Movie Synopsis Moon Knight Eps 4 – Moon Knight episode 4 has just been released and is again the number one Trending Topic on Twitter. The following is a synopsis of the film Moon Knight.

Moon Knight is a part of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) phase 4 which was released on March 30. The series is planned to consist of 6 episodes with a duration of 40-50 minutes each.

Moon Knight's power was taken from Marc in the previous episode when Khonsu was returned in stone form. To find Ammit's final resting place, Marc and Steven switch bodies.

Synopsis Film Moon Knight Eps 4 (2)

Synopsis Moon Knight Episode 4

Layla and Steven decide to search Ammit's grave together to find a way to get Khonsu back. Since he wasn't sure Steven could pull it off, Marc asked for a body swap.

Steven and Layla arrive at the underground maze. The eye of Horus or the code that indicates the existence of a god is found by the team. This shows that the Pharaoh avatar is the most recently used.

Ammit's form can be seen on a statue in another room, and Steven finds a carving of significant significance. Plus, there was fresh blood and a collection of human bones.

He and Layla, both shaken and terrified, seek their way out at the bloody offering table. The two of them, still unable to escape, are caught by a mysterious figure that appears out of nowhere with a sack full of human skin.

Layla was captured and nearly died as a result. However, he ended up killing that mysterious figure. He parted ways with Steven and suddenly saw Harrow's figure there.

Steven finds Egyptian artifacts once again at that location. Mostly about Pharaohs, kings and other gods. To refresh your memory, Steven is a recognized authority in this field.

Harrow then told Layla about the punishment Khonsu and Marc suffered for it. However, Layla chose not to believe it because her husband had never told her directly.

After that, what will become of Khonsu, Layla, and Steven? Will they be able to find Ammit's final resting place before Harrow brings him back to life?


That's an explanation of the synopsis for the film Moon Knight, this film produced by the MCU can be said to be a series that many watch today. You can watch the Moon Knight series via Disney+ Hotstar.