Features of the Tempo Application

Infokekinian.com – On this occasion, we will share the features of the Tempo application, which can be used to edit bridal videos. So see this article to the end to find out more complete and clear information.

The Bride's IG filter seems to be a topic of conversation among netizens, many netizens want to know how to use the Tempo application.

If you use the Tiktok app a lot, you may have recently watched a bridal makeup video or makeup video that tickled your app.

Features of the Tempo Application

Yes, makeup is one thing that often becomes a trend and trending on social media. However, it is editing apps, not make-up, that are currently going viral and attracting attention.

In a number of trending films on Tiktok, a number of creators claim to use video editing applications to change their faces like brides.

Even if you only use a video editing application to add a snapshot of her face to the video, that face is still a wedding video featuring her.

The name of this viral make-up application certainly surprised and intrigued netizens who initially thought that make-up or bridal make-up was quite professional.

Bride IG Filter Name

The IG Bridal filter is actually made from an application that is often used by content creators to make the facial appearance of having bridal makeup appear as if you are wanting to get married.

Tempo itself is actually a face replacement video editing application. So, in this application you can enter your face into various other people's faces, one of which is with bridal makeup.

What's unique is that some people even use the Tempo app to edit their facial appearance as if they were a bride and groom to make their ex-boyfriend jealous.

Of course the video results produced in this application look real and beautiful. Interested in heating up your ex? Immediately download the IG Bridal Filter APK 2021 below!

Download Bridal IG Filter APK 2021

Tempo – face swap video editor is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free there. The following is information about the application and the complete download link.

Detailed Description:

  1. Tempo Name: Music Effects Video Editor
  2. Version
  3. Developer Tempo trending video editor with effects & music. Ltd
  4. Update 30 September 2021
  5. Size 79M

***CLICK HERE*** https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tempo.video.edit&hl=in&gl=SG

In order to unlock more features, you can try the Tempo Pro APK application by downloading it on Google or making purchases within the application.

How to use the Tempo Edit Video application

If this is your first time using the Tempo application, maybe you will be a little confused about how to edit make-up videos using this application.

Here's how:

  1. Download the application via the link that Sabilia has shared
  2. Then open the application, then select 3-day free trial and Continue
  3. After success, select one of the bridal AI faces that you want to try
  4. Then click Use, then find the photo you want to make into the wedding video
  5. Next, you can wait for a few moments until the process is complete
  6. When finished, you can save the video or share it on social media.

A few tips for those of you who want to get maximum results to always make sure the uploaded photos are of pretty good quality and not blurry.

Apart from that, you are also expected to upload photos that clearly show your face like a formal photo, not obstructed by objects or other things.

Features of the Bride and Groom Application

You need to know that the Tempo application has various interesting features for you to try.

So, what are the features contained in this application? The following are some of them:

1. Face Swap Videos

The excellent feature and what makes this application popular is the Face Swap feature, by using this feature you can change the face contained in the video in this application to be your face.

2. Video Editor Effects

Not only can it be used to change faces, in this application you can also edit your videos. It claims, this application has a variety of effects that support the creation of short videos.

3. Video and Music Editor

Video editing basics such as cutting clips and other features are also included in this application. You can even edit music using this Tempo application.

4. Save Video

After finishing editing, you can save or export your video in HD 720P / 1080P quality without losing the quality of the original edited video.

5. Share Videos

Want to share your face that has been edited to become a bride using the Tempo APK bridal application that was downloaded earlier? You can immediately share videos on various social media!

Lack of Bridal IG Filters APK 2021

This application is indeed very interesting to try. What's more, this application presents a variety of interesting features that are not commonly found in other mobile video editor applications.

However, this application has the disadvantage that this application is a paid application. You can subscribe monthly or yearly to get access to the application.

By purchasing the Tempo Pro APK, you can immediately access the various features contained in this application without any reduction. But the cost is quite expensive.

However, you can try subscribing for a year to get a 3-day trial. After that, make sure you cancel your subscription so it doesn't drain your money.


That's a little information about features and how to use the Tempo application, to edit videos to be a bride and groom.

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