8 Examples of Book Reviews, Complete with How to Make them

InfoKekinian.com - Contemporary Friend, I'm sure you are familiar with the term reviewer. However, what if you were asked to make a sample book review?

Maybe you know, but don't understand. So, when asked to make a review book, then you still find it difficult.

What is a Book Review

Even if you understand it, the process of making book, music, or film reviews will be easier to make.

This article will explain the meaning of a book review in detail and some examples of review titles.

For that, please refer to the following explanation, hopefully after that you can make a review easily.

What is a Book Review?

Reviewer is reviewing someone's creative work, it can be a book, music, film, or even a show.

This word comes from the words "resentie" (Dutch) and "recensio" (Latin), with the same meaning, namely to review.

KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary) also has a meaning that is not much different from the meaning above.

Reviews are made on the basis of objectivity. But even so, there is still a strong element of subjectivity contained in a review.

Because, basically, everyone has their own subjectivity that is different from one another.

After knowing the meaning of a reviewer, there are other things you should know before making a review. What's that? Namely the elements that must be present in a review. What are these elements?

Book Review Elements

You may have received information about the material for making reviews when you were in school.

Just to remind you again, when you want to make a book review, then you need to know the elements that must be in a review.

There are four elements of the review, namely the preparation of data, the title of the review, the opening of the review, the content of the review, and the closing of the review. Here's the explanation:

1. Book Information

In this section, you should write a book based on the information you know.

Book information includes book title, book author, book publisher, year of publication, price, and material of the inner paper and cover.

That's why you need to buy a book so that you know about book information more clearly.

However, currently, you can search for information on this book on the internet, please make it based on the available sources.

2. Title of Review

You need to create a review title when creating a review. The title is like a name that can provide information to the reader. For this reason, the title of the reviewer must be present in a review.

Book reviews can be done from making the title first or the contents first. Just set which one makes you enjoy or has been conceptualized in your mind.

What you need to do in making a review title is to consist of just a few words and make it as attractive as possible.

If you want to put a review on a blog or website, make sure the title contains 71 characters.

3. Fill in the review

Broadly speaking, the contents of the review contain brief review questions accompanied book synopsis. You can add quotes taken from within fiction or non-fiction books.

For that, you can read the book first. No need to read the entire contents, if you are skilled at making reviews.

You can read the important parts of the book and then draw conclusions based on that.

Because a review is not an opinionated or opinionated work, you need to add the strengths and weaknesses of the book.

You can learn from the way the author arranges words or discusses his language style.

4. Closing Review

In closing a review, you should end it with conclusions and impressions as well as messages while reading the book being reviewed.

You can also maximize it by estimating who is the right reader for the book? Students, teachers, boys/girls ages 13-17, etc.

Purpose of Making Book Reviews

Purpose of Making Book Reviews

Whatever you make, of course, has a purpose, including book reviews. What is the purpose of writing a book review? Please pay attention to the following reviews!

Talking about the topics/themes raised by the author in his work, fiction books or non-fiction books.

You can also add whether the topics/themes raised in the book are built very well or not.

Provide clear information to prospective readers of the book in question, after you have thoroughly read the book.

However, you shouldn't give spoilers here. If you give a spoiler, it means that potential readers of the book in question don't need to buy the book.

What for? After all, they already know everything in the review you made.

Gives potential readers of the book the opportunity to decide whether to buy the book or not.

If you are good at making book reviews, you might also be able to become an "executioner" who judges whether the book is worth buying or not.

Although, the final decision remains in the hands of the reader. Answer the confusion that may be present in the minds of prospective readers of the book in question.

That way, what becomes their confusion (question) can be answered, so they are convinced with the contents of the book being offered.

The Benefits of Reviewing a Book

Here are some of the benefits of writing book reviews that you should know:

1. Make More Money

The book reviews you read can help publishers and authors earn more money.

This is because a positive review from you will attract more people to buy and read the book.

2. Expand Product Range and Promotion

By providing convincing reviews of products, you can potentially stretch their reach out to a wider audience.

This will increase product promotion over a period of time, especially if you start sharing your reviews on social media like Twitter or Facebook.

3. Building an Online Community

By reviewing books with regularity, you can attract the attention of others who are interested in the same type of books, forming online communities and their own discussions about the subject.

