Why Shopee Overseas Disappeared

Infokekinian.com – Some Shopee users may be surprised and wonder why overseas Shopee has disappeared and can't be done anymore recently with the words that the product you are looking for is not registered with Shopee.

Shopee is a very popular e-commerce application today. In order to attract so many users, this application makes some very attractive offers.

Free shipping is a popular promotion on this site, but many more, such as discounts, rebates, contests and other types of events, are also available.

Why Shopee Overseas Disappeared

Not only providing local products, this e-commerce also previously provided products from abroad. However, lately LN products are not listed on Shopee. So what's the reason?

Why Overseas Shopee Disappears and Can't

For those of you who may have subscribed to products from abroad in certain shops installed on Shopee, maybe you will wonder why overseas Shopee is missing and cannot be found.

Even if it is found, a notification will appear "the product you are looking for is not listed on Shopee" even though you may have previously placed an order at the store as usual.

Investigate a calibaration, this one e-commerce apparently has implemented a policy to support domestic product programs. Thus, a number of foreign products were removed and could no longer be purchased because they had been closed.

This of course evokes a sense of pros and cons among Shopee users. Many support this policy because it enforces domestic products, but there are also a number of cons.

The product you are looking for is not listed on Shopee

Why don't foreign products appear on Shopee, why aren't products registered, why can't you buy products from overseas are questions that have been popping up lately.

This notification or notice does not only happen to a number of people. Many Shopee application users have also experienced this and wondered, why did this happen?

For those of you who don't know, Shopee itself is implementing a policy to empower local products. So that imported products from abroad are very limited.

Therefore, when you are looking at products from overseas, you may suddenly find that the overseas Shopee shop that is currently open is missing or has an error.


That's a little information about why overseas Shopee has disappeared and can't be used anymore.

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