5 Contoh Cerpen dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik


Setelah membahas contoh cerpen dalam bahasa Indonesia, yuk ketahui juga beberapa contoh cerpen dalam bahasa inggris yang telah InfoKekinian rangkum untuk kamu.

Kami akan memperkenalkan beberapa contoh cerpen dalam bahasa Inggris yang dapat menjadi inspirasi bagi kamu. Tanpa berlama-lama, mari kita mulai!

Daftar Contoh Cerpen dalam Bahasa Inggris

Daftar Contoh Cerpen dalam Bahasa Inggris

Berikut adalah beberapa contoh cerpen dalam bahasa Inggris:


1. The Lost Key (Kunci yang Hilang)

The Lost Key

A group of cheerful children are playing in a beautiful garden. Among them, there was a boy named Daniel.

Daniel is a smart kid and full of energy. He loves to explore new places and is always curious about everything around him.

One day, when Daniel came home from school, he realized that he had lost his house key. His heart raced, and panic flooded his mind.

How would he get inside the house? His parents hadn’t returned from work yet, and he didn’t want to wait outside.

Daniel started searching for the key with enthusiasm. He vividly remembered the last time he saw the key, which was while he was playing in the park with his friends. Without hesitation, he ran back to the park, his last hope.

The park looked vast and filled with lush green grass. Daniel reached out his hand and felt every corner of the park, trying to find any signs of the lost key.

He saw birds flying and colorful flowers. However, the key remained elusive.

Daniel started to feel hopeless. He felt sad and worried. Suddenly, an old grandmother walking with her cane approached him.

The grandmother smiled kindly at Daniel and asked, “What are you looking for, young boy?”

With a gloomy face, Daniel answered, “I’ve lost my house key, Grandma. I don’t know where it is.”

The grandmother smiled understandingly and said, “Perhaps I can help you. I am the guardian of this park, and I witness many things that happen here.

Do you remember what happened after you played in the park?”

Daniel thought for a moment, then his eyes lit up. He remembered that after playing in the park, he saw a bird flying towards a big tree in the corner of the park. He shouted, “Yes, I saw the bird fly towards that big tree!”

The grandmother smiled and pointed in the direction of the mentioned tree. Daniel quickly ran there and searched around. And among the dense foliage, he spotted something shiny. It was his lost house key!

Daniel felt overjoyed and grateful to the grandmother who guarded the park. He hugged the key tightly and returned home with happiness.

When he arrived home, his parents were already there. They saw Daniel’s cheerful face and asked, “How did you manage to get inside the house?”

Daniel grinned and said, “With the help of the park guardian grandmother, I found the lost key in the park. She was really kind and helped me find it.”

Daniel’s parents felt relieved hearing their child’s explanation. They were proud of Daniel for showing perseverance and courage in facing challenges.

They learned a lesson from this incident and promised to be more careful with the house key in the future.

Since then, the house key became a precious item for Daniel and his family. They always took good care of the key and placed it in a safe spot whenever it was used.

The incident of the “Lost Key” taught Daniel about the importance of responsibility and caution in taking care of valuable belongings.

He learned that every action has consequences, and losing something important can make him feel worried and sad.

Daniel also shared this story with his friends so that they could learn from his experience. He wanted to remind them to always take good care of their important belongings and not be careless in looking after them.

From that day on, Daniel walked with his head held high, full of confidence. He realized that perseverance and help from others could help overcome any problem he faced.

This incident had helped Daniel grow as a responsible individual and taught him to courageously face life’s challenges.

2. The Magical Adventure


The Magical Adventure

The Magical Adventure

In a small village surrounded by a mysterious forest, lives a boy named Ethan. Ethan is a child who has a high imagination and always wants to explore the world around him.

One day, while walking in the woods, he found an old book hidden behind a bush.

Curious, Ethan opened the first page of the book. Suddenly, a gleaming ray of light emerges from the book, and Ethan is miraculously dragged into a fantasy world full of wonders.

When Ethan opened his eyes, he was in a completely different world. All around, there are magical creatures such as fairies, witches and other fantastic creatures.

Ethan was so enthralled and couldn’t wait to explore this amazing new place.

Ethan meets a fairy named Lily, who befriends him on this adventure. Lily explains that Ethan has entered the “Realm of Enchantments,” a place where all magic and imagination come true. They both started their adventure with passion.

They pass through colorful meadows, cross glowing rivers, and explore forests filled with magical plants.

In every place they pass, they meet magical creatures who are kind and have extraordinary magical powers.

On their way, Ethan and Lily come across a puzzle that they must solve to reach the ultimate goal of their adventure. They have to collect magical objects scattered throughout this world.

These items include magic stones that can grant powers, wizard wands that can control the elements, and keys that open gates to the real world.

Ethan and Lily go through various obstacles and face challenging tests. However, with their cooperation and courage, they managed to collect all the necessary magical items. Finally, they arrived at the gate to the real world.

