKekinian.com – On this occasion I will share some examples of street vendors reports (Field Work Practices) that you can use as a reference for making reports.

The apprenticeship program has now become part of the curriculum of the Indonesian education system, which in practice does not only apply to students at the tertiary level.

However, students at the senior high school level have also implemented this program, especially for vocational schools.

Format for Making the Correct Arrangement of Street Vendors Reports
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The purpose of holding an internship program for students before graduating from school is to provide experience for students to experience the work environment in the industry according to their field of study.

Usually apprentices will be placed in the same position as entry-level employees and help with the work of permanent employees at the company where they are apprenticing.

At the end of the internship period which can last from weeks to months, students are required to make an internship report, an example of which you will see later below.

street vendors is one of the other names for apprentices that are usually used for apprenticeship programs at the school level.

PKL stands for Field Work Training which is an activity carried out in a direct work environment.

Street vendors are usually carried out by vocational school students such as SMK, STM, and other vocational schools that specifically study certain industrial fields and are indeed prepared to become HR who has competitiveness to work.

Therefore it is important to make a street vendor report so that the activities carried out at the internship can be reported in writing and become knowledge for others about what work activities are carried out at the internship.

In the example of the street vendor report that will be discussed later, you can get a detailed description of the activities carried out at the internship.

Format for Making the Correct Arrangement of Street Vendors Reports

As with various other types of reports, street vendor reports also have their own format.

Example report The street vendors that will be discussed later can be a reference for those of you who want to make a report after completing the street vendors, but that doesn't mean it has to be the same 100%.

Usually each school also has its own format rules so you can see an example of a senior's final PKL report which of course has been checked and revised so that it has the correct arrangement.

However, in general, the format for street vendor activity reports has the following structure:

  1. Street vendor report title
  2. Street vendor report validation sheet
  3. Foreword
  4. List of contents
  5. Chapter I Introduction)
  6. CHAPTER II (theoretical basis)
  7. CHAPTER III (general description of the company where the apprentice takes place)
  8. CHAPTER IV (PKL implementation activity report)
  9. CHAPTER V (closing)

By knowing this example of writing a street vendor report later when you are undergoing an internship, reports can be made in installments in your spare time.

You can make a draft by following the structure of the report that you already know, then while carrying out the internship activities while filling in each of the empty report sections.

That way after the street vendors are finished, you just have to complete the report and don't have to go back and forth looking for data because many sections have been filled in during the street vendors period.

PKL reports also usually have a deadline after your street vendors period is over, so by knowing in advance the correct format for sample street vendors reports, you can complete the report more quickly and submit it on time.

Sample Cover of street vendor activity report

The first part that will be discussed regarding street vendor reports is the report title section which usually appears at the very front of a street vendor activity report, namely the cover section.

The standard contents of the report cover are the report title which is written in bold letters at the top, followed by the logo of the school or college where the report maker studied.

then followed by the name of the preparer of the report and other necessary identifying information, then at the bottom is written the name of the school and the year the report was made.

The following is an example of a street vendor report in the cover section that you can see:

Report on the Implementation of Field Work Practices

"The Effect of Incentives on Employee Performance in the Communication Department

And Informatics”


Arranged by:

Anita Maharani Sutopo


Harapan Budi High School

South Jakarta

Business Management Major


How to Make a Report on the Results of Street Vendors Part of the Endorsement Page

How to Make a Report on the Results of Street Vendors Part of the Endorsement Page
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In the example section of this street vendor report, you can see the part of the validation page that must be in every official report.

The validation page serves to mark that the student's street vendor period has been fulfilled and the school can be accountable for its correctness.

The validation page also marks that the report made has been completed and has gone through a revision process which is usually accompanied by the teacher so that it is suitable for testing or suitable for presentation.

The validation page is an important document in which there are original signatures from supervisors, supervisors, or other parties related to the internship program or street vendors at the school.

The validation page is placed on the first page after the cover. You can use ordinary HVS paper, you can also use special paper.