This will increase the relevance of certain products and topics in general in the digital reader community.

4. Develop Writing Skills

Reviewing books regularly is very useful for improving your writing skills in general including writing style, analytical techniques, and strategies for exploring new topics.

Book Review Steps

Book Review Steps

Here are six steps in doing a book review:

  1. Understanding or capturing the intention of the author of the book with the work he produces
  2. Have a goal in mind when writing a book review so you know your intended audience
  3. Learn about the preferences of readers of different ages and their levels of understanding
  4. Mastering all subject matter expertise to become the standard for describing the merits and demerits of literature
  5. Being a book observer and being aware of books is important because there are already many facilitators or service providers for reading books online.

How to Write a Book Review

You should incorporate the six steps listed above when writing a book review. The review should cover these components, the following are described:

1. Determine the choice of books to be reviewed

Selecting a book to review as if it were a novel, a work of nonfiction, research, or a work of science? Similar principles apply when writing book reviews.

Only a few changes remain, especially in the chronological aspect of the story. When choosing which book to review, there are several things you need to consider.

Books must meet the requirements in terms of having material that addresses real issues, is of high quality, has just been published, and has never been reviewed.

2. Reading Books

You must read this book before writing a review, of course, because if you don't, you will not understand its content, purpose, meaning, and message, as well as the author's true intent.

Don't forget to highlight important parts of the book that will be used as research to write book reviews.

After you read this book, you will have a better understanding of how the author conveyed the stories they contained through gaining sentiment and emotion as you understand the plot as well as the implicit knowledge and facts that will give you ideas and a framework for revisiting the book. book.

In addition, by choosing the parts or contents of a book that you like, you can identify interesting aspects of the book that can be turned into a review that you really need to talk about so that readers know and writers also know the fun. part of the connoisseurs of the work he wrote.

3. Determining the Right Technique for Writing Reviews

Determining the Right Technique for Writing Reviews

These are important recommendations for choosing the best review writing methodology. There are several methods of writing reviews, such as the following:

  1. Cutting and Glueing Techniques: This technique is done by gluing parts of the text together. All of these sections have prominent content, are contained in the book we are about to discuss, and reveal the key points of the author of the book.
  2. Technical Focusing: This review writing strategy centers on one specific element presented in the review item. This element can be the author, character, or storyline.
  3. Comparing Technique: A writing strategy that involves differentiating the content of the object being reviewed with the content of other sources that discuss the same subject.

4. Write the Complete Six Elements of a Review

At this point, it is very important to remember the important components of the review component section.

After getting the material for the review, you must choose the title, identify the book in question, make an abstract,

Offer an evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses, and, where appropriate, conclude the review with your thoughts and recommendations.

5. Check Back All Reviews That Have Been Written

It is undoubtedly a good idea to proofread your writing after completing the review to find errors in grammar, punctuation, or writing structure as well as any written information.

This technique is used to make review writing epic and beautiful so that loyal readers read it to the end, are calm, and easily understand the contents of the review.

List of Sample Book Reviews

Here are some examples of book reviews, short stories, and films:

1. Example of a Non-Fiction Book Review

God, Do You Speak English?

Book Information

Book Title: God, Do You Speak English?

Authors: Nina Silvia, Jeff Kristianto, Rini Hanifa

Publisher: Rene Books

Published : 2013

Total pages : 348

Book Synopsis

Book review God, Do You Speak English? tells the three writers in visiting various interesting places.

All three are volunteers from VSO (Voluntary Service Organization) Indonesia - a non-profit organization that has a vision of "A World Without Poverty".

The three people from different backgrounds were named Nina Silvia, Jeff Kristanto and Rini Hanifa.

The three of them became the first batch of VSO Indonesia, who were stationed in several countries.

Jeff, who is a handicraft and restaurant businessman in Bali, was stationed in Taikistan – a former Soviet Union colony that entered the Asian continent.

Nina, who is an NGO (non-governmental organization) worker in Padang, was stationed in Bangladesh to support non-governmental organizations there.

Lastly, Rini, who is a staff member of an international donor agency, was stationed in Guyana to work with local NGOs.

In carrying out their duties, the three of them certainly experience joy and sorrow. All three of their experiences while serving in these countries are set forth in this book.