However, before they could return, Ethan realized that he must part ways with Lily and this magical world. They both hug each other while shedding tears.

Ethan thanked Lily and the magical creatures they met on this adventure. With a heavy heart, Ethan entered the gate and returned to reality.

When Ethan opened his eyes, he was back in the woods near his house. He clutched the book that had brought him to this magical adventure.

In his heart, Ethan knew that this magical adventure would always live in his memory. Even though he’s back in the real world, Ethan feels more confident and excited about going about his daily life.

Since that adventure, Ethan has become more open to his imagination. He often wrote stories about the magical world he had visited.

He shares his story with his schoolmates, inspiring them to explore their own imaginations.

Among all the creatures and places that Ethan met, Lily was the one he missed the most. He often sat under a tree in the woods near his house, hoping to see Lily again.

Even though they parted ways, their friendship remains forever in Ethan’s memory.

In his everyday life, Ethan brings a spirit of adventure and magic. He learns that this world is not always what it seems on the surface, but has a myriad of mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

He saw magic in simple things and learned to appreciate every moment he experienced.

3. The Unforgettable Friendship (Persahabatan yang Tak Terlupakan)

The Unforgettable Friendship

The Unforgettable Friendship

In a quiet little town, lived a little girl named Mia. Mia is a cheerful and passionate child. One day, while playing in the park, he meets an abandoned dog. The dog looks sad and hungry.

Mia felt sorry to see the dog’s condition, so she approached him with a loving heart. He gave him food and named the dog Brownie.

Since then, Mia and Brownie have become inseparable. The two of them formed a close and unforgettable friendship.

Every day after school, Mia and Brownie would play together. They ran in the park, explored the woods, and played ball in the backyard. Mia feels so happy to have a true friend like Brownie.

They both support and protect each other. Mia gives love and care to Brownie, while Brownie brings loyalty and joy to Mia’s life. They form a strong bond and understand each other without the need for words.

However, one day, Mia gets news that her family will be moving to a big city. He felt sad and worried about having to leave Brownie.

Mia tries to explain to Brownie that they should split up, but Brownie looks confused and doesn’t want to separate from her.

The day of farewell arrives. Mia and her family are ready to go. Mia with a heavy heart walks to the park to say goodbye to Brownie. When he saw Brownie, unstoppable tears flowed from his eyes.

Mia hugged Brownie tightly, kissed her, and spoke softly, “Brownie, you will always be in my heart. I will miss you every day.

Thank you for all the beautiful memories we shared together. Our friendship will never be forgotten.”

Mia walked slowly out of the garden, with one last look at Brownie. Even though he felt sad, he knew that their friendship would always be remembered.

Several years later, Mia returns to the small town to visit her childhood memento. He walked towards the park, hoping to see Brownie one more time. However, he didn’t see Brownie in his usual place.

Suddenly, Mia heard a familiar voice calling her name. He turned around and in front of him, was a dog that looked very much like a Brownie. The dog approached him with wagging tail and loving eyes.

Mia smiled and spoke in a gentle voice, “Are you Brownie?” The dog nodded its head, signaling that it recognized Mia.

Without hesitation, Mia hugged the dog with great happiness. They both felt the warmth of irreplaceable friendship.

Mia spends a wonderful time with the Brownie lookalike dog. They played, ran around, and gave each other affection like they used to.

Mia feels like she has returned to the past, where their friendship was so strong and unforgettable.

In the warmth of their meeting, Mia realizes that this dog is a new breed of Brownie’s child. The dog’s facial features and good nature reminded him of the friendship they had with Brownie.

Mia decides to name the dog “Little Brownie” as a tribute to a past friendship. He is grateful to have been given the opportunity to meet again with the legacy of friendship that means so much to him.

Mia and Little Brownie continue to have adventures together. They roam the park, play happily, and spend time together. Their friendship brings happiness and warmth to Mia’s life.

4. The Mysterious Box

The Mysterious Box

In a small old house located on the outskirts of town, lived a man named Samuel. Samuel was a collector of antique and mysterious items.

He always sought unique items that held stories behind them. One day, Samuel heard rumors about a legendary mysterious box. It was said that the box contained unimaginable powers.

With burning curiosity, Samuel embarked on his quest. He explored antique markets, sought out historians, and read various ancient records. After a long search, he finally discovered clues that led him to the mysterious box.

The clues directed him to a hidden room within his own house. With a pounding heart, Samuel opened the door to that room.

Inside, he found an old box tightly sealed. The box was made of rare wood and adorned with peculiar carvings.

Carefully, Samuel opened the box. However, to his surprise, he found it empty. He felt disappointed and confused. Had all this searching been in vain?

But soon after, Samuel felt a cold breeze and saw a faint light emanating from the box. He realized that this box was not merely a physical container but held something deeper within.

With caution, Samuel placed his hand inside the box. Suddenly, he felt a strange sensation sweeping through his entire body.

Bright light filled the room, and Samuel was sucked into a completely new world.

