Download the BTS Fest 2021 Certificate of Completion – On this occasion, we will share information about downloading the BTS Festa 2021 Certificate of Completion, so watch this article until it's finished to find out more complete and clear information.

curious about Certificate of Completion BTS Festa 2021 which has recently been the talk of the K-pop community? Let's see if we can find out.

Bangtan Boys, better known as BTS, is a South Korean boy band with a devoted following worldwide. Many people have become fans of this boy band because of their widespread fame.

Download the BTS Fest 2021 Certificate of Completion

Army, the name for BTS fans, is a fandom that is everywhere, including in Indonesia. For starters, there are millions of BTS fans around the world.

Recently, BTS itself has held a virtual celebration BTS Festa 2021. This annual event is an event to celebrate BTS' debut.

Certificate of Completion BTS Festa

So, recently, a BTS Festa 2021 Certificate of Completion has been circulating on the internet. This made many people curious and wanted to download and put their name on the certificate.

Actually, the certificate that is currently viral is not a certificate released from Hybe or BTS itself. Because the BTS Festa itself did not release any certificates.

However, a number of ARMYs took the initiative to make this certificate to celebrate the 2021 BTS Festa which was held until June 13, 2021. The certificate was first seen in a post on Twitter.

For those of you who are quite curious about the shape or photo of the certificate or want to write your name on the certificate, you can immediately view and download the certificate below.

Certificate of Completion BTS Festa 2021 photo

The certificate photo above is a photo of the plain or raw version of the certificate. So, in the column for the name, you can edit it by adding your own name.

The rest, the certificate above has a background color which is dominated by white and purple which matches the colors which are also often used as themes in various interesting icons from the boy band BTS.

In the certificate, there are about seven signatures of BTS personnel on the left and above the certificate. Coupled with words of tribute to the Army around the world.

It is also noted that the certificate was made for the 2021 Festa. Interesting enough, isn't this certificate?

If you are a BTS fan, of course you must save photos or edit them with your personal name.


That's a little information about the BTS Festa Certificate of Completion. For those of you who want to download this photo in more HD, you can download it via the Pinterest site.

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