The sample SMK report below is only a fictitious example whose format may differ from the format used in each school.

Format Example 1

PKL Report Approval Page from School

This Field Work Practice Report (PKL) has been reviewed and approved by the supervising teacher and the Principal of SMK Harapan Budi


Legalized in South Jakarta

March 2, 2016


Chief Executive of PKL PKL Supervisor


Sukirman, S.pd Waskita Yani Ahmad, S.kom



Principal of SMK Harapan Budi

Amir Hasan Sadikin, S.pd

Format Example 2

Street Vendor Report Approval Page from the Company

This Field Work Practice Report (PKL) has been reviewed and approved by the Head of General Subdivision and the PKL supervisor of the Department of Communication and Informatics.

Legalized in Jakarta

April 25, 2016


Supervisor of PKL Depkominfo General Head of Depkominfo


Yuanita Islami, S. Kom Ahmad Subagya, S. Kom



Head of Depkominfo

Arya Nugraha Bakti, S. Kom

Example of Preface to a street vendor report

The preface is the opening paragraph written by the report maker at the beginning of the report as a greeting.

The contents of the preface include thanking the various parties who have helped in the process of implementing the street vendors, the purpose of making the report, as well as the closing sentence.

The preface can be made with a structure that is more flexible, meaning it is not rigid, because of course the speech that each writer wants to give can be different.

You can see an example of the introductory words in a street vendor report in the sample street vendor report section below, which isn't too long.

Examples of introductory words to the PKL SMK report should be no more than one page so as not to interfere with the content and main objective of the PKL report.


Praise be to Allah SWT who has given His mercy and grace so that this PKL report can be completed on time.

Thanks to His grace, I was also able to carry out street vendor activities for 6 months in a healthy state both physically and mentally, which is a graduation requirement as a student majoring in Business Management, SMK Harapan Budi, South Jakarta.

This street vendor activity report has the title "The Influence of Providing Incentives on Employee Performance in the Communication and Informatics Department".

This report was made after I completed the PKL SMK Harapan Budi program for approximately 6 months which took place from October 2015 to April 2016 at the Department of Communication and Informatics.

The location of the Depkominfo office where my street vendors work is at Jalan Merah Delima no. 56, North Jakarta.

The purpose of making this PKL report is to report all kinds of activities carried out during the PKL period, provide information about the company profile, company structure, and how the company works.

This report is also made as an analysis report on company policies that provide incentives to employees and the impact they have on employee performance.

As a basis for analysis, I use the opinions of several experts who discuss human resource management and incentives as a policy.

I would like to thank all parties who have helped, starting from the process of implementing street vendor activities to preparing reports so that they become reports worthy of being presented.

I also realize that the writing of this street vendors report is not perfect and still has errors and deficiencies in several parts.

Therefore, to the examiners, supervisors, and readers of this report, please provide constructive input so that the report can be made even better.

Hopefully this report can provide benefits to readers and the general public, and especially SMK Harapan Budi academic colleagues.

That's all I can say, for your attention I thank you very much.

South Jakarta, March 4 2016


Anita Maharani Sutopo

Example of Activity Report Format for Table of Contents

Example of Activity Report Format for Table of Contents
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The table of contents is a page index of the contents of a report that can make it easier for someone to find a particular section of a report.

The contents of the table of contents consist of the contents of the report and then the page index connected by long dots.

You can do how to make long points in the table of contents manually, but there are ways you can do it to make long points automatically.

You can search online for how to make table of contents points to speed up report creation.

In addition to the table of contents, the reporting systematics usually includes a list of figures, a list of labels, and a list of other contents contained in the report.

The list of page indexes is placed before entering the CHAPTER I section.

