Verification Tips for Indonesian Citizens Who Are Vaccinated Abroad - On this occasion I will share verification tips for Indonesian citizens who are vaccinated abroad. So, watch this article to the end.

This time Infokekinian would like to convey good news for Indonesian citizens (WNI) and foreign citizens (WNA) who have been vaccinated abroad.

Currently, the Ministry of Health has offered a new feature in PeduliLindungi to make it easier for Indonesian citizens and foreigners who have vaccination cards abroad to access the application.

How to Get a VNI Card

This cannot be emphasized enough. This is because the PeduliLindung application is a mandatory prerequisite for carrying out activities in various public places, so everyone must have it.

Through this feature, they can get a Non-Indonesian Vaccination Card (VNI).

How to Get a VNI Card

The following InfoKekinian explains how to get a VNI card for those of you who have been vaccinated abroad:

1. The first step that must be taken by Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals holding Non-Indonesian Vaccination cards is to register and fill in data at the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, for the next verified.

2. Documents that must be prepared for Indonesian citizens are KTP with NIK, and the ID used for verification is NIK and a vaccination card. The verification is carried out by the Ministry of Health.

3. Documents that foreigners must prepare include: a diplomatic permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a residence permit from immigration along with a vaccination card. The ID used for verification is the passport number.

4. Verification of foreigners with diplomatic permits is carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while verification of foreigners with residence permits is still in the finalization stage between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

5. After being verified, the data entered will be confirmed via the email address registered on the website. This confirmation process takes approximately 3 working days.

6. After receiving the notification email, the next step is to register and fill in data in the PeduliLindungi application. This is done to activate the vaccination status and claim the vaccination certificate.

7. After that, the PeduliLindungi application can be used to scan barcodes in various places in various public facilities.


For your information, the Non-Indonesian Vaccination Certificate Card (VNI) is intended to confirm that vaccination has been carried out.

The card is valid in Indonesia using the PeduliLindungi application. So not a vaccination certificate.

If there are any problems when registering for the Non-Indonesian Vaccination Card (VNI), the public can contact the hotline:

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