Various Examples of Birthday Greetings for Friends

Birthday wishes for friends or words happy birthday to a friend is something that is usually said to a friend who is having a birthday. Usually the word birthday for a friend contains many prayers for a dear friend on that special day, if the birthday greeting for a friend is not accompanied by a sincere prayer then of course the birthday wish for a friend will not feel meaningful.

Of course, those of you who want to give a birthday wish to a friend must give it on their birthday so that your friend who receives the birthday wish will feel happy and excited.

At the time of the birthday, the birthday words for a friend can be more meaningful than a gift that is expensive, in fact, a happy birthday greeting for a friend is priceless. Because in birthday wishes for friends there are also sincere prayers and hopes from the person who gave it.

In order to be more meaningful, birthday wishes for this friend should be said seriously in your own words because only you know your best friend best so that the birthday wishes for a friend that you say directly will definitely make you more happy. . But as a reference for those of you who want to give birthday greetings to friends.

Here is a collection of birthday wishes

contains birthday pearls and words that can be tucked into a happy birthday card:


  1. To my dear friend, happy birthday. We hope that what you aspire to soon come true and you can become a better person at this new age. May you be healthy and always in the protection of Allah SWT. Thank you for being my best friend so far. Nothing better than my best friend.

  2. Hello, my beloved friend. Happy Birthday To you yaa. It doesn't feel like you're getting old anymore, my friend. It's getting older, I hope it's getting older and better too. The gift will follow later. The important thing is my sincere prayer for you, friend.

  3. Happy Birthday, my friend. Once again I am present in your age. This time may be a more special birthday than last year. Hopefully this year more and more love will accompany you, the smoother the sustenance and the happier you will be.

  4. Happy birthday to my best friend. The more beautiful, the kinder, the smarter and the more all the good things. I will always accompany you to be your best friend all the time, for this year and on your next birthday I will always be there. Love you, my friend.

  5. On this day of your birth, on this really special day, I pray for you to always be healthy, always blessed with age and sustenance, given smoothness in every business, given light steps in every journey and don't forget that I will always be with you every step of the way. Friend.

  6. It feels like just yesterday that I met you, friend. But it's your umpteenth birthday since we've been friends and it still feels the same. Thank you for being the best friend and brother for me. I hope you grow up and get married soon.

  7. Happy Birthday, dear My friend. There are no words more sincere than my prayer for you. May you always be given the best things in life, good luck soon and be given physical and spiritual happiness. Happy afterlife. Happy birthday, dear friend.

  8. Hi my best friend, today is your birthday, it feels great to be able to say happy birthday to you again as your best friend. My gift is definitely not much but I give it sincerely, as sincerely as I pray for you on this happiest day. I will always support you at all times. May our friendship always be forever.

Thus a collection of birthday wishes that will really help you to compose birthday wishes for your best friend.