Definition of Halalan Thayyib, Criteria and Benefits

In Islam, you often hear the saying halalan thayyiban, but did you know that? the meaning of halalan thayyiban? To make it easier for you, we will explain the meaning of halalan thayyiban in Islam

Meaning of Halal Thayyiban

Muslims are required to consume halal and thayyib food and drink. But unfortunately not a few people ignore this because of their khilafah or simply don't care about the advice in Religion. Halalan thayyiban consists of two words that have related meanings. Halalan is an Arabic word which means not bound or loose. This means that the food consumed must be halal (halal) which can be interpreted as food that is loose or not bound by things that make food and drinks prohibited from being consumed.
While the word thayyiban is also from Arabic which has the main meaning, delicious, healthy, good and reassuring. Thus, Halalan Thayyiban means food that is good and delicious for consumption and is not bound by things that cause food to be prohibited and of course it must be healthy. As in the word of God contained in surah al-Baqarah verse 172:

يايهاا لذين ءامنواكلوامن طيبات مارزقناكم
"O you who believe, eat the good fortune we have given you." (Al-Baqarah: 172)

Thayyiban Halal Food Criteria

In general, every type of food can be consumed by humans, but there are several things that must be considered in choosing food, including choosing halal food.

  • Food from animal flesh is food of animal origin.
  • Food from plants that are found on earth plant food.
  • Foods of animal and plant origin

However, there are some meat foods that are prohibited by Allah SWT, for that you also need to know the criteria for thayyiban food
Judging from the meaning of thayyiban which means eating healthy and nutritious. So healthy and nutritious and healthy food are the criteria for thayyiban food. Therefore, foods such as pork, dogs, drinking alcohol/khomar which are not healthy are not considered as thayyiban food.

Benefits of Thayyiban Halal Food

The importance of consuming thayyiban halal food is because it involves the blessings of life and in terms of answered prayers. Because if we consume thayyiban halal food and get it in a halal way it can also make life more blessed and God willing, prayers will also be answered. And conversely, even though Halal Thayyiban food is obtained in an unlawful way, it will become unlawful and also prayers can be stuck in the sky.
There is a study that discusses human nature, that good food and obtained in a good way will also bring good character.
Meanwhile, if the food is obtained from something that is not good, it will form a bad character. This means consuming thayyiban halal food is something that must be considered in daily life because it is in accordance with the commands of the Qur'an as well as to form good and intelligent human character.