Types of Paragraphs and Examples

Infokekinian.com – A paragraph determines how good a person is at writing, so the presence of paragraphs in a text is very important besides that it also has types of paragraphs.

Paragraph more than just a collection of sentences linked together to form a readable text.

However, some words must be carefully considered in its preparation and use.

To increase knowledge, here are some explanations about the meaning of paragraphs, the conditions that must be met to make good paragraphs, and the types of paragraphs.

Definition of Paragraph

Definition of Paragraph

Paragraphs, according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, are chapters in an essay which usually contain one main idea and begin with a new line.

With this definition, it can be concluded that a paragraph is part of an essay. It contains a main sentence and an explanatory sentence.

A paragraph also includes a main idea, which can help you explain what the paragraph means.

Paragraph Terms

To be a good paragraph form, it seems that several conditions must be met. Some of these conditions are of course important for you to be aware of.

What are the conditions that must be met so that you can write a good paragraph? Here are the conditions:


Of course this one condition must be met in order to form a paragraph. Where several elements and structures must be included, such as main ideas, main sentences, and explanatory sentences.

Of course, a good paragraph is more than just a main idea or main sentence. Without explanatory sentences, paragraphs lack life and even confuse the reader.


Even if it contains various elements and structures, if these elements and structures do not work together to form a unified whole, the paragraph is not a good paragraph.

A good and easy-to-read paragraph has unity between main ideas and supporting sentences.

All of these elements are interconnected and can help readers understand what is meant by reading.


The third requirement that you must pay attention to is cohesiveness. This paragraph consists of several sentences that are interconnected.

As a result, it is very important that the copy is arranged logically and harmoniously between each sentence. The existence of a conjugation sentence is one of the characteristics of a paragraph that fulfills this cohesive requirement.

The conjugation between the main clause and the subordinate clause is the first type of conjugated sentence. But, so, because, and so on are some examples.

As for the second type, namely sentence conjugation. However, other than that, even, therefore, then, so, and many more examples.

Types of Paragraphs and Their Purpose

As mentioned before, there are different types of paragraphs. Some of you may only know a few. However, the number of different types of paragraphs is not limited to one or two.

Types of Paragraphs and Their Purpose

You should know the different types of paragraphs. In fact, some of these paragraphs have different functions.

Of course, one type of paragraph will not be the same as another for the text or reading it will create.

For those of you who are already interested in the various types of paragraphs that exist, here are some examples and types of paragraphs that you can learn:

Types of Paragraphs Based on Main Sentence Locations

The first is the type of paragraph based on the main location. There are three types of paragraphs in this category. What exactly are they? Here's how it works:

Deductive Paragraph

The first types of paragraphs are deductive paragraphs which are paragraphs that begin by expressing the main problem and then proceed by explaining it with a few explanatory sentences.

An example of this deductive paragraph is as follows:

  1. Her desires are difficult to follow. It was decided at the previous meeting that the funds should be deposited first. This was agreed upon by the participants. However, he insisted on using it today to start a new business.
  2. As more and more technology companies emerge, there are more and more smartphone brands to choose from. Among us there are several well-known smartphone brands, such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, and Oppo.

Even so, don't waste money on a smartphone you don't need; instead, buy based on your needs.

Inductive Paragraph

This paragraph is a paragraph that begins with an explanation and ends with a topic sentence. Inductive sentences include the following:

  1. Everyone understands that language is a tool for cultural development. The foundation of life will shake without language. Difficult communication. Error in information. Language is, without a doubt, the most effective and efficient way of communication.
  2. The development of games in this era is very fast; we have PS4 games like GTA, PES, and FIFA, as well as games that can be played on smartphones. Playing such games is thrilling; the graphics are realistic, and the ability to play online with other people is very attractive.

We didn't feel immersed in the game on several occasions. When we were still in elementary school, maybe we only knew PS 1 and its graphics were mediocre, or games on cell phones with a maximum size of 1 MB.

Mixed Paragraph

Mixed paragraphs are another type of paragraph based on the location of the main sentence. This paragraph begins with an explanation of a main problem or topic sentence. It is then followed by an explanatory sentence before ending with a topic sentence.

Mixed Paragraph

The topic sentence at the end of this paragraph, on the other hand, confirms the topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph. On this page, an example of a mixed paragraph is as follows:

  1. Humans cannot exist apart from communication in everyday life. Every human activity involves the use of communication methods, both simple and sophisticated. Without communication, human culture and civilization would not be as advanced as it is today.
  2. We cannot survive in this world without air. Besides water, air is a source of life; try to hold your breath for half an hour; our body will limp and want to pass out.
  3. The benefits of air are numerous because everyone's body needs it, including the brain, heart and skin. As a result, we must keep the air clean so that the organs in the body can function normally.

Types of Paragraphs Based on Purpose

You must be familiar with several types of paragraphs for this one paragraph. What, presumably, are the different types of paragraphs based on their purpose? Here's how it works:

Narrative Paragraph (Telling Paragraph)

Narrative paragraphs are paragraphs that tell about an event or events with characters, conflicts, and settings. This type of paragraph, however, does not have a main sentence.

