Warehouse Apprentice Shopee Indonesia Batch 8 2022, Here Are the Requirements!

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Shopee Indonesia is a Singapore-based e-commerce company that is part of the SEA Group which was formed in 2009 by Forrest Li.

Shopee first opened in Singapore in 2015, and has since spread to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. At this time we will be posting job vacancies for BUMN and BUMN subsidiaries.

Apart from having good company facilities, BUMN is one of the companies targeted by job seekers because of their well-known salary income and higher than private companies.

Shopee Warehouse Internship Vacancies

This is what attracts job seekers to compete for positions in state-owned companies.

The large number of job seekers fighting for positions in this state-owned company has made the competition even tougher.

Therefore, we understand that you need further references to job vacancies.

Infokekinian also collects information on job vacancies from private companies and government agencies.

Shopee Indonesia Batch 8 Warehouse Internship Program

Shopee Warehouse Internship Participants (PKL) will later be divided into several sections with different job descriptions, as follows:

  1. Sorter: tasked with sorting goods in/out
  2. Picker: responsible for picking up goods from warehouse shelves and then placing them on ready-to-pack shelves
  3. Packer: responsible for packing goods so that they are ready to be sent to the customer
  4. QC: tasked with ensuring the quality of the goods/packages that will be delivered to the customer
  5. Inventory: duty to ensure all incoming and outgoing goods are properly recorded

Benefits you get when you do an internship at WH Shopee

The following are the benefits of being a Shopee Warehouse PKL Participant:

  1. Transportation allowance of IDR 75,000 per work shift will be transferred to a personal account every month
  2. Lunch/dinner is provided according to work shifts
  3. Guarantee of safety while participating in street vendors

Qualifications :

  1. Age 18 – 20 years
  2. Preference will be given to those who have just graduated from SMA/SMK
  3. Physically & mentally healthy and not color blind
  4. Shopee Warehouse Locations: Warehouse Dunex (Sunter, North Jakarta) or Warehouse Logos (Medan Satria, West Bekasi)
  5. Can work together in a team, have a positive attitude and hard worker
  6. Willing to do internship at Warehouse Shopee for 6 months from June – December 2022

How to Apply:

If interested and meet the requirements of this vacancy, please register online:



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