Prices and Causes of Antam's Gold Going Up and Down – Contemporary friends want to invest in Antam gold? Come on, read this article to find out the price and causes of Antam's gold fluctuating.

PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) raised the price of certified gold bars in response to increased demand.

The current price of one gram of Antam's gold is 941,000 rupiah. Antam's gold price jumped 1,000 rupiah from yesterday's price of 940,000 rupiah per gram.

Antam's Gold Bar Prices

So far, Antam's gold resale price is IDR 835,000 per gram. The selling price of gold rose again by 1,000 rupiah from the previous day which was at the level of 834,000 rupiah per gram.

Antam's Gold Bar Prices

The following is the latest Antam gold bar price per gram (before tax):

  1. 0.5 gram gold price: 520,500 rupiah
  2. Gold price for 1 gram: 941,000 rupiah
  3. 5 gram gold price: 4,480,000 rupiah
  4. Gold price for 10 grams: 8,905,000 rupiah
  5. 25 gram gold price: 22,137,000 rupiah
  6. 50 gram gold price: 44,195,000 rupiah
  7. Gold price for 100 grams: 88,312,000 rupiah
  8. Gold price for 500 grams: 440,820,000 rupiah
  9. Gold price for 1,000 grams: 881,600,000 rupiah

Causes of Gold Prices Rising/Decreasing

There are several causes for the price of gold to change (increase/decrease). Including the following:

1. Inflation

The price of gold is driven by supply and demand and investor behavior. Although it looks simple, these factors work together you know.

For example, many investors see gold as an inflation hedge. This makes sense, because paper money can depreciate, whereas gold is relatively stable.

Moreover, gold mining does not increase supply from year to year. Therefore, people prefer to protect their assets in gold rather than currency because their value will not be eroded by inflation.

2. Total Demand and Supply

When the great recession hit, the price of gold rose. In a paper entitled The Golden Dilemma, Erb and Harvey show that gold has a positive price elasticity.

In other words, the more people buy gold, the price will rise to meet demand.

If investors start buying gold in droves, the price will rise regardless of the economic situation or monetary policy.

However, when demand decreases, the price can also decrease. Because gold is different from oil or coffee, gold cannot be consumed.

3. Central Bank Policy

The market movers for gold prices are sometimes central banks. Each country has its own central bank. Our country's central bank is Bank Indonesia.

When foreign exchange reserves are very large and the economy continues to 'operate' well, central banks hope to reduce the amount of gold they have.

This is because gold is a dead asset, unlike bonds or even money in a deposit account, gold does not generate returns.

The problem is when other investors are less interested in gold, as a result, gold prices fall.


That is Antam's current gold price that you need to know when you want to buy it, and now you already know the causes of the fluctuations in gold prices.

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