Book Advantages

  • The experiences of the three authors set forth in this book inspire their readers, which will not be found in other books, because they are based on their own experiences.

Lack of Books

  • The plot of this book, especially the part of Nina Silvia's story, seems monotonous and makes readers bored. Because, he tells the story like he is narrating.
  • Foreign terms contained in this book are not translated to understand lay people.

2. Examples of Novel Book Reviews



Book Information

Title: Mozachiko

Author: Poppi Pertiwi

Publisher: Loveable

Published : 2019 (fourth printing)

Total pages : 352

Book Synopsis

It seems that Poppi Pertiwi, a young writer from Bali, is a novel writer who has a taste for stories that resonate with the market.

This is proven by the book Mozachiko this, which has entered its fourth printing in less than a year.

From the cover, the book Mozachiko this is very good, where there is an illustration of the character Chiko Gadangga with a clean white background.

The title and character illustrations are embossed. It's very nice to be petted, giving the impression to the reader that the publisher has the right intention in making this book.

Meanwhile, from the overall story plot, fiction book Mozachiko it's very okay. There are only a few weaknesses from the conflict that Poppi Pertiwi is trying to build.

For example, Chiko is only described as a cold guy who is left behind by his busy working fathers, but the life of Chiko's parents is not described in detail.

This is inversely proportional to Moza's life which is more explored. She lives like a Cinderella who is hated by her parents and stepsisters.

The conflict grew even more when Moza got the strength to become even more ferocious. It only appears on the surface.

Because, Chiko managed to "bring down" Moza, so that the girl turned back into a helpless girl.

The level of turmoil experienced by the characters is also known to be very complex. Much more complex than the difficulties of life lived by adults.

Well, those are just minor things, but it's a bit exacerbated by the font being too small for the size novels. And there are still typos, although not many.

Book Advantages

  • The overall plot of this novel is very good, where readers will follow Chiko's harsh life. Conflict inserts make the reader more curious.

Lack of Books

  • This novel lacks detail.
  • Some parts of the story are feared to have a bad impact on readers, to be precise when Chiko is disappointed to learn that Moza and Draco are dating and chooses to get drunk.

3. Example of Knowledge Book Review

Understanding Movies

Book Information

Title : Understanding Film

Author: Himawan pratists

Publisher: Homerian library

Published: 2008

Total pages : 223

Book synopsis

Most people must think making a film is a difficult thing. In fact, anyone with any background can make films.

The condition is that the person understands the elements needed in making a film. Although, films cannot be made with only high interest.

In fact, to understand how to make a good and correct film one has to go to college in the world of cinematography, at least technically making a film requires someone who intends to make a film.

Review book Understanding Movies it tries to help readers see a film as a whole as a work of art.

Readers can learn about what underlies directors to apply certain techniques in a film, both shooting techniques, editing techniques, storytelling techniques, etc.

Unfortunately, the author does not provide additional information, in the form of videos that can help readers realize what the author explains in the book.

Readers must imagine themselves about all the explanations and illustrations.

Book Advantages

  • The topics covered are quite detailed – genre, narrative, three-act structure and alternatives, cinematography, audio, and so on.
  • The illustrations provided make it very easy for the reader.
  • Beginner readers can get to know the tools of film production.

Lack of Books

  • It appears that this book was not widely circulated. To get it, you are required to search via the online shop website or Instagram for a book dealer stall that provides it. That's not all.

4. Examples of Fiction Book Reviews


Book Information

Title: Mariposa

Author: Luluk Hidayatul Fajriyah

Publisher: Coconut Books

Published : 2018

Total pages : 482

Book Synopsis

This novel tells about Natasha Kay Loovi, usually called Acha. He tries to approach Iqbal, a handsome young man who fills a niche in his heart. Both attended high school.

Acha's struggle was very difficult, because Iqbal was a very strange type of young man. He seemed unmoved by a girl as beautiful as Acha.

Acha herself did not back down, and decided to continue the struggle for her love to get Iqbal. He didn't even budge when he was approached by Juna. Her heart still chose Iqbal.

Book Advantages

  • Mariposa's novel style is light, simple, and easy to read. Readers will not feel the thickness of the pages of this novel, because the genre is wrapped between romantic-comedy. Perfect for today's youth to read.

