Understanding Text Procedures that are Easy to Understand, Recognize the 5 Types of Text Procedures

InfoKekinian.com – When talking about the notion of procedure text, we usually mean briefly that procedural text is a text that contains a guide or instructions for carrying out a particular process or activity in a systematic and sequential manner.

Presence procedure text is very important in various aspects of life, starting from activities at school, at home, to at work.

Definition of Procedure Text
For example, at school, teachers often give assignments to students to make procedure texts in the form of guides on how to carry out an experiment or laboratory practice.

In households, procedural texts can be found in the form of recipes or guides for using household appliances.

Meanwhile, in the workplace, procedural texts are used as a guide in carrying out routine work and in handling emergency situations.

However, even though procedural text is often used in everyday life, not everyone understands the characteristics and types of this text.

Therefore, this article will discuss more about the meaning of procedural text, its characteristics, types, and tips for writing effective procedural text.

By reading this article, it is hoped that readers can gain a better understanding of procedure text and be able to apply it in everyday life.

Definition of Procedure Text

Procedure text is a type of text that contains instructions or certain steps that must be taken to complete a task or achieve a goal.

Procedure text is often used in various fields, such as technology, science, health, beauty, and many more.

Characteristics of Procedure Text

Characteristics of Procedure Text
Procedure text has several distinctive characteristics, including:

1. Clear and concise language

Procedure text should use language that is easy to understand and unambiguous. Sentences must be short and concise so that the reader can easily understand them.

2. Simple Present Time Usage

Procedure text should use the simple present tense to present instructions. It is intended that the reader feels that the instructions are relevant and can be carried out right away.

3. Organization of Sequential Steps

The steps in the procedure text must be arranged systematically and sequentially, so that the reader can follow the instructions easily and there is no confusion.

4. Use of Imperative Verbs

Procedural text must use imperative verbs, such as "write", "play", or "press". This is to make the instructions sound firmer and clearer.

5. Objective Tone

Procedure text must use an objective tone, so there is no element of judgment or opinion from the author. Instructions must be presented in a neutral and objective manner.

By understanding the characteristics of this procedural text, readers can find out how to write good and correct procedural texts.

In writing procedure text, it is important to pay attention to the use of clear language, systematic and sequential writing of instructions, and the use of imperative verbs to give firm and clear instructions.

Types of Procedure Text

Types of Procedure Text
Procedure text can be divided into several types, including:

1. Simple Procedure Text

Simple procedure text is procedure text which only consists of a few steps and is not too complex.

An example of a simple procedure text is a guide on how to use electronic devices, such as a cell phone or television.

2. Complex Procedure Text

Complex procedure text is a procedure text that has many steps and sometimes requires a more detailed explanation.

An example of a complex procedure text is a guide on how to install an electrical installation or how to assemble a computer.

3. Administrative Procedure Text

Administrative procedure text is a procedural text related to administrative processes in an organization or institution.

An example of an administrative procedure text is a guide on how to apply for leave or a guide on how to fill out a registration form.

4. Technical Procedure Text

Technical procedure text is a procedural text related to the technical process or production of a product.

An example of a technical procedure text is a guide on how to design or manufacture a product.

5. Text of Safety Procedures

Safety procedure text is a procedure text related to safety measures in a situation or activity.

An example of a safety procedure text is a guide on how to deal with a fire or a guide on how to evacuate a building in an emergency situation.

2 Example of Procedure Text

Example of Procedure Text
The following is an example of procedure text that can help the reader to understand more about procedure text:

1. Example of a Simple Procedure Text: How to Install an HP Battery


  1. New HP battery
  2. The HP that will be installed with the battery
  3. Finger nails or other gouging tools.


  1. Turn off the HP first
  2. Remove the back cover of the HP using a fingernail
  3. Remove the old battery from the battery slot
  4. Install the new battery by inserting it into the battery slot and confirming the position
  5. battery according to the plus and minus signs
  6. Replace the HP back cover by placing it in the proper position
  7. Turn on the HP and make sure the battery is installed properly.

2. Example of Complex Procedure Text: How to Install a Home Electrical Installation


  1. Power cable
  2. Electric socket
  3. Switch
  4. T cable
  5. Welding cable
  6. Pipe gluing tool.


  1. Make sure the power source has been turned off before starting the home electrical installation
  2. Plug the power cord from the power source to the electricity meter
  3. Attach the electric cable from the electricity meter to the electrical panel
  4. Install sockets and switches in the right position on the wall of the house
  5. Attach T wires and welding wires to connect sockets and switches to the electrical panel
  6. Create an electrical cable path to connect the socket and switch to the electrical panel
  7. Attach welding cables and T cables to connect the electrical panel with the electrical cable lines to sockets and switches
  8. Install a pipe adhesive device to protect the power line and make it easier to install the power cable
  9. Connect the power cable line with the socket and switch
  10. Turn on the power source and make sure the electrical installation is functioning properly.


That's a little information about the meaning of procedural text, complete with characteristics and examples that you can use as reference material.

And we can conclude that in everyday life, procedural text is very useful to help people do certain tasks in an appropriate and structured way.

Procedure text is usually used in various fields, such as technology, science, beauty, health, and many more.

Basically, a procedure text must have several important elements, such as objectives, materials or tools needed, steps to be taken, and safety signs to pay attention to.

By knowing these elements, the reader will more easily understand procedural text and be able to carry out the tasks given more effectively.

In writing procedure text, make sure to use language that is clear, easy to understand, and well structured.

Avoid using language that is ambiguous or difficult to understand, because it can cause misunderstandings and failure to carry out assignments.

Finally, keep in mind that procedural text readers can come from various backgrounds and different levels of understanding.

Therefore, as procedural text writers, we must pay attention to the reader and make procedural texts that are easily understood by anyone.