The Right Car Insurance During a Pandemic - Contemporary friends, do you know, this is according to experts regarding proper car insurance during a pandemic. Watch this article to the end.

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, many vehicles are only 'parked' in garages. However, even if the car is rarely used, it does not mean ignoring the importance of insurance.

Car insurance

There is no guarantee that an infrequently driven car is safe from crimes such as theft or accidental damage.

Car insurance

Car insurance can at least create a sense of calm for car owners when parking a car in a garage.

Even if it is lost, the car owner can also withdraw cash insured by insurance. If the car is used infrequently, there are many insurance possibilities.

Total Loss Online (TLO) Insurance can be an ideal solution for individuals who have a limited budget and lower premiums than All Risk.

However, if the car is lost, stolen or badly damaged, the owner can file a claim. Severe damage must be at least 75 percent.

75 percent damage is deliberately used as a benchmark because it can be determined that the vehicle cannot be used anymore.

In essence, the way TLO vehicle insurance works is if the vehicle has an accident and the damage exceeds 75 percent, the vehicle catches fire, or is lost due to being stolen or forcibly confiscated, the loss can be covered.

That is, if the vehicle insured with TLO insurance coverage suffers minor damage.

Such as scratches on the body, broken mirrors or other minor damage, the owner cannot claim compensation.

In addition to insurance, it is recommended that car owners set up an emergency fund. The reason after all, the car requires maintenance.

To facilitate the allocation of funds should be separated, including monthly and annual operational costs.

For example, we can allocate fuel, parking and toll costs as monthly operational costs.

Meanwhile, the annual operational costs can be allocated for annual taxes, car servicing and insurance, the nominal value of which is around 8 million rupiah.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, having vehicle insurance can also safeguard our valuable assets amidst uncertain economic conditions.


With vehicle insurance, we can guarantee protection. Therefore, car owners do not need to spend money to bear the risk of accidents, serious damage or even loss.

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