List of contents


Approval Page………………………………………………………………………………………..i

Foreword ii

Table of Contents iii


1.1 Background 1

1.2 Purpose and Benefits of street vendors 2

1.3 Time and Place of Street Vendors 4

1.4 Theoretical Basis 5


2.1 History of the Ministry of Communication and Information 6

2.2 Depkominfo Organizational Structure 7

2.3 Vision and Mission Objectives of the Depkominfo Company 8


3.1 Activities During the PKL Period 9

3.2 Effects of Incentives on Employees 10


4.1 Conclusion 11

4.2 Suggestion 12

Bibliography 13

Example of street vendors introductory report

The first part is CHAPTER I which is filled in as an introduction to the report, consisting of the background, objectives and benefits of carrying out street vendor activities.

And because the exemplary report has the aim of looking for causal relationships, the theoretical basis is also placed in the introduction.

The sample internship report introduction below is a shortened version and should not be used as a benchmark for the length of the actual report.

There is no standard number of pages that are standard for making a report, but reports must contain complete information about all street vendor activities from start to finish, so it is impossible for a report to only contain as many as 10 pages.

As an example of a clearer street vendor report, the following contains the contents of CHAPTER I which can be your reference.


  1. Background

Human resources are a very important asset for the company and become the engine of productivity for the company.

In order for the motor to keep working, a driver is needed which can be a motivation for the human resources in a company.

Motivators that can be given by companies to maintain productivity include salary, security at work, a conducive working atmosphere, as well as fair company leaders who can become wise heads of the company.

Providing fair incentives to employees does not mean that every employee gets the same reward for their work because each employee certainly has their own level of performance and achievements.

Therefore the company can provide additional income based on objective considerations and considering the financial capability of the company in terms of providing welfare to its employees.

Based on these considerations, the authors chose the title "The Influence of Providing Incentives on Employee Performance in the Communication and Informatics Department" as the topic of the street vendors' activity report.

  1. Purpose and Benefits of street vendors

The Business Management Department of Harapan Budi Vocational School teaches various theories to students regarding how to manage a business, including in terms of managing the company's human resources.

The purpose of the street vendors' activities carried out at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics is to use theories learned at school to analyze the policies imposed by the Depkominfo company in terms of human resource management and how these policies have an impact on the performance of its employees. In particular, the objectives of conducting this street vendor activity include:

  1. Increase students' knowledge in preparing the company's budget
  2. Introducing real work experience to students
  3. Able to compare the theoretical knowledge obtained at school with the practical knowledge obtained at work
  4. As a graduation requirement for grade 2 students of Harapan Budi Vocational School
  5. Establish a good relationship between the company and the school.

While the benefits that can be obtained from this street vendor activity are:

  1. For student
  • Students can apply human resource theory in a real work environment
  • Students can get education about a professional attitude in the world of work
  • Get to know the different work environment between school and company.
  1. For SMK Harapan Budi
  • To be a means of communication between the school and the community
  • As a process of integration between the school curriculum and the company system
  1. Time and Place of Implementation of street vendors

PKL activities at Harapan Budi Vocational School are mandatory activities for students who have entered the 5th semester of study or in the second year of school studies.

Street vendors activities were held on 5 October 2015 to 5 April 2016 which lasted approximately 6 months or one semester.

Effective work schedule every Monday to Friday at 08.00 – 16.00.

The place for implementing street vendors' activities is at the office of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, which is located at Jalan Merah Delima no. 56, North Jakarta.

  1. Theoretical basis

The definition of human resource management is a process consisting of organization, planning, leaders, and also controlling activities related to company operations such as job evaluation and analysis, procurement of human resources and the required facilities, compensation, development and improvement of the quality of human resources, promotion , and also termination of employment to achieve the goals set by the company. Providing incentives to employees is part of compensation and also an effort to improve the quality of human resources so that the company can achieve predetermined targets.

Sample Internship Results Report Company Profile Section

Sample Internship Results Report Company Profile Section
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The sample street vendor report then goes into the company profile section where the aim is to test the apprentice's knowledge of the company where he works.

To be able to get company profile data and also the organizational structure within it, a good relationship between interns and permanent employees in the office must be well established.

It is not impossible for interns who have good performance to be offered to become official employees in the office after graduating from school.

So don't waste the opportunity for those of you who will face the internship period and do it seriously in order to be able to make a complete street vendor report like the following sample activity report format.

