Wild Bobo Sausage Man Game Application

Infokekinian.com – We will discuss the Wild Bobo Sausage Man game application. Sausage man application that uses cartoon characters to complete its mission. Let's see!

The Sausage Man game is currently popular. Taking part in battle royale games is an exciting experience. Even though it is said to be an action genre similar to PUBG, this Sausage guy presents a funnier appearance because of his cartoon character.

Yep, even though the gameplay is similar to PUBG Mobile, you won't find a realistic look in the Sausage man game. Even so, this game is still fun to play. Especially for those of you who use potato spec cellphones, you can still play it smoothly.

Bobo WIld's sausage man item has piqued the interest of many players recently. Besides, how to complete the mission? Listen to the end.

Game Application Wild Bobo Sausage Man 2

Wild Bobo Sausage Man item

The Sausage Man game itself does have additional features that are different from other games. In particular, the inclusion of feature items that increase the character's skills. These items will certainly be very helpful when you want to win the game.

The Wild Bobo item from the Sausage Man game is one of the items that players can use in their search to defeat the item. The Wild Bobo itself has a function to increase the character's jumping power while on the battlefield. That way, of course, it will be very helpful when you start fighting and also monitor enemy movements.

This is because the Wild Bobo item will increase your jumping power and allow you to reach positions that other players might not be able to. As a result, in battle, the Wild Bobo item is quite useful.

Apart from increasing jumping power, this item itself has several other advantages as follows.

Induce bigger jumps
War can be used as a shield or bait to bring enemies out of hiding.
How to Complete the Wild Bobo Sausage Man Mission

If you have tried the game and logged in, you may notice the quest menu for rewards.

Well, one of the quests that many diaries do is the weekly quest of this wild bobo item. So in your mission you have to break the bobo and after a successful mission you can collect gifts to exchange. Follow these instructions to complete the bobo wild mission.

Open the Sausage Man app and log in to your account.
After entering you can click on the weekly quest menu.
Then you can choose a mission to complete Wild Bobo on Pelangi Island.
After entering, you will be taken directly to the map.
Soon you can find the green Bobo in the game and then finish him.
Well, it's pretty easy right? You can follow the guide above to complete the mission. Of course, if you complete the mission successfully, you will be eligible for additional freebies.


So, that was a little explanation about the Wild Bobo Sausage Man game application. This game application is the same as the sausage man application, but in the Wild Bobo series the character played becomes a cartoon