Poocoin Crypto Token, Following Prices and How to Buy It

Infokekinia.com – Here is information about the Poocoin Crypto token, along with the price and how to buy it. So see this article to the end to find out more complete and clear information.

The cryptocurrency market is a new option for millennials to earn money fast.

Every day, new coins and tokens are released, making it more and more difficult to determine which coins are worth investing in and which are completely worthless.

Poocoin Crypto Token, Following Prices and How to Buy It

PooCoin is similar to the famous work where you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. PooCoin is a token on the Binance Smart Chain, or smart contract.

Smart Chains are automated code snippets that can run on their own without the need for human intervention, making them very futuristic.

PooCoin's main goal is to enhance the existing DEX exchange, which will be a significant step forward in the future.

So here's a quick overview of what Poocoin Crypto is, how to buy it, and how much its tokens and symbols cost.

About PooCoin Crypto Tokens

Before we get into the details, let's understand what PooCoin is and why it matters to investors and traders like you.

There are various decentralized exchanges that allow users to trade bitcoins anonymously.

PooCoin seeks to strengthen existing infrastructure, although this exchange is far from ideal.

PooCoin is a revolutionary crypto token that brings the benefits of Chart Tracking, transaction tracking, wallet tracking and farm produce tracking in an easy and secure way.

Long story short, these are tokens that help run low cap coin trading in the Binance Ecosystem.

Who Founded PooCoin?

Just like many well-known Crypto asset tokens, PooCoin also has an anonymous owner/founder. This means that no one knows who created this coin, who is its founder, what are the future aspects of this coin and much more.

But this is not a red flag, as many successful tokens or crypto coins are led by the anonymous founders of Suchi, Pancakeswap and the most famous Bitcoin (BTC) coin.

PooCoin Crypto Token Prices and Symbols

Before discussing the price of tokens and other details, it is important for us to first check the total supply of these tokens. Because the token price depends heavily on this feature.

So the total supply of PooCoins is 10 million tokens, so it is a limited supply and no more tokens can be minted after this.

Approximately 25% of the 10M is in the spreader's wallet and each transaction on the network incurs an 8% fee of which 4% is redistributed to the network and 4% is immediately burned.

And on top of that, no 100000 PooCoins can be traded in a single transaction which helps avoid tapestry draws or heavy price manipulation. All of these features help keep PooCoin stable and profitable in the long run.

PooCoin Logo/Symbol:

  1. PooCoin Price: $0.5652 (as of 04/16/2022)
  2. Trading Volume24h: $14,666.25 41,28%

PooCoin Crypto Token Price History

Before you make a decision to invest in this coin, it is important to understand the price flow over various timeframes.

Since every coin has its ups and downs, looking at the price chart will help you make good financial choices.

PooCoin All Time High

After just a few months of initial launch, PooCoin has seen an all-time high of $ 13.76 per coin which quickly moved to an average of $ 2 after a few months.

PooCoin All Time Low

In March 2022, we may witness a low near $0 but only temporarily. The average traded price for this is roughly $0.8 per coin.

PooCoin Daily Price Fluctuations

When we look at the daily chart for this coin, transactions roughly translate between $0.5 to $0.6 and sometimes get short spikes up to $0.7 at max.

Currently, the coin is trading at $0.5 but has the potential to go up to $13 as previously recorded in 2021.


That's a bit of information regarding the Poocoin crypto token which is a nice coin that is based on the Binance Smart chain and has some good basics in mind.

However, it is not a unique coin as SUSHI & UNISWAP are similar coins with much better market dominance. However, the coin has the potential to go up soon.

Although if you want to invest in this token, do proper research and invest wisely. We advise you to trade with money you are prepared to lose.

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