Correct and complete techniques in softball games – When talking about technique little ball game, it feels like it will be lacking if we don't discuss techniques in softball games.

Softball evolved into a game played with a ball that is larger (11 to 12 inches) than a ball baseball game. Where players, women, men, children can participate in softball.

Definition of Softball
Each squad consists of nine to twelve players. The aim of the game is to get as many players to home plate as possible. To reach home plate, a batter must hit the ball.

There are many ways to hit the ball, besides mastering how to hit, players must also master it techniques in the game of softball other.

Softball was invented in 1887 as an indoor game in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

A tournament held at the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago inspired interest in this particular ball game.

In playing this sport, of course, you can't be careless, this is because there is rules in the game of softball.

Definition of Softball

Softball or softball is a team ball sport played by two teams, which was founded by George Hancock in 1887 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Softball evolved from baseball (baseball) or hardball, which are comparable types of sports.

Softball has a diameter of 28-30.5 cm, and the ball is thrown by a pitcher (pitcher) and becomes the target of opposing players who hit it with a bat or bat.

There is a defensive team and an offensive team, in which each team will collect points (runs) by circling three rounds of the base runners until they touch the last marker, namely the home plate.

Softball is probably the most popular sport among young people, especially students and students.

When playing, players usually wear beautiful clothes and shout out foreign language words.

Softball Goals

The object of softball is to hit the ball with the bat before running around the four base courts.

A player scores when he reaches base without being hit by the ball. The winning team is the one with the most successful runs at the end of the game.

Benefits of Softball Games

Here are the benefits of playing softball:

1. Total Body Conditioning

Softball is an unusual sport in that it requires athletes to have a wide range of skills.

Keeping this in mind, it also implies that every part of our body has to be ready for anything.

Running, lunging, swinging, and throwing all require the coordination of multiple muscle groups.

To avoid damage when swinging the bat or throwing the ball, we must develop our arm and shoulder muscles effectively.

2. Increased Flexibility

Because we often focus on the things we see, we can get distorted about them. This is perfectly accurate, but they also have to be adaptable, especially in situations where we might feel tense.

It will be difficult to achieve top speed on the bases if the hamstrings are tight, and impossible to throw as hard as safely if the shoulders are not fully flexed.

3. Mental Health Improvement

Regular exercise is not only beneficial for the body, but also for the mind. Participating in such activities will help us clear our heads and release the endorphins necessary for success in other areas of life.

Softball Game Basic Techniques

Softball Game Basic Techniques
Here are some techniques in the game of softball that must be mastered by softball players:

1. Ball Throwing Techniques

The thing involved in throwing a ball is of course throwing the ball. In explaining how to hold the ball softball it is necessary to show the distance between the ball and the palm of the hand so that a cavity is created.

The index finger and middle finger are used to press the ball, while the thumb and other fingers are used to prevent the ball from falling.

In softball, the ball bouncer is known as the pitcher. There are three different types of softball throws, including:

Overhand Throw

When throwing the ball, swing your arms and step your feet together with your body weight resting on the front foot and leaning slightly back.

Side Throw

In a side throw, the forearms are parallel to the shoulders and the wrists are slightly bent.

Underhand Throw

The down throw is usually used in an emergency situation and is performed in a crouched position with your legs bent.

2. Basic Techniques of Catching the Ball

The basic strategies for catching the ball can be classified into three categories, depending on the direction of the ball, including:

Flat Ball (Straight Ball)

When catching the ball using this technique, the body is in a standing position with the legs stretched out, the eyes are directed straight ahead towards the ball, and the hands are in front of the chest.

The gloved left hand catches the ball while the non-gloved right hand prepares to throw the ball.

Stomach Ball

When performing this method, the body must be positioned exactly where the ball will land. The ball is then caught with one hand or simultaneously with both.

Rolling Ball (Ground Ball)

Kneeling and placing your gloved hand toward the ball while your other hand is ready to catch and throw the ball is the method used to catch a rolling ball.

3. Basic Technique of Holding Bat

In softball, the bat or bat must be held tightly with hands close together or slightly apart, with the right hand on top and left hand below. Here's the explanation:

1. Basic Techniques of Hitting the Ball

The basic technique of hitting the ball can be divided into two strokes, including:

Initial Attitude

The basic stance for the swing swing is to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. The left foot is then turned to face the pitcher in a straight line.

