Google Voice Ringtones on WhatsApp Soudoftext - On this occasion, I will share information on how to make Google sound ringtones on WhatsApp soudoftext, so watch this article until it's finished.

The most used messaging application today is WhatsApp. This is due to the fact that mobile users have come to communicate on WhatsApp for all their application needs.

To use it is not too complicated. Users only need to register using a mobile number that is still active. After that the application can be used to communicate.

What is Soundoftext WhatsApp

The features in the WhatsApp application itself are quite complete and interesting. Starting from distinctive features such as text messages, voice calls to video calls are also available on WhatsApp.

Other WhatsApp features include a narrative function, which allows users to share short stories via captions, photos and videos that last no more than 30 seconds between them.

Not only that, WhatsApp also at least allows the ability to set ringtones. Users can easily change the ringtone at will, even with a unique sound.

What is Soundoftext WhatsApp

Soudoftext WhatsApp itself is indeed being sought after recently. Previously you must have known a feature called Text to Speech which can convert text into sound.

Features like this are currently viral and liked by a number of people. If usually ringtones or notifications are always monotonous and standard default. Now you can set it however you like.

For example, to make a ringtone or notification with the sound "Wow, there's an incoming message", then the text can be changed using Soudoftext WhatsApp to become an Mp3 sound.

So later, the text that has been converted to sound in Mp3 format can be used as a ringtone on your WhatsApp. So, how do you use this application?

How To Use Soudoftext Ringtones

The Soudoftext WhatsApp application itself actually has the name FreeTTS. This site has the tagline Text to Speech Mp3 Online WhatsApp, because it can change voices online for WA ringtones.

For those of you who are still confused about how to use this one application. Don't worry, let's see the full guide on how to use this application in the following guide:

  1. Go to the official FreeTTS site at
  2. Click the Start Text to Speech option to enter text
  3. Set the language and voice type beforehand
  4. Enter the text that will be converted into the sound you like
  5. When finished, click the Convert button.

Wait a few moments until the process is complete, after that you can listen to the sound first before downloading.

If the sound is right, just click Download to download it.

That's how to use the features of this application. Don't forget to pair it to WhatsApp after it's successfully downloaded. To install it yourself, see the tutorial below.

How To Use Soundoftext WhatsApp

After you have succeeded in making a sound from writing, the next step is to set it as a ringtone or WhatsApp notification tone. To set it, you can follow the following guide:

  1. Enter the WhatsApp application.
  2. Then enter the Settings menu.
  3. Select on the Notifications menu.
  4. After that you can set it to be a ringtone by replacing it via the Ringtone option.
  5. Or you can also set it to be a notification tone in the Notification menu option.


That's a little introduction to Soudoftext WhatsApp which has been viral lately, after this you can easily change your ringtone to make it unique from before.

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