What are NOD Items in MLBB, Check Out the Reviews!

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One of the most popular games on Indonesian social media is battle royale mobile legends bang bang. Many end up addicted to playing this game, even mlbb video content is also available on the YouTube platform.

Mobile legends bang bang game itself has become one of the branches of global esports with official tournaments. One of the Evos Esport Indonesia teams has even won the 2019 world tournament.

Those of you who participate in the game must realize that there are many characters and heroes at your disposal. These heroes also come in various roles, which adds to their uniqueness.

While in gameplay, you have to kill enemies and destroy the last base. In order to progress through the gameplay, the hero needs experience points, damage, and defense. Now this item serves to give strength to the hero's character.

Item nodes or durability necklaces, on the other hand, seem to be used frequently in defeating strong heroes. Actually, what does this node item look like? Be sure to stay until the end to hear the full conclusion.

What are NOD Items in MLBB (2)


There are many items available in this mobile legends game to improve hero abilities, as previously mentioned. One of them is the item node which we are discussing here.

In this game itself there are many heroes who tend to be stronger than other heroes or are usually overpowered. Examples of overpowered heroes not only in terms of damage but also from the thickness of the hero's blood.

Some heroes who are considered thick, for example, Uranus, Dyroth, Esmeralda, Ruby and many more. As an mlbb player, you must have faced and annoyed when you met this hero user.

MLBB games, on the other hand, are organized in a way that makes it possible to maintain fair competition gameplay. You can also defeat each of these OP heroes with the right build items. Making item nodes is one method that you can use.

Functions of MLBB NOD Items

Item nod or necklace of duration itself can help you defeat tough heroes. This is because nod items have a very helpful passive. However, it should be noted that this item node is a Mage type hero item, namely Magic. The description of the item node itself is as follows.

5 percent cooldown reduction and 60 magic power increase
Magic Life Theft for 10%
In addition, the passive of this item will reduce enemy hero regen by up to 50 percent in 3 seconds. Of course heroes like Balmond or Uranus and Esmeralda who have excessive regen will greatly benefit from this.

NOD effect

The Necklace of Durance item provides additional magic power of 60 points and reduces cooldown by 5 percent. It should also be noted that this 2010 Gold item has a life steal effect of 10%. As a result, Gamer Friends don't have to constantly think about what's on their cellphone.

Passive Skill, Removes Enemy Shield

The factor that makes NOD Mobile Legends sell well is not only its main effect, but because of its Unique Passive. This one item will remove the opponent's Shield that is damaged. It is much easier to defeat an opponent whose defense has been breached. For this reason, Assassins and Mages who deal damage to your team will greatly benefit from equipping NOD Mobile Legends items.

NOD Reduces Enemy's HP Regen

In addition to removing the Shield, the enemy's HP Regen that is hit will also be reduced by 50 percent for three seconds. Enemies with low defense will be cursed by the NOD Mobile Legends chain passive effect. Because three seconds was more than enough time to get the opponent's head out….

Natural Enemy Hero Lifesteal

The effect of the Necklace of Durance in Mobile Legends is not immediately visible, but opponents are very wary of it, especially for those who use lifesteal heroes. Gamer friends, you already know which heroes have high lifesteal like Alucard, Zilong, and others. Heroes with high durability, such as Yu Zhong, Esmeralda, and Khaleed, face natural enemies in this item.

Tips for Using NOD Items

Here are some tips that you can use to use NOD Items

Get to know your opponent first

Using NOD items is very important to fight heroes who have high regen or lifesteal, because this will give you an advantage over your hero.

The hero's HP will be halved if using the life drain effect, making it relatively easy to remove it.

Use NOD Items When?

Several heroes that NOD must counter include Alice, Uranus, Estes, Rafaela, Argus, Dyrroth to Alucard.

So if your opponent uses the heroes mentioned above, the next step is to buy NOD items. Which heroes have high lifesteal and regen that are hard to beat with normal attacks

When to Buy NOD?

The type of hero attack must also be considered, where NOD items will work for heroes who have wide area attack skills.

Maybe there are many mage heroes who seem suitable for using this item, but make sure you use it on poke heroes (heroes with low skill cd) so that the effect can be faster.

Heroes that can be countered with NOD items

Then when do you have to buy this NOD item in a match? by making sure the hero used by the opponent, and if there are heroes like Estes or Alucard, using NOD in the early game will be better.

Allowing your opponent to move with greater freedom, especially for farming purposes, is an advantage of using NOD items early and in the middle of the game.

Characters that are vulnerable to NOD Items

This item, as previously mentioned, is ideal for use against heroes who have high lifesteal. This is because the effect has a high magic lifesteal and steady passive.

This NOD item has the potential to devalue the following heroes:

1. Uranus

Uranus is no longer a secret how high his resistance and regen are. MPL has refused to accept this hero because they believe he is too overpowered. But with the existing adjustments, NOD items can fight it so they can't move.

2. Esmeralda.

Esmeralda also becomes a source of frustration from time to time. This was due to the fact that his regeneration and abilities were extremely annoying. However, you can prevent Esme from moving by using this NOD item.

Apart from the 2 heroes above, there are several other heroes that you can also counter with NOD items including:

Roger Dyrroth
Alice Alucard
Ruby Thamuz

So now you know what are the benefits of this item node. If you are a mage user and meet the heroes above, you can make item nodes as counters. If we look at the item node itself, it has become a mandatory item when using a mage hero.


That's all there is to know about the mlbb item node, also known as a duration necklace. In addition, we discussed the importance of Item Nods. Maybe this will help!