Types of Immunity or Immunity

Types of Immunity / Immunity – Hello, all contemporary friends, this time we will both discuss the immune system, more precisely about the types of immunity or immunity.

As we know, the body has the ability to withstand or eliminate foreign objects and abnormal cells in the body, or what we know as immunity. Well, immunity or immunity can be divided into two kinds.


Types of Immunity (immunity)

Active Immunity

Is a type of immunity obtained due to direct contact with toxins or pathogens so that the body is able to produce its own antibodies. Active Immunity is divided into two, namely:

  • Natural Active Immunity : occurs when a person is exposed to one type of disease, then the immune system produces antibodies and special lymphocytes. This immunity can be lifelong for example such as immunity to smallpox and measles, or it can also be temporary, such as immunity to gonorrhea and pneumonia.
  • Artificial Active Immunity (Induction) : immunization which is the result of giving a vaccine / vaccination. Vaccination itself is a dead/weakened pathogen, or a modified toxin. Vaccines aim to stimulate an immune or immune response. For example such as the MMR vaccine (measles mumps rubella) to fight measles and the administration of the BCG vaccine (bacille calmette guerin) to fight tuberculosis.

Passive Immunity

is a type of immunity in which if antibodies from one individual are transferred to another individual. Passive Immunity is also divided into two, namely:

  • Natural Passive Immunity : occurs through breastfeeding to the baby and when the mother's IgG enters the placenta, so that it can provide immunity after birth for several weeks/months.
  • Artificial Passive Immunity : occurs through the injection of antibodies in the serum produced by people or animals who are immune because they have been exposed to certain antigens. For example, antibodies from horses that are immune to snake bites can be given to humans who are bitten by similar snakes.

Okay, friend, that was a brief discussion about immunity or immunity. Hopefully, after reading the explanation above, you all understand better. Never stop learning, greetings, contemporary friends: V