When Samuel opened his eyes, he found himself in a completely different place. In front of him stood a magnificent city full of wonders.

Grand buildings, shining streets, and inhabitants that appeared to be magical beings.

During his adventure in this world, Samuel encountered a mysterious woman named Aurora. Aurora was the guardian of the mysterious box.

She explained that the box was not a physical vessel but a doorway to a hidden magical world.

Aurora guided Samuel through the city, introducing him to the magical creatures living there. Samuel was captivated by the beauty and wonders surrounding him.

He witnessed astonishing magic shows, listened to enchanting melodies, and savored delicious food.

However, Aurora informed Samuel that time in this world was limited. Samuel had to return to the human world before time ran out.

With a heavy heart, Samuel understood that he had to go back to the human world. He missed his home, his collection of antiques, and the life he left behind.

Yet, he also knew that the experience in this magical world would forever remain in his memory.

With Aurora’s guidance, Samuel rediscovered the mysterious box that transported them to that world.

He placed his hand inside the box again, feeling the strange sensation crashing through his body.

The bright light filled the room once more, and when Samuel opened his eyes, he found himself back in the hidden room of his house.

Samuel sat on the edge of his bed, trying to process everything he had just experienced. He held the mysterious box in his hand, contemplating the power and mystery it contained.

Although he returned to the human world, Samuel knew that his magical experience would always be a part of him.

In the following days, Samuel continued his collection and shared his stories with his closest ones.

He realized that miracles were not only hidden within the mysterious box but also existed around him.

He saw beauty in the antique items he collected and discovered fascinating stories behind each object.

Samuel also decided to share happiness and wonder with others. He opened a small shop in the town, where he sold unique antique items. He invited people to enter the world of mystery and marvel through these items.

5. The Power of Dreams (Kekuatan Mimpi)

The Power of Dreams

The Power of Dreams

In a small village located on a hillside, there lived a young boy named Ryan. Ryan was an intelligent and imaginative child. He had a big dream of becoming a famous writer.

Every night before bed, Ryan would close his eyes and let his imagination soar.

He would imagine exciting adventures, magical worlds, and vibrant characters living inside his mind. His dreams gave him strength and inspiration.

However, not everyone in the village understood Ryan’s dream. Some of his peers thought he was strange and unrealistic.

They believed Ryan was merely living in his own fantasy world. But Ryan never lost his belief in the power of his dreams.

One day, the small village was visited by a renowned writer named Mr. Thompson.

Mr. Thompson was a successful author who had written many famous books. He was interested to hear about Ryan and his grand dreams.

Mr. Thompson met Ryan and listened to the stories he created. He was impressed by Ryan’s imagination and creativity.

Mr. Thompson gave valuable advice to Ryan, “Ryan, never doubt your dreams. The greatest miracles happen when we dare to dream and pursue them.”

Encouraged by Mr. Thompson, Ryan grew even more confident in his dreams and abilities.

He started writing short stories and submitted them to publishers. After several rejections, finally, one publisher showed interest in Ryan’s work.

Ryan’s first book was published, and he felt an indescribable happiness. Ryan’s books started gaining fans, and his dream became a reality.

He became a renowned writer and had the power to inspire others through his writing.

Ryan didn’t only achieve his personal dream but also inspired his peers to pursue their own dreams. They realized that the power of dreams resides within themselves.

Ryan continued to write and pursue his new dreams. He organized meetings with children in his village and gave away his books for free.

He spoke about the importance of dreaming and following our passions. Ryan wanted to ensure that every child knew their dreams held extraordinary power.

With unwavering enthusiasm, Ryan helped children discover their own talents and interests. He provided encouragement and support for them to develop their creativity.

Ryan believed that every child had exceptional potential, and with the right guidance, they could achieve anything they dreamt of.

The small village transformed into a center of creativity and inspiration. Children flocked to Ryan’s house every day to share ideas, write stories, and dream together.

Ryan realized that his dream had surpassed his own boundaries and had become a movement that inspired many people.


Itulah beberapa contoh cerpen dalam bahasa Inggris yang dapat menjadi inspirasi bagi Sobat Kekinian.

Melalui cerita-cerita ini, kita dapat belajar banyak nilai-nilai positif dan mengembangkan imajinasi kita.

Selain itu, cerpen dalam bahasa Inggris juga bisa membantu meningkatkan pemahaman dan kemampuan berbahasa Inggris kita.

Sobat Kekinian, semoga artikel ini memberikanmu wawasan baru dan menginspirasi untuk mengeksplorasi lebih banyak contoh cerpen dalam bahasa Inggris.

Jangan ragu untuk menulis cerita pendekmu sendiri dan berbagi dengan orang lain. Ingat terus menciptakan karya-karya kreatif yang unik.

Jika kamu tertarik untuk membaca lebih banyak contoh cerpen dalam bahasa Inggris, kamu dapat mencari buku-buku kumpulan cerpen atau mengunjungi situs web sastra yang menyediakan cerita pendek dalam bahasa Inggris.