15 Tips for Maintaining Liver Health You Need to Know

InfoKekinian.com – The liver is the number 2 most important and largest organ in humans. So you have to know tips on maintaining a healthy heart, so that liver organs you are always in good health.

When the heart is damaged, it is able to heal itself. However, this doesn't mean that you have to let your heart be crushed by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Tips for Maintaining Liver Health
Liver damage can lead to cirrhosis and fatal liver cancer. To reduce this danger, you must actively maintain the health of your heart.

For tips on maintaining a healthy liver, see this article to the end.

Tips for Maintaining Liver Health

One of the things that can affect liver health is a person's daily lifestyle. Here are some recommendations from the Liver Foundation to maintain liver health:

1. Avoiding Drinks Containing Alcohol

If you are an alcoholic, be careful. Why? Because drinking alcoholic beverages can cause liver damage.

Alcohol can damage liver cells and cause enlargement or scarring (cirrhosis), which can result in death.

In addition, these compounds can cause the liver to work harder to remove toxins from the body.

Therefore, you should limit or avoid drinking these drinks. In addition, be aware of all the signs of cirrhosis of the liver.

2. Consuming healthy food

Ray Chung, MD, medical director for the liver transplant program at General Hospital in the Massachusetts area, believes that a balanced diet and lifestyle are necessary for maintaining a healthy liver.

Consuming at least a variety of green vegetables every day is undoubtedly beneficial for the liver.

This is because vegetables, especially green leafy ones, contain folate which is beneficial for improving the health of the body, especially the liver.

In addition, folate is very useful in reducing the healing period of patients with hepatitis problems.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to consume foods with very high levels of folic acid.

3. Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity, such as playing sports, is very important for maintaining a healthy weight.

In addition, exercise can prevent developing liver problems that lead to cirrhosis.

Those of you who have weight problems can participate in sports that burn lots of calories.

In fact, exercise has many benefits for overall physical health.

You can choose from swimming, running, walking, and cycling, as well as sports that promote rapid weight loss.

However, be careful not to expose yourself to the health risks associated with showering after exercise.

4. More Selective in Choosing Drugs

Some drugs that are intended to treat the disease you are suffering from can actually injure your internal organs, especially your heart.

This usually occurs when a person takes excessive amounts of certain chemicals or herbal treatments over a long period of time.

For example, excessive use of cholesterol-lowering drugs and pain relievers such as acetaminophen can harm the heart.

Therefore, it would be better if you first visit a medical officer regarding the correct drug administration that you should take.

5. Vaccination


Vaccination also very effective for preventing liver diseases such as hepatitis.

We are aware that hepatitis is an infectious disease that can be transmitted through consumption of food or drink contaminated with the virus, which can then spread throughout the body through blood and body fluids.

Therefore, if you plan to travel to an area that is experiencing an outbreak of the hepatitis virus, you should ask for a vaccine to prevent contracting the disease.

6. Avoid Contact with Poison Sources

The next tip for maintaining liver health is to prevent direct contact with harmful substances at any time.

Some cleaning solutions, aerosol sprays, pesticides, and food additives fall into this category.

Even the negative effects of nicotine from cigarettes can negatively impact liver health over time. Living a healthy lifestyle will also take care of your heart.

7. Beware of Food and Herbal Supplement Products

Several herbal medicines and food supplements that are now available in the market have the potential to harm liver health. Even these products can affect the occurrence of organ damage.

According to Ray Chung, MD, medical director of the liver transplant department at a Massachusetts-area public hospital, there is no evidence that these items improve liver health.

Long-term use carries the danger of developing liver damage.

8. Regulating Diet

When a person consumes excessive amounts of food or consumes processed, fried or high-fat foods, it can cause the liver to work too hard.

This results in the inability of the organs to properly filter toxins and lipids from the body.

Therefore, it is advisable to start paying attention to the food you consume, both in terms of quantity and how it is served.

For example, you can eat four ideal five healthy meals per day.

9. Avoid Stress and Pollution

The modern way of life has many negative effects on health, including increased stress and possible exposure to pollution.

These two factors have a significant impact on the performance of your liver, which will experience an overload when filtering incoming toxins.

10. Maintain Personal Hygiene

Maintain Personal Hygiene

These are effective tips for maintaining a healthy body, especially the liver. Familiarize yourself or your children to wash their hands with soap regularly.

This action will reduce the possibility of transmission of viruses that cause liver disease such as hepatitis. Also pay attention to how to wash hands properly and sterile.

11. Avoid Free Sex

Someone who is not in a monogamous relationship has a greater chance of developing liver disorders such as hepatitis. The hepatitis virus can spread through our blood and body fluids, as discussed above.

Therefore, it is better to be more careful during sexual intercourse, one way is to use personal protective equipment such as condoms.

Or, much better, if you are loyal to your lover and do not have access to casual sex. In addition to the dangers of liver disease, free sexual activity is also associated with the risk of getting AIDS.

12. Meet the Needs of Vitamins

Several types of vitamins, such as vitamin B and vitamin C, need to be consumed to maintain a healthy liver.

According to Vincen Zanoni of the University of Michigan Medical School, at least 500 mg of vitamin C per day can help prevent fat accumulation and cirrhosis of the liver.

In addition to vitamin C, B vitamins, particularly B-12, appear to play an important role in liver health.

This vitamin can speed up the healing process for people with jaundice, anorexia, and increased serum bilirubin levels.

In other words, these two types of vitamins can help protect and maintain liver health.

13. Consuming Liver Cleansing Foods

Some types of food are known to contain chemicals that can help cleanse the liver. Obviously, this is one of the techniques for maintaining heart health and fitness.

Garlic, carrots, apples, beets, avocados, green leafy vegetables, olive oil, whole grains, lemons, turmeric, asparagus, kale, cabbage, and walnuts are some of the foods that can help cleanse the liver.

14. Massage Therapy

In an effort to maintain the health of your liver, massage treatments are an additional option.

With this method, you will be able to increase blood flow to these organs, so that your heart can function optimally.

In addition, massage for liver health should only be done by professionals who understand massage techniques.

15. Looking for information about Liver Health

Looking for Information about Liver Health

What is no less important is that you are constantly looking for information about health and how to keep your heart healthy from books and other sources.

You should consult directly with a doctor or other medical professional. The liver is the largest chemical detoxification organ in the body.

This shows that the heart plays an important role in our life. For that, it is necessary to always maintain the health of these organs.


That's a little information about tips on maintaining liver health that you need to know, so that the function of your liver is maintained properly.

Now you can start with small things like maintaining cleanliness, by washing your hands regularly. And still to carry out examinations in accordance with the advice of experts.