Savings Tips To Buy A Dream Home – On this occasion I will share tips on saving to buy a dream house. So, watch this article to the end.

There are certain tricks so that the savings to buy a house are not disturbed. You can achieve these two goals by saving and planning your money as much as possible.

5 Saving Tips

A well-executed home buying strategy requires the help of a financial advisor.

Considering that house prices tend to rise every year, you and your partner need to know how to save money to buy it at a certain time.

5 Saving Tips

So, here's Infokekinian to share tips on saving to buy a dream home.

1. Set aside some income

To make it easier to reach your goal, decide how much you want to save each month.

For those of you who have a stable income, this way of saving to buy a house is of course easy to implement.

For example, your monthly salary is 6 million rupiah. Try to set aside a portion of the total salary for savings. But make sure you can still meet your daily needs!

2. Have clear savings targets

You can then set clear savings targets. The saving target here does not necessarily have to be in accordance with house prices.

If you want to add decorations or renovations, you may be able to overdo it. In addition, the property will require legality documents that you must take care of.

Of course, this process also costs money. Therefore, if your savings goal is higher than the price of the house, so much the better.

3. Create a Special Savings Account

For those of you who like to be confused about how to save effectively, try to create a special savings account aimed at buying a dream home.

Leave the savings account until all the money is collected. This way you don't have to bother setting aside savings in one account. It also prevents you from spending money on things you don't need.

4. Earn Passive Income Through Investment

With the increasing literacy of today's young generation, it is easier to learn various investment instruments that can provide passive income.

This passive income can then be used as additional funds for home purchases.

Before deciding to invest, understand the mechanism of action, risks and potential growth of assets.

If you only have 'reckless' capital without adequate education, the risk of losing more money becomes greater than the risk of getting passive income from investing.

5. Live a Frugal Lifestyle

Being thrifty doesn't mean being stingy. So you can still buy what you need, but in a different way. It means?

As a simple example, so far you have bought medium-sized body wash that runs out every two weeks.

Next time, you can buy a large size body wash which is usually cheaper and lasts longer.

Starting a frugal lifestyle can indeed seem difficult at first, especially for those of you who are used to spending money without thinking.

However, if this habit is built properly, it is guaranteed that living a frugal life is no longer an obstacle that is difficult to overcome.


Those are five saving tips that you can follow. Apart from buying your dream home, you can also use the tips above to buy your other wishes. Like, say you want to buy a car.

Thus the article about Saving Tips for Buying a Dream Home and don't forget to keep visiting the Infokekinian website.

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