Body weight is supported by both feet, and the body leans slightly forward. The beater is held firmly with both hands, and the batter's position is just above the shoulder.

The vision is aimed directly at the ball, and the right arm is lower than the left.

Attitude When Hitting

After the pitcher throws the ball, the next step is to hit the ball with pinpoint accuracy by swinging the bat towards the thrown ball.

The body is positioned with the right leg slightly bent and both hands straightened.

Final Attitude

The next step after hitting the ball is to swing the bat as a follow-up motion.

2. Pound Punch (bunt)

Mashed blow is a technique of hitting the ball without the need to swing the bat, but enough to keep the direction the ball is coming from so that it falls closer to the bat.

When hitting or bunting, you just have to pay attention to the alignment of your feet with the direction of the ball.

Softball Game Procedures

Softball Game Procedures
Here's how to play softball:

1. Game Softball

Two teams compete in softball on the softball field, where each team has a minimum of nine players, with the rest of the players as reserves.

A baseball game consists of nine innings. In one inning, each team has the opportunity to hit (bat) and score runs (runs).

When it's time for the attacking team to bat, the defensive team's pitcher throws the ball as hard as possible towards the catcher so he can't hit it.

The team on guard tries to kill the team whose turn it is to hit and the attacking team has three chances to die (out) before their turn to attack is replaced by the defending team.

A score or run occurs when a runner completes one circuit at base and returns to home plate. Each runner who successfully surrounds home plate and steps on it earns one point.

Game length is determined by the innings, as each team has the opportunity to bat up to three times and attack the opposing team three times per inning.

Each softball game lasts a minimum of seven innings, or two hours, depending on the situation.

After all rounds have been played, the side with the most runs will be declared the winner.

If the allotted innings time ends with both teams deadlocked, more innings are played until one side emerges victorious.

This situation is known as a draw or tie break. At the beginning of the game, the home team (home team) throws while the visitors (visitors) hit.

2. Softball pitcher

The game begins when the referee shouts "Play Ball" and the contest begins. After the defenders enter their respective guard areas, the battle between the defending team's ball thrower and the opposing team's batter can begin.

The pitcher stands behind home plate and faces the catcher. The thrower will try to throw the ball as hard as possible into the catcher's glove.

The throwing ball position has a certain area known as the strike zone, where the final throw is above home plate and the height of the bat is between chest and knee.

If the batsman fails to hit the ball inside the strike zone, the umpire will call "strike". And if the ball leaves the hitting area and the bat is not trying to hit it, the referee will shout "ball".

The strike zone is the area where the ball is within reach of the bat. At the time of the throw, the pitcher will use all his energy to ensure that the ball hits, making it difficult for the batter to hit the ball even if it is in the hitting zone.

Therefore, the task of a ball thrower is to throw with high speed and accuracy.

3. Ball Catcher

Each team has at least one person who plays catcher. The ball catcher is equipped with safety gear and is responsible for catching the person throwing the ball.

The catcher will wear a helmet (catcher mask) to protect the head and face, body armor to protect the body, and knee pads to protect the knee area.

The position of the ball catcher is behind the ball bat and crouching. Thus, a ball thrower and catcher must communicate effectively through signals to eliminate the batter.

The catcher can be a powerful tactician because he can see the entire ball and what is in front of him during the game.

4. Softball keeper

As well as being able to throw and catch the ball, the defensive team has seven fielders, including four infielders and three outfielders.

First base guard, second base guard, second and third base guard called the shortstop, and third base guard.

While the outer protector is located on the left (left guard), middle (middle guard), and right (right guard).

To get a turn hitting, all guards including pitcher and catcher must kill three opponents. Because run can only be done in an attacking position.


Here we have summarized some frequently asked questions:

What are the Types of Softball Games?

In softball games, there are three types or types, including fast pitch softball, modified pitch softball, and slow pitch softball.

How much does a softball weigh?

Generally, the ball in this softball weighs 178 grams and cannot exceed 198.4 grams.


That's a little information about the correct techniques in softball games to do during the match.

This basic technique will of course be very important in a match, so it is important for you to know and understand every technique in the game of softball first.

How, are you ready to try this game, Contemporary Friend?