Tips for Playing Bowling to Get Strikes Easily – Do you like bowling but are not good at it? Relax, because we will share the technique as well bowling tips correct to get a strike.

Bowling is one of the less popular sports in the country. Bowling, unlike badminton, football and basketball.

Definition of Bowling

As it continued to receive little coverage from the media, thus making bowling less well known and exposed to the general public.

Bowling is a type of sport in which a ball is rolled by hand, and then this rolled ball will knock over the pins that form a triangle.

Definition of Bowling

Bowling is an English word that has been translated into Indonesian as bowling. So what is bowling?

Bowling is a game in which a special ball is used to knock down a certain number of clubs (pins), which are then automatically replaced.

Bowling is a game in which the players stand at one end of the lane facing the object at the other end.

Then, this heavy ball will be rolled over the wooden track to hit the pins that have been arranged at the end of the lane.

Types of Bowling

There are two distinct styles of bowling, distinguished by the places where they are played and the way they are played because not all variations of bowling are played worldwide.

Here are the various bowling games:

1. Bowling Pins

This game can be played in an indoor area with a lane-shaped arena where the path is the place for the ball to be rolled. This track usually consists of natural or synthetic wood veneer.

The following are various types of bowling pins:

Ten Pin Bowling

A type of bowling in which the bowler rolls the ball over a wooden or synthetic lane in an attempt to score points by dropping pins at the end of the lane.

As the name suggests, these pins consist of 10 pins stacked in a pyramid with one pin on the outside.

Nine-Pin Bowling

In this game, of course, you will use nine pins. The position of the pin is to form a diamond shape and the rope is attached or connected to the pin.

What distinguishes it from ten pin bowling is the shape of the pins and balls used, because these nine pins generally use a ball that is larger in size and has no holes for the fingers.

Five-Pin Bowling

This game is popular in its home country, namely Canada. This type of bowling uses a lane that is 25% smaller than Ten-Pin Bowling.

The number of pins used is five, and the arrangement forms the letter V. Unlike the previous two types of pins, this type has a rubber ring on the body of the pin and a lower pin size.

Duckpin Bowling

Next up are ten shorter triangular pins with a larger diameter used in this game.

Additionally, the ball is smaller than Ten-Pin Bowling, but larger than Candlepin, and has no finger holes.

Candlepin Bowling

In this game, the pins used are the same as ten-pin bowling. The only difference is the size of the ball and the pins used.

The balls used in candlepin bowling are the smallest of all bowling balls, and the pins are cylindrical and tall, in contrast to the general shape of bowling pins.

2. Target Bowling

Target Bowling
Target bowling differs from pin bowling in that it is usually played in an open area, where natural grass, boulders, sand, and even gravel make up the surface.

The goal of this type of play is not to knock down the pins by rolling the ball, but to get the special ball as close to the target as possible.

Techniques in the Game of Bowling

Here are the techniques in the game of bowling:

Ball Selecting Techniques

To start the game of bowling, we must learn the ball selection method. Choose a ball with a hole that fits your finger size for optimal performance.

In this technique, try to position your hands properly so that there are no obstacles to quickly releasing the ball, then spread your fingers around the ball for a powerful swing.

Technique of Dropping Entire Pins

When the ball is behind your body, you must slide to finish the game. The ball is swung forward, and when it passes the ankle, it is rotated so that the thumbs point to 10 o'clock.

Rotate your hand from 12 o'clock to 10 o'clock as the ball swings past your ankles for a stronger spin effect.

Aiming Strike Technique

Aiming is the sport's most basic technique so that all pitchers can effectively knock down all the pins.

It can also aim to attack by using some of the tactics mentioned above to position the ball forward and by taking a stance at the line of throw.

Final Preparation Technique

The late preparation approach is a method of determining the correct throw so that it can lead to the front pin line.

This strategy is most effective because the ball swing will land on the pin line that leads to the final goal in this game.

Bowling Rating

Bowling Rating
If a player receives a free throw, he must record a slash on his score sheet.

After the next turn, he will receive 10 points plus the number of pins he dropped during that game.

Therefore, if he drops three pins in his first turn, he will earn 13 points before the second.

If he knocks down two pins on his second turn, he will have a total of 15 pins for that array. If a player takes a stroke, he must mark his score sheet with an X.

That streak earns the player 10 points plus the number of pins he drops over the next two rounds.

The biggest value a player can get is 300 points. This denotes 12 consecutive strikes, or 120 pins being dropped in 12 sequences.

A perfect game consists of 12 hits instead of 10, because a player can take a further two rounds if he takes a hit at the end line. If both turns are successful, he will get 300 points.

Tips on How to Play Bowling

The following are tips for playing bowling:

Holding a Bowling Ball

The first tip for playing bowling is to lift the ball and point it in front of the bowling lane, insert your ring finger and middle finger into the hole at the bottom of the bowling ball.

Hold the ball at a slight angle, with one hand under the ball and the other supporting it.

Targeting the Ball How to Play Bowling

Beginners must have a marked target ball placed in the center of the bowling alley. Some locations on the bowling lane are located 2,133 meters below the lane, and the black arrows are located approximately 4,572 meters below the lane.

Releasing the Bowling Ball

Because the position of the ball and the player's hand in general must be the same, the player's torso must face straight ahead and must not rotate.

First, carefully swing the hand holding the ball back, then forward. Several times, the swing was repeated.

When you believe the swing is too light, you should hit the ball with more force. When you're about to throw the ball, your thumb will come out of the hole first, followed by the other fingers.

Thus, the ball will spin exactly towards the bowling pins.

Stay Focused and Calm On the Target in Front.

Focusing on the ball or your feet can cause you to lose balance, resulting in a missed shot.

The Benefits of Bowling

Benefits of Sports Playing Bowling
In addition to keeping the body healthy and fit, this exercise has additional benefits if you do it often. The benefits of playing bowling include the following:

1. Can Prevent Disease

Bowling has the advantage of being able to avoid diseases that will happen to your body because it makes your body active by moving. This can improve blood circulation and lower cholesterol levels.

2. Minimize Stress

Bowling can also reduce stress on the human body, and playing this sport skillfully can also improve our ability to manage stress on the body.

3. Burn Calories

According to some health experts, bowling has many benefits that can make the body more active and burn harmful calories.

This can be achieved by bowling, which requires a lot of activity to burn about 150 to 300 calories and also strengthen muscles.

4. Improve Hand and Eye Coordination

When throwing a bowling ball and rolling and dropping a row of pins, excellent hand-eye coordination is required. This focus stimulates mental acuity, concentration and tactical strategy.


Here we have summarized some frequently asked questions:

How Many Pins Are in a Bowling Game?

In general, the number of pins in this bowling is 10 pins arranged to form a triangle.

How many kilos does a bowling ball weigh?

A bowling ball weighs around 4.5-7.2 kg with three or four holes for the fingers which will make it easier for us to hold the ball.

What Is a Strike in Bowling?

Strike is a term used in bowling when a player manages to knock down ten pins at once in one throw.


That's a little information about tips for playing bowling that you need to know in order to get a strike when playing.

It can be concluded that bowling has an official name, 10 pin bowling. Where the goal of bowling is to create a sport that combines elements of play, requires good precision or accuracy, and can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

In accordance with the goals and benefits of this bowling ball game, the term strike is the term used when all the pins are knocked down with one throw.

However, if a pin cannot be taken down in one throw, the remaining pins are bowled again. If after the second throw no pins remain, this is referred to as a reserve.

Whereas in the second try there are still pins left, this is known as an open frame or miss, which in turn can determine the calculation of the bowler's score. The pin will then be moved and played for the next frame.