Please note that the company examples below are fictitious, only made as examples of essays and are not actual company data


  1. History Depkominfo

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics is a local government institution that was formed in 1999 based on Presidential Decree number 267 of 1999 as of November 8, 1999.

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics replaces the Department of Information, which in the composition of the Indonesian Unity cabinet was eliminated.

The function of the Ministry of Communication and Information is to regulate the provision of communication and information services to the public, which increases every year, and provides transparent government institutions to respond to technological developments.

  1. Depkominfo organizational structure

In this section you can make a picture chart of the company's organizational structure or ask the company to include it in the sample discussion of this section's report.

The organizational structure within the company shows the policy and order flow system that applies within a company, and can be a chart to see the lines of communication that work in the company.

In addition, the company's organizational structure also has a function to see how the division of tasks is done because each company can have a different arrangement of departments depending on the needs of the company.

By understanding the structure of the company where you are a street vendor or apprentice, you can know the scope of duties, authority, powers, and also the responsibilities of someone who is in a certain part of the structure.

Example of Internship Activity Report

In the sample street vendor report section in CHAPTER III contains routine activities carried out by apprentice students during the internship period.

Usually schools are provided with activity books in which there are empty tables so that every day students can fill them with activities according to what they are doing.

The activity book is then signed by the company responsible for the apprentice after the internship period is over or on a daily basis as proof that the student is indeed carrying out the internship according to the schedule.

In the following example of how to make a daily work report, we will exemplify the activities of street vendors during one work week.

PKL Work Activity Report

Name: Anita Maharani Sutopo

NIM: 1510903217

Major: Business Management

Department: Treasury

5Monday· Make a report on the activities of the Department of Communication and Information

· Entering data into monthly reports

6Tuesday· Organizing and organizing files

· Assist with the preparation of tax reports

7Wednesday· Make a monthly report Depkominfo

· Type tax SSP

8Thursday· Make financial reports on the activities of the Department of Communication and Information
9Friday· Prepare consumption for joint gymnastic activities

· Morning exercise with employees and leaders

· Working together to clean up the office environment


Closing Example of street vendor activity report

An example of a conclusion in this street vendor report contains a summary of the discussion of the research objectives and also a summary of the street vendors' activities carried out.

If the report has questions that must be answered in the discussion, the conclusion also contains a summary of the answers to the questions written briefly.

The closing section then closes with suggestions that the author can give both for further street vendor activities, for companies where internships are held, as well as other suggestions related to the street vendors being implemented.

An example of a street vendor report for the closing section can be seen as follows.


4.1 Conclusion

The incentives provided by the company can have a positive influence on the performance of employees at the company.

Incentives can be a motivation for employees, one of which is in terms of increasing attendance at the office due to the Depkominfo program which provides absenteeism wages for employees who are absent in the morning and absent in the afternoon.

Only employees who are absent at both times will get additional incentives to increase employee income.

4.2 Suggestions

The author has suggestions for Depkominfo companies related to the procurement of human resources.

Human resources in Depkominfo mostly still use the system outsourcing so that HR management related to improving the quality of HR does not run optimally.

In addition, the work system that runs in the Ministry of Communication and Information has been running well and is disciplined.

The working atmosphere during the PKL period was also conducive, comfortable and the leadership responsible for the Department of Treasury did not hesitate to provide guidance.


This is an example of a street vendor report that can be used as an outline reference for how to make a report on street vendor activities that have been carried out.

At the very end, you can add a Bibliography which contains references to books and documents that are used to help you fill in the data for the street vendors reports that you made.

For example, to see the effect of a company's incentive policy on employee attendance, of course you need document data that contains information on employee attendance over a certain period of time.

And how much additional income do employees get after routine absences.

The format of the report above is the format that applies in general, it could be that the format that applies to your school has differences in terms of sections and contents.

But broadly speaking, the example above is an example that can be an illustration of the content and method of making a report on street vendor activities at the school level and at the tertiary level.