Examples of Speeches About Short Education

Example of speech about education. Education includes basic needs for every human being, both in formal education and non-formal education. Formal education is education that can be obtained from an institution that has received government recognition, such as a school. While non-formal education is education that can be obtained outside of school, for example from course institutions, community, family and so on.

The role of education is very important because it involves the lives of generations to come in the future, to be a caring and intelligent generation so that they are able to continue the journey of the nation's founding.

When talking about education in Indonesia as it is today, Indonesia itself has implemented a 12 year compulsory learning program. In this way, it is hoped that all future generations of the nation will receive quality education and be able to compete in the global arena. The 12-year compulsory education program itself has been standardized since 2012 and has been widely disseminated through speeches delivered by many people, especially those in authority or those who care about the importance of education, such as institutions, activists, teachers, ministers of education and so on.

In addition to the success of the 12-year compulsory learning program, the role of a short education speech can also convey other things and of course it is still related to education. For example, the importance of studying ethics, studying religion, protecting the environment, maintaining health and motivating students.

About Education Speech

A simple speech can be defined as an activity in front of an audience or giving an oration with the aim of giving an idea or expressing an opinion about something. Where the speech is a form of conveying thoughts in the form of words and addressed to many people. Speech is a form of presentation orally to many people. In addition, speech in the form of oral communication must receive special attention.

If you want to give a speech, then someone needs to pay attention to how his appearance, behavior, facial expressions and voice intonation. This is because all of these elements are the most important factors that influence the speech delivery.

In educational speech texts, of course, there are speech structures consisting of several parts, including:

Opener whose contents are in the form of greetings or in the form of opening greetings, opening speeches and thanksgiving.

Content that contains the topic you want to convey indirectly. Usually speeches are conveyed through anecdotes, depictions, examples to stories related to the topic of discussion of the speech.

Closing, which contains conclusions and suggestions, thanks, then apologies and closing greetings.

Examples of Speeches About Education

Examples of educational speeches that you can use as references are as follows:


Speech Opening Section

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings.

Let us give thanks to the presence of Allah SWT, because it is for His grace and favor that we can gather again in good health. Do not forget that shalawat and greetings are always bestowed on the great Prophet Muhammad SAW, who has fought for religion and exemplary values to reach us all.

Speech Content Section

Ladies and gentlemen, I respect

Now our nation is facing a very serious problem, namely the decline in morale among teenagers. Not a few teenagers today have been influenced by a hedonic attitude of life, with a life that has ignored the norms and values that apply in society.

This can be seen from the data submitted by several institutions. One of them is an independent institution that explains the astonishing facts, where 65% youth nowadays have had sex, such as free sex, kissing and having sex with same sex.

Ladies and gentlemen, I respect

Based on these data, it is enough to prove the problem that is currently happening. Then where is the role of education in schools, teachers and parents?

After research, it turns out that teenagers or young people nowadays have lost their identity as knights. This is due to the weakness of their character education program, whether obtained from school or from home.

Concluding Speech Section

That is an example of a short educational speech that I can convey, and in the end I apologize if there are words that are not pleasing.

Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.