The Best Wa Status Saving Application – Seeing a funny Wa status but can't save it? Don't worry, now there are many WhatsApp story download applications that can be used to help you.

By downloading the status story, WhatsApp photo or video of a friend in your wa contact. Then you can save the WhatsApp story status so that it is stored in your own cellphone gallery without worrying about losing it.

application recommendations save wa status

WA Status Saving Application

Here are some applications that can be used to download your friend's wa status.

1. Status Downloader for WhatsApp

The first WA story download application that you need is Status Downloader. If the contact is stored on the user's smartphone, they will be able to download their WA stories through this application.

The size is also relatively small, only about 3 MB, users can save photos or movies with very good quality so that they can be shared according to the user's wishes.

2. Status Downloader for WhatsApp & Status Saver

Status Downloader is also a safe and easy to use WA video status download app.

This application is free to use so that users will not be bothered with advertisements that circulate and interfere with their use.

There is something that distinguishes this application from other downloader applications, especially the convenience function in sharing saved statuses to other social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

3. Status Saver – WhatsApp story download application

Status Saver is a WhatsApp application which can download status and it is easy to use for everyone.

This application is equipped with a function that makes it easy for users to see directly the results of movies or photos that have been downloaded on WhatsApp.

4. Status Video Download – Story WA Status Saver

This status saver differs from the previous story savers in many ways. The difference is, this application presents a variety of friends' stories that have been watched and can be downloaded quickly.

Of course this will be very effective in saving time and not having to go back and forth to sort out the stories to be downloaded.