Benchmarks in Doing Business: Entrepreneurs Must Watch! We will discuss how to know the benchmarks in doing business, which are familiar in the business world!

Are you planning to open a retail store? If this is the case, you might start considering every angle on how your business can grow.

Trading companies also have invoice obligations for all trading transactions. As a result, you should start by using a free trade invoice.

How can we know if it will work for our company? E-invoicing, on the other hand, can be made effective with our suggestions.

Are you interested? Not only does using an e-invoicing system reduce the likelihood of errors occurring, but it also increases business satisfaction.

However, this solution will reduce the cost and complexity of the trade invoice processing procedure.

E-invoices are the solution to problems that arise. Pay attention to the five main criteria listed below to avoid creating new problems.


5 Business Benchmarks to Consider

What is business?

Business is an activity carried out by individuals or organizations to fulfill human needs with a profit motive.

A business is run because humans have needs that must be met, such as economic demands, transportation needs, etc.

But in Islam, business is an economic value, and every action we take has benefits for others.

The guiding premise of Islamic economics is that it should benefit a large number of people while avoiding large profits.

Meanwhile, the guiding principle of capitalism is to maximize profits with minimal initial investment.

Business Purpose

Of course, each form of activity has its own purpose, including business operations.

Therefore, a business must have clear goals. Why should this business be built and developed?

In general, the main purpose of business activities is to benefit from the services or products produced.

Yes, the purpose of a business is to meet consumer demand while seeking profit or profit.

People usually start a business because they see an opportunity to produce goods or services that no other industry or company has ever offered.

But there are also entrepreneurs who aim to make goods at a lower selling price than other companies' products.

Thus, opportunities to earn huge profits would abound.

Functions of Business

In addition to objectives, all closely related business operations must also have objectives. So, what is the function of business activity? The four functions of the business activities are as follows:

1. Production Function

What is meant by the production function? This shows that it is a function of the production process of a business to produce certain services or goods needed by society. Furniture companies and financial services companies are examples.

2. Distribution Function

The purpose of the distribution function is a business function in the distribution process where a business will definitely distribute or distribute services or goods to areas or locations that are closest to the consumer population.

3. Sales Function

The sales function is the next business function. In this case, the business function plays a role in the process of selling the company's services or products to consumers.

4. Marketing Function

The marketing function refers to the function business which includes marketing activities or storage of goods.

For example, if production commodities are less useful or less needed by customers at that time.

Then it will be maintained and then distributed when it provides benefits to consumers or is needed by the community.

Types of Business

Along with the progress of time, the types of businesses are also increasingly diverse. Here are some examples from business type based on activity and use:

1. Types of Business Based on Activities

Here are some types of business based on activity:

Agricultural Business

Agricultural business is a business activity in the fields of plantations, animal husbandry, agriculture, fisheries, and others.

A good example is animal husbandry, which includes the cultivation of fish, goats and cattle.

Service Business

Service business is a business in the service sector. Specifically, this business creates and manufactures an intangible or invisible product.

Examples of service sector businesses include insurance, tourism, health, education, and beauty services.

Extractive Business

The extractive business is the mining business sector. This business is related to how to dig underground mining minerals.

Well, some examples of mining resources related to business include gold, iron, coal, copper, diamonds, natural gas, and oil.

Industrial Business

Industrial business refers to business activities related to manufacturing. Manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing is a business activity that produces or manufactures goods from raw materials and then sells them for a profit.

A company engaged in the production of physical goods, such as pipes, cars, paper, cigarettes, textiles, clothing, and airplanes, is an example of a manufacturing industry.

Transportation Business

Transportation business is a type of business that aims to make a profit by transporting people or goods from one point to another using various modes of transportation.

Use motorbikes, cars, boats or airplanes.

Online business

Online business is a type of business that is carried out via the internet or an online system. As with other types of business, all types of goods can be transacted when running an internet business.

It's just that the product promotion process is carried out online through the use of Instagram, website, Facebook, blog, Path, and other forms of social media.

Indonesia is currently experiencing a meteoric increase in the popularity of online businesses.

2. Type of Business Based on Usability

Here are some types of business based on usability:

Place utility

Place utility is the business practice of moving assets from one location to another in order to maximize their benefits.

