Surveillance Camera Detector Application

InfoKekinian.comSurveillance camera detection application or commonly known as CCTV. We all find ourselves at one point or another in a crowd. A location that certainly has a high risk of criminal acts by reckless individuals.

These areas are generally surrounded and monitored by surveillance cameras. Officers can immediately go down to the location if anything suspicious happens. CCTV can be found not only in busy areas, but also in quieter areas.

For example in parking lots, bridge ends, roadside, school corners, warehouses, certain rooms, and so on. Even if there is a surveillance camera, it's still bad if we want to carry out personal activities at that location right?

Apart from that, along with its development, nowadays the smallest CCTVs, cheap micro CCTVs, and CCTV lamp models that deceive eyesight are also emerging. We wouldn't be able to tell if a place has CCTV because of this, for obvious reasons.

As a result, there are various kinds of tools to detect the presence of CCTV. On this occasion, we will offer various Android and iOS programs that can be used to monitor surveillance cameras.

surveillance camera detection application recommendations

Camera Detector Application on Android

Here we will provide some applications that you can use

1. Surveillance Camera Hidden Camera Detector

This well-known application is safe for you to use. Hidden camera detection using a smartphone equipped with a magnetic field. Using it is quite easy, just launch the app and if there is a sound and a red dot on the detection signal, it means there is a hidden camera.

2. Tiny Spy Camera Finder Surveillance Camera

This application detects the presence of CCTV in two methods, namely through radiation and infrared. When identifying a hidden camera, this app will play a sound notification.

It does this by sending out radiation waves. When using infrared, the light emitted by the camera can be seen up close and personal.

3. Radarbots

This software offers free and premium editions. Radarbot offers the facility to view speed cameras, cameras that are meant to see the speed of cars and are often also used to spy on hidden cameras.

4. Surveillance Camera Spy Camera Finder

This program is similar to Tiny Spy Camera Finder. Radiation, camera detection and infrared detection are all used to determine whether a hidden camera is present or not.

5. Surveillance Camera Detect+

With this application you can find out the whereabouts of hidden cameras that are transmitted by magnetic waves.

How to use it is quite easy, just bring it closer to the area where you feel there is a hidden camera and when Detect+ identifies its presence, Detect+ will send a notification.


So, you already know the applications that can spy on CCTV cameras, now you can choose which applications are effective. Hope it is useful!