Lack of Books

  • The conflict in this book is more prominent than the characters. This indeed makes the novel more interesting to read, but the reader gets less information about the personality of the characters in the novel.

5. Example of a book review for a collection of short stories

Eclipse (Collection of Short Stories)

Book Information

Title : Eclipse (Collection of Short Stories)

Author: Muhammad Ali

Publisher: Graffiti Main Library

Published: 2008

Total Pages : 164

Book Synopsis

Muhammad Ali is a seasoned writer who has eaten the salt and sour world of writing.

He who once served as Chair of the Surabaya Arts Council (1976-1978) poured out his sympathy for the lower classes of society in a collection of short stories: Gerhana.

This book, published by the Main Grafiti Library, has 21 short stories, which on average tell stories about the lives of ordinary people.

In light language, Muhammad Ali told his short stories one by one. He did everything for the sake of presenting fun and interesting stories.

One example is the short story Eclipse. The Gerhana short story tells about the killing of Sali's papaya tree.

This makes Sali intend to exact revenge. He also reported to the Lurah, unfortunately the Lurah did not pay attention to Sali's request because he considered Sali's report too trivial.

Sali went to the district office. There, he meets the clerk to report what happened to him.

The scribe teased him subtly. Sali left again, and visited the Police station to make a report. Instead, he got cursed at.

Sally gave up. He intends to go home. When he got home, he suddenly collapsed unconscious. Various shamans were brought in to cure Sali's condition.

Until Sali had to breathe his last. The person who cut the tree is known to Sali's own wife.

Even though it is titled eclipse, this short story does not tell about eclipse at all. This gives us proof that Muhammad Ali was indeed smart write short stories.

In addition to the Gerhana short story, other light short story books entitled Necklace, Fan, Antique Chair, Seven O'clock, Shoes, Kuntilanak, Sarinah, Cak Nyoto, Telegram to Abu Nawas, and Trash.

6. Example of a Fiction Book Review

After School Club

Book Information

Title : After School Club

Author: Orizuka

Publisher: Bentang Belia (PT. Bentang Pustaka)

Published : 2012

Total pages : 240

Book Synopsis

In book review example After School Club, Orizuka shows his skill at writing stories like no other.

The stories that Orizuka offers in this book have different points of view and writing techniques.

So that the story in it remains captivating and at the same time immerses the reader in each chapter.

After School Club itself tells the story of a boy, who is forced to attend the After School class (class outside of school hours) because his physics grades have fallen.

Putra's presence is like an oasis in the desert for After School class residents. A handsome and rich son manages to captivate girls who are thirsty for caresses.

Even so, Putra himself was not happy to be treated like that. He felt placed in "hell".

Because of that, he had intended to run away from the After School class, but unfortunately his intention was thwarted by Pak Romli, his homeroom teacher. Changes occur when Putra's heart is stolen by a girl named Cleo.

When Cleo also fell in love with Putra, the whole After School class went crazy. They intend to match Putra and Cleo for an affair.

Novels book review see the embedded message in this novel written by Orizuka. Broadly speaking, this novel conveys the message that good parents must support their children's wishes as long as the wish is not a bad thing.

Book Advantages

  • Book After School Club This story is delivered in a storytelling style that is straightforward, interesting, and really describes the condition of the high school environment. This certainly makes readers of this novel who have graduated from high school can feel those times.
  • The message carried by the book After School Club very clear, where readers are invited to continue tirelessly enthusiastic when receiving bad grades in subjects. One thing is for sure, effort will not betray results!

Lack of Books

  • Some readers will feel uncomfortable with Cleo's character. She is a girl, but has a different lack of decency than most Indonesian girls. Although we certainly understand that it is the author's goal to make contrasting differences to the characters he made.
  • For a novel as good as this, other readers feel the quality of the book is getting less and less when they discover the fact that the book's paper material is blurry.

7. Examples of Textbook Reviews

Guidelines for Standard and Non-Standard Words Equipped with Enhanced Spelling

Book Information

Title : Guidelines for Standard and Non-Standard Words Equipped with Enhanced Spelling

Author: Emawati Faridah

Publisher: Word Room

Published : 2014

Total Pages : 207

Book Synopsis

Words are divided into two: standard and non-standard words. According to its understanding, standard words are words that meet official language rules and non-standard words are words that don't meet official language rules.

