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Maybe you already know that even though the title is like a western film, actually Devil on Top is an Indonesian film starring Cinta Laura and Angga Yunanda.

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Synopsis and Link Film Devil on Top

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Synopsis Devil On Top

This film tells the story of four young men who work in a company. One day they heard the news that there would be a new boss at their workplace and made them quite panicked.

How could they not, even though they know that their new boss is a woman, it is her intimidating and assertive nature that makes them unhappy.

It was hoped that it was only rumors, but when he arrived, everything was proven to be true.

The new boss's name is Sarah and she plans to do some downsizing which puts the company in an uproar.

To avoid this, these four friends devised a plan so that the intention to reduce the number of employees failed or was canceled.

Angga, who knows that he cannot interfere with his boss's work, plans to enter into private life only.

When he manages to get into Sarah's personal life, accidentally Angga finds out more and knows him.

The deeper you know him, the seeds of love just grow. Sarah also felt the same way. Instead of bringing down her boss, Angga defended her because of that love.

Whose plan will succeed and how will their story continue? You can find out immediately by watching it on your favorite platform.

Devil On Top Release Date

This film was officially released exclusively on June 25, 2021 yesterday. Since the trailer was released on YouTube MD picture on June 14, Devil on Top has been eagerly awaited for its arrival.

With a duration of 107 minutes, even this film has succeeded in making the audience laugh and amazed by the story, especially Cinta Laura and Angga Yunanda being able to bring out their chemistry.

This film was produced in February 2021 yesterday and is a collaboration between MD Studio and Umbara Brother Film and has received a fairly good rating on IMDb, namely 7/10.

For those of you who are curious to be able to watch it for free and easily, then you can listen to the discussion below.

Then, what is the link to watch Devil On Top Telegram?

Link to Watch Devil On Top Telegram

Devil on Top will air exclusively on Friday, June 25 and you can watch it on online streaming platforms through the application Disney+ Hotstar.

But in order to watch it, you must first subscribe there and after that this film can be enjoyed in full. But there's nothing wrong if we want to subscribe because there are other exclusive films there.

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For this reason, here is a link to watch Devil on Top on Telegram. You just click and join the group channel, after that all you have to do is download and watch with snacks.


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