Obviously, this business is engaged in transportation. Transporting goods and people is an example of a business. Be it land, air or sea transit

Form Utility

Form utilities are the business process of turning one object into another object that has a different shape.

This new object type provides higher benefits to society than its predecessors.

Furniture made of wood and garments made of cloth or yarn are examples of this type of business.

Time Utility

The time utility business activity is the storage of a specified quantity of goods. The aim is to determine whether the goods issued at this time provide benefits to consumers.

For this, the object is initially stored. The item is then reissued when more people need it.

So, examples of this type of business include Bulog and port area storage facilities.

Possession Utility

Ownership utility is the business or business activity that creates and satisfies a need for owned services or goods. Shopping business and trading business are examples of this type of business.

Of course, each type of business has advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing to run a particular business, it is important to understand the meaning of business and carry out a comprehensive investigation.

With careful planning, businesses can operate more efficiently and provide many benefits.

5 Benchmarks in Doing Business

Here's a list benchmark in business which can be considered:


Trading companies have to deal with business with suppliers. However, their non-compliance sometimes conflicts with the e-invoicing system.

The situation that usually occurs is the feasibility level of e-invoice information. So, make sure the supplier invoicing system is clear.

Statistics, items and prices can all be displayed in real time. If you are a provider of e-invoicing solutions, your system must be ready to accommodate the provider.

By working with them. And, help facilitate the move to computerized trade invoices.

Online or Electronic Payment For Trade Invoices

What if you have used an electronic invoice but have not used an online/electronic payment method? you will have a hard time with it.

Creating trade invoices and payment systems are also connected. By ensuring that all workflows involved in the front end are aligned with the procedures in the back office.

Better Scan System

It is the scanning system that makes or breaks e-invoicing efficiency. Intelligent trade invoice scanning technology will substantially support e-invoicing solutions.

This is important because of the requirement to automate all operations in the e-invoice process.

Implementation and Training

All employees must be informed about the new e-invoicing system if it is to be used properly. As a result, employees have a better understanding of how things work now.

They also learn about the extent of changes in these systems. Trade invoices can be enhanced by interacting with the e-invoice process.

The system will become more user-friendly with valid features. Going forward, the plan will also have a guest room.

Providing training for personnel using e-invoicing is also required. Your employees will appreciate the clarity this provides. Because, all questions will be solved throughout the course through theory and practice.

Data Quality Services

E-invoice solutions must be able to display information and business logs in real time. This feature will make it possible to examine the performance of each division in great detail.

Statistics in e-invoicing has many purposes. That is, it helps to monitor patterns, measure each step, correct and transform data more efficiently.

Several advantages come from building data quality services. This service will eliminate a large number of investigations.

At the clinical level, this will make it easier to compare test findings and fulfill related tasks. Data quality checks will be carried out on all invoices submitted to stakeholders beforehand.

In addition, data quality services will also suit various demands. The need for trade invoice criteria is very important for you business people.

If this is the case, matching government regulations, tax calculations, and trade laws can be fulfilled by this service. Of course, the specifications will differ based on where you live.

The e-invoice solution is able to offer all the functions described above. If you're switching from the classic over-the-counter invoicing option to an e-invoicing solution, it's a big change.

As a result, you may expect an increase in your business cash flow. Finally, conclude in a bigger investment.

You don't need to worry and be confused about choosing how to make a trade invoice. is an e-invoice solution for your trade organization, and it's completely free to use.

So, if you use maximum e-invoicing services, you may get trade invoices free of charge.

Nowhere else on the market can you find an app with free e-invoicing capabilities?


Here we have summarized some frequently asked questions:

What is the Difference Between Enterprise and Business

In general, business is an attempt to sell a product, either service or goods, which is carried out either in groups or individually.

While business is an activity or action that occurs in the scope of the economy.

So that we can conclude that businesses are run by entrepreneurs, while businesses are run by businessmen.


Using an e-invoicing system reduces the possibility of errors, and also increases business satisfaction.

However, this solution will reduce the cost and complexity of the trade invoice processing procedure.

Pay attention to the five benchmarks in doing business that we have listed above to avoid creating new problems. Now that's an explanation of benchmarks in doing business, I hope this is useful!