It is necessary to understand these two words in order to use them wisely in everyday life.

Therefore, non fiction book Guidelines for Standard and Non-Standard Words Equipped with Enhanced Spelling Highly recommended for school children to read.

The contents of this book are quite complete, where there are definitions of standard and non-standard words, characteristics, and examples of their application in communication. All compiled in a complete and concise manner, from AZ.

Not only that, this book also reviews matters related to Indonesian grammar and grammar.

Then, nonfiction book It also discusses guidelines for the use of letters, words, and punctuation. All discussions use standard language that is easy for readers to understand.

Even though the book is not in-depth, it is suitable enough to be used as reading material for students to understand standard and non-standard words.

This book, apart from being used as a handbook for students, can also be used as a handbook for Indonesian language teachers in teaching grammar.

8. Example of a film review

You are crazy ndro!

Film reviews are actually not included in book reviews. However, both book reviews and film reviews are written works built on the basis of opinion. So, basically the same.

We present this format of film reviews so that you have a better understanding that film reviews and book reviews have the same essence.

Movie Information

Title : Gile Lu Ndro!

Director: Herwin Novianto

Script Writers: Upi and Aline Djayasukmana

Year of Release : 2018

Manufacturer : Falcon

Film synopsis

An expectation soars high for an Indonesian film entitled Gile Lu Ndro! What's more, the director, Herwin Novianto, once gave birth to the film Aisyah Let Us Be Brothers.

As we all know, the film won two awards as well as the 2016 Maya Cup Best Film and 2016 FFI Best Original Screenplay.

Cinema film Gile Lu Ndro! tells about Indro (Tora Sudiro) who was scolded by Nita (Mieke Amalia) because he was caught coming home too late without further notice.

Nita also bombarded Indro with various questions, worried that her husband was playing with other women outside.

Indro argued that he met an alien (Indro Warkop) who came to Earth to get peace.

Nita did not just believe Indro's words. You are crazy ndro! touted as a satirical comedy.

This can be seen from the various social issues that are often highlighted – starting from diligent employees who are considered to curry favor with their superiors, the habit of members of the People's Legislative Assembly who often fall asleep during people's questions, officials who are caught by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), hoaxes that often appear in cyberspace. , and the girl is never wrong.

You could even say, this film looks very straightforward so that it causes its own problems in the whole story.

Instead of making the audience laugh, this film is actually busy with its own world – always positioning itself as a satirical comedy – and forgets its main task: to make the audience laugh out loud because of the cuteness of its scenes.

She was so busy with her satire that this film focused on Nita's cup, which had the words “Woman is Always Right” written on it.

Then, there are also photos of the atmosphere of the meeting at Senayan and the scene of mothers beating up fruit sellers in Taman Kota.

This is very gambling, but proven by the lack of laughter that is created from my lips while watching this scene.

The funniest moments come from the supporting actors, such as an auto-rickshaw driver (Beddu) and complex mother (Maya).

The scene of the complex mother arguing with a crazy person on the side of the road is completely ridiculous. The level of silliness reminds me of the scene in the movie Bodyguard Reckless.

At that time, Syahrini interacted with a steak restaurant waitress (Chika Jessica).

Questions and Answers Regarding Examples of Book Reviews

Here we have summarized some frequently asked questions:

Any Short Story Reviews?

A short story review is an essay that contains discussions and comments about the quality, shortcomings, and strengths of a short story.

In reviews, what is usually noticed and commented on is usually the quality of the content, format, use of language, as well as the structure of the presentation and the benefits for the reader.

What is the order of reviews?

Here are the elements and structure of the reviewer:

  1. Review title
  2. Work or book data
  3. Fill in the review
  4. Closing.

What's the review title like?

The review title is a name that is used as an identity, word, or head that describes the substance or content of a book.


What is shown above is just an example book review. After you know all that, the thing that needs to be done is to practice continuously.

So that your knowledge is not only limited to knowledge but also includes practice.

you already have book review example self-written? Try to inform us via the comments column! Hopefully this article is useful and helps all of you.