Woori the Virgin Drama Cast Profile

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Woori the Virgin is a South Korean drama series which premiered on Viu today, Monday, 5 May 2022.

Oh Woo-ri, a woman who kept her virginity but got pregnant by a handsome CEO named Raphael, is the protagonist of this romantic comedy genre drama series.

Im Soo-hyang, Sung Hoon, Shin Dong-wook, and Hong Ji-yoon star in Drakor Woori the Virgin, which also features a string of well-known South Korean actors.

Woori the Virgin Drama Cast Profile


List of Woori the Virgin Drama Players

Following are the profiles of the Woori the Virgin drakor players:

1. Im Soo Hyang

This 32-year-old actress has been actively playing characters in various films and drama series since 2009.

Im Soo-hyang first appeared on the screen when he was involved in a film called 4th Period Mystery.

She has received several awards, one of which is the 4th Korea Drama Awards as Best New Actress.

In the drama Woori the Virgin, he was lined up as the main character named Oh Woo-ri who is a popular drama writer's assistant.

2. Sunghoon

Sung Hoon is a South Korean actor who has starred in many films, drama series, and music videos.

In his youth, Sung Hoon was a member of the national swimming team, specializing in the butterfly stroke.

He joined the national swimming team for 14 years before enlisting in the military and then debuted as an actor in 2011.

This year, Sung Hoon got the role of a Diamond Medical Foundation CEO named Raphael in the drama Woori the Virgin.

3. Shin Dong-wook

In the drama Woori the Virgin, Shin Dong-wook is believed to play the character Lee Kang-jae, a homicide detective.

Before starring in the drama Woori the Virgin, Shin Dong-wook was first known for his main roles in the drama series Soulmate and Cloud Stairs.

Shin Dong-wook won the SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award in 2007.

4. Hong Ji Yoon

This 30-year-old actress is widely known for her role in the drama series Criminal Minds which first aired in 2017.

In 2018, Hong Ji-yoon starred in a film called Monstrum and played a mother.

In his latest drakor, Woori the Virgin, he plays Raphael's wife Lee Ma-ri as well as the team leader of the Diamond Medical Foundation.


That's a little information about the cast of the drama Woori the Virgin, which just aired here May 9 2022 on Viu.

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