This type of narrative paragraph is often found in short stories, novels, and other works. The paragraph includes several elements, including an event that will be told and conveyed to the reader, the whereabouts of the perpetrator, and when the event occurred.

The following is an illustration of a narrative paragraph:

  1. Roy was writing something in his diary during lunch break at home. Occasionally, his head lifted to look up at the library ceiling, frowned, and returned to his writing. It was as if he was the only one in the library.
  2. Pak Haji, my father, is the most respected person in my village. We always jog in the morning. We were greeted by both sellers and buyers as we made our way through the market. Finally, as we passed through a residential area, we were greeted and even offered a drink. Pak Haji, on the other hand, was never arrogant.

Descriptive Paragraph (Describing Paragraph)

Descriptive paragraphs, like narrative paragraphs, describe an object in the paragraph in such a way that the reader can see, hear, or feel the object being described. The object being described can be a person, place, or object.

This paragraph has the characteristics of an object which can be described later or by using the five senses, and the contents are in the form of words that can be imagined. Of course, this type of descriptive paragraph is often found in some readings, such as:

  1. The woman is tall. Her yellow skin is enhanced by a purple hijab that covers her head. Her eyes were round and bright, and she had thick eyelashes. Her nose was razor sharp, like a Palestinian woman's.
  2. The cat in the corner shop has black fur with gray highlights. His body was dirty and thin, his eyes twinkling as if he was looking for food that had fallen from customers. In fact, his body looked extremely weak.

Persuasive Paragraphs (Inviting Paragraphs)

This type of paragraph can be found in many advertisements. Persuasive paragraphs include invitations, persuasion, or influence on the reader to do something based on what is written.

The characteristics of this one paragraph include evidence or facts to persuade the reader, as well as words of persuasion or advice such as best; let; etc.

Usually, persuasion paragraphs include reasons or benefits for anyone who wants to follow the persuasion or suggestion.

A persuasive paragraph might look something like this:

  1. Let's go back to protecting our environment from the breeding of dengue fever mosquitoes. We will always avoid this disease if we keep our environment clean and follow the 3Ps, namely disposal, draining and spraying.
  2. Milk is very good for our health. Milk contains a lot of calcium, which is important for bone growth. Milk also contains a lot of protein, which can help increase the intelligence of our brain. As a result, let's drink more milk.

Argumentation Paragraph (Paragraph Contains Opinion)

Apart from the paragraphs described above, argumentative paragraphs are one of the paragraphs that often appear and you often read.

Persuasion paragraphs are paragraphs that explain an opinion and contain various types of information and reasons. The goal is to convince the reader.

Argumentation Paragraph (Paragraph Contains Opinion)

Opinions and reasons are the distinguishing features of this argumentative opinion. In fact, the paragraph contains scientific and subjective evidence, conclusions, as well as evidence and references.

Here is an example of a persuasive paragraph:

  1. Some Indonesian children have not been able to feel the joy of childhood. Sukarton (1992), an educational psychologist, once stated that many children under the age of 15 have been involved in earning a living by their parents.
  2. There are still many small children who sing or beg at crossroads or scavenge in trash cans at landfills, and the proceeds are given to their parents to support their family life.

Furthermore, since our country's financial crisis, the tendency of parents to employ children as a support for the family economy is increasingly seen everywhere.

One of the most beneficial activities for us is playing games. All our stress and confusion will be relieved by playing games.

There are plenty of games to choose from, especially with the advent of smartphones. Even though it has many disadvantages, it turns out that this game has many advantages for us.

Expository Paragraph (Explaining Paragraph)

This expository paragraph refers to paragraphs that contain opinions, ideas, thoughts, knowledge, or information that aims to broaden the reader's horizons.

In narrative paragraphs, the word "is" is used to convey information. This single paragraph also contains various scientific or factual information. In general, paragraphs contain evidence such as graphs, examples, tables, and so on.

Here is an example of an expository paragraph:

  1. Ciplukan is a shrub that grows in open areas that are not too muddy and only occurs during the rainy season. This plant grows to a height of 30 to 50 cm, with yellowish green stems and round yellow fruit.
  2. Besides having a sweet taste, ciplukan fruit has several important properties that can be used to treat various diseases.

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous. Starting from children aged seven years to adults.

In fact, cell phones are becoming more of a nuisance by the day. When we are in trouble, we can easily access gadgets, be it to translate paragraphs or to learn to cook.

  1. However, besides the positive impact, there is also a negative impact. Many people say that when they use their cell phones, they lose track of time. He doesn't care about his surroundings, it's hard for him to listen properly, he has been an individual for a long time, he prefers to play with gadgets, and so on.

So, how should we respond to developments in this era? Children must be invited to play, talk, chat, and so on from an early age so that their development is optimal.


That's a little information about the types of paragraphs and examples that you can learn to increase your knowledge about these